wildflower cbd review

CBD Capsules

30mg of CBD per capsule

Convenient and effective way to incorporate CBD and its benefits into your daily wellness routine. Our CBD extract is derived from whole hemp plants, keeping the many essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and terpenes. They are r ich in amino acids and omega 3 & 6, which are essential for overall health . *

This hemp-based CBD product contains less than .03% THC.


  • A convenient way to take the purest CBD
  • Promotes overall health
  • Relieves occasional joint and muscle discomfort
  • Provides a sense of calming
  • Supports healthy brain function

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, Vegan Capsule (Hypromellose, water), CBD Crystalline, Broad spectrum CBD extract.

Suggested Usage: Take 1-2 capsules daily with water.

We are in the process of updating our labeling and packaging. Product images on our website may vary from the actual product. Our product formulations and quality remain unchanged. Our products are all natural and we do not use artificial colouring agents, due to this product colour can vary by batch due to variances in our plant based raw materials.

Wildflower’s CBD+ OIL CAPSULES are formulated from the whole cannabis plant extract. We’ve added organic hemp seed oil – naturally rich in amino acids and beneficial Omega 3 and Omega 6 – for a convenient way to boost and maintain health.

Wildflower Review

  • Wildflower Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Wildflower Brand with three stars because it qualifies for the Mission, Quality and Innovation Badges.

User Review

Wildflower: 60-Second Summary

#plantsheal. Wildflower is all about the healing power of plants… and all about the hashtags. They are an energetic CBD purveyor with backed by brilliant marketing and even a swanky store in Manhattan, complete with a “knowledge bar,” exclusive CBD products, and CBD kombucha. But for all the shrewd branding, we found some inconsistencies. Wildflower’s stated values of transparency and sustainability are at odds with their lack of available safety tests and their unnecessarily large carbon footprint.

** Review Updated 4/22/2019

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Wildflower Brand Review

Wildflower was founded by a small team of cannabis enthusiasts in 2012 in Vancouver. The company now has an impressive national presence, with an upscale flagship store in Manhattan and multiple media spotlights in outlets like Vogue, Equire, mindbodygreen, and more. With their sleek, clean, and appealing branding, we can see why.

Wildflower’s production process is a global operation. CBD hemp is sourced from raw materials in Europe and then imported to the U.S. where it is extracted using the supercritical CO2 method in Colorado, Kentucky, and Massachusetts. Finally, the CBD oil is sent to WIldflower’s GMP facility in Bellingham, Washington for manufacturing and packaging. Not exactly a small carbon footprint for a company that holds sustainability as one of their top-three values.

Wildflower claims they conduct independent laboratory tests four times during this process. However, because they do not post any of these results online, the Safety Badge is a no-go.

The Wildflower product lineup has modern, clean packaging to align with their promise of 100% natural ingredients. They follow through on this promise with the exception of a small technicality we spotted (we stay vigilant!). Check out the product line:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Capsules
  • CBD Tinctures – These formulas contain full spectrum cannabidiol, coconut oil, natural flavors, and milk thistle extract. The two options are named Relief and Wellness, but the only difference between them is the volume of product.
  • CBD Vaporizers – Wildflower sells CBD vape pens, a starter kit, and cartridges. The ingredients in the vape formulations include VG, full spectrum CBD, CBD crystalline, essential oils, glycerol stearate, soy lecithin, and polysorbate. We frequently call out vendors for using polysorbates, emulsifiers known to have toxic properties. Here’s the technicality — polysorbate is derived from sorbitol, a natural substance. BUT it is treated with ethylene oxide, a noxious chemical. So while Wildflower may be able to technically get away with stating they use only 100% natural ingredients, it’s not the kind of transparency we like to see.
  • CBD Soap in vanilla and lavender

Bottom Line – Wildflower has a decent product line backed by a team who knows what they’re doing from a branding perspective. Their massive carbon footprint is a bit concerning, as is the lack of third-party test results for their CBD products

This Wildflower Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this first before you buy Wildflower CBD Products.