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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like, And Can You

Interested in trying CBD oil, but not sure how it will taste? Already a CBD oil user, but looking for other options to make the flavour less intense? Read on.

What does CBD oil taste like, and does it vary from product to product?

Some people love what CBD oil can do for them, but hate the taste. Certain CBD oils can have a leafy, earthy, almost grassy taste to them, but not all. Keep reading to find out what different kinds of CBD oils taste like, and how you can “hack” your CBD oil to change its flavour and make it more appetising.


Not all CBD oils are equal. Depending on what it’s been made with and how it’s been processed, one oil could taste very different from another. Most of the time, the flavour of a CBD oil will depend on the kind of extract it is, if it was filtered/purified, and the oil base used to carry it, such as olive oil or hemp seed oil. Most oils are described as tasting somewhat earthy, although some are much smoother and more palatable than others.


Full spectrum CBD has a more hemp-like taste to it than isolated CBD. This is because full spectrum oils contain more than just one isolated cannabinoid. That said, high-quality full spectrum CBD oils should not contain significant plant matter such as waxes or chlorophyll, but instead just the crucial chemical constituents such as terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. Full spectrum extracts are thoroughly filtered, then mixed with a carrier oil; the type of oil used will largely influence the taste of the final product. Moreover, these CBD oils should appear golden in consistency—a major indicator that they’ve been properly filtered of excess plant matter.

This is in comparison to “crude”, unprocessed oils that contain various cannabinoids and terpenes, but also chlorophyll, waxes, and other ingredients that makes for a very unsavoury taste. These “black” oils, as they’re sometimes called, appear as a dark green or brown oil that has an extremely earthy taste and uneven consistency. Steer clear of these oils or risk encountering a very strong flavour.

CBD Oil 15%
CBD Oil 15%
THC: 0.2%
CBD: 15%
CBD per drop: 7.5 mg
Carrier: Olive Oil


CBD isolate, on the other hand, should not have any distinctive flavour. These crystals can be added to liquids or foods without altering their taste whatsoever. When vaped, it is fairly tasteless, although some people claim to taste a faint hint of cherry. CBD isolate can also be mixed with any number of oil bases including coconut and MCT oil to change its flavour for sublingual consumption.


Olive oil and hemp seed oil are two of the most common base oils used in CBD oil. Each has its own unique flavour that can greatly influence the taste of the final product.

CBD oils that use an olive oil base will naturally taste a bit more like cooking oils, featuring smooth, grassy, and nutty tones. These oils are often described as having a more developed yet less intense flavour.

CBD oils that rely on a hemp seed oil base will taste quite a bit nuttier than other oils. Hemp seed oils are often described as tasting like walnuts or sunflower seeds. Because of this nutty flavour, hemp seed oil is sometimes used as a cooking ingredient.

CBD Hemp Seed Oil 15%
CBD Hemp Seed Oil 15%
THC: 0.2%
CBD: 15%
CBD per drop: 7.5 mg
Carrier: Hemp Seed Oil


Liposomes are essentially tiny lipid bubbles that protect CBD and other active ingredients from digestive enzymes once consumed. This type of CBD oil is highly bioavailable, and may differ in taste depending on how exactly it is produced and what exactly it contains. Liposomes themselves don’t have a notable flavour, and thus can be influenced by the other contents of the oil. For instance, some liposomal oils may contain vitamin C extracts that can significantly change the flavour.

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Don’t like the taste of CBD oil no matter what it’s made out of? You’re not alone. Thankfully, there are several ways you can make the most of CBD products without having to stomach the grassy, earthy taste that usually comes with them. Here are some hacks you can use to make your oils more palatable and appetising!

• Keep a glass of water on hand so you can wash the taste of the oil away after it has been absorbed. Simply give your oil a minute to absorb under the tongue, then wash down whatever remains with a few gulps of water. Of course, a more flavourful drink like juice or coffee would work just as well, if not better.

• Chewing a mint, either at the same time you take the oil or right after, can mitigate some of the oil’s natural taste. The strong taste of the mint should overpower your taste buds, ensuring that the flavour of the oil is minimised, if not hidden altogether.

• Brushing your teeth after using CBD oil will not only protect them from potential stains, but will also clear that grassy taste right out of your mouth and replace it with some minty freshness!

• You could also choose to swallow your CBD oil instead of using it sublingually. Adding CBD oil to something like a smoothie or juice will mask its taste and make it much easier to get down. You can also add a few drops to things like coffee, milk, or even yogurt.

• To avoid any taste whatsoever, don’t forget that CBD also comes in convenient capsules that are odourless and flavourless! Royal Queen Seeds’ CBD Oil Softgel Capsules have been specifically designed to deliver a precise dose of top-quality CBD oil. Simply swallow the capsules and move on with your day.

What does CBD oil taste like? Well, that depends on what it's made with. Find out how different CBD oils taste, and what influences the outcome.

Does CBD taste so bad, and why?

CBD oil is made from ingredients that come from the cannabis plant. Usually, it is relatively tasteless, but if you use CBD rich extract, it may have a unique taste. It is so because the extract comes from stems, leaves, and flowers of the plant, and it preserves its all-natural compounds that create the original flavor.

If you taste CBD oil earthy, nutty, or grass-like, this is down to the fact the product is natural, safe, and non-toxic. The more pleasant flavor the oil has, it can be a sign the product includes some artificial flavoring agents.

Are terpenes responsible for taste?

Terpenes are aromatic oils secreted in the same glands that produce cannabinoids. They add to distinctive cannabis flavors. According to scientific findings, there are hundreds of different terpenes, each of which possesses unique medicinal properties. Some terpenes, in combination with CBD oil, might promote relaxation and stress-relief, others have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects 1 .

Considering each terpene has its specific flavor, they play a crucial role in differentiating the effects of various cannabis strains. Consumers may also benefit from this quality since they learn how to recognize a unique terpene type.

For example, myrcene terpene has an herbal taste. Pinene terpene tastes like pine, caryophyllene – pepper, limonene – citrus, terpinolene – fruity. Myrcene 2 and pinene 1 terpenes have a calming effect. Limonene 3 and terpinolene 1 terpenes show significant energizing properties.

How to mask CBD oil taste?

The taste can vary depending on the person’s own unique taste buds/preferences. Many people enjoy the unique taste of CBD, but others tend to have problems and cannot tolerate it at all. If you want to mask CBD oil taste, follow these tips:

  • If you use CBD oil as a pain relief supplement, think of CBD topicals like gels or balms. You may rub them directly on the skin that can be equally effective against skin problems, muscles, and joints pain.
  • Try out CBD capsules instead of oil tincture or drops. It is a great way to ingest CBD without tasting the hemp at all. Also, capsules are comfortable when you need a small concentration of the product over a more extended period.
  • Have some food after taking CBD dose to hide the taste of the oil. The most popular foods people use with CBD are dark chocolate, peanut butter, yogurt, and ice cream.
  • Blend your CBD oil serving into your morning fruit or milk smoothie. The fruits like strawberries and pineapple can easily mask the earthy taste.
  • Hold the oil under your tongue for at least a minute, and then have a drink to wash away the hemp taste. Another good option is to take fruit juice or lemon water with CBD oil.
  • Brush your teeth just before use, and it’s mint flavor will help you to mask CBD taste.

And remember that taste is not always the most important thing to worry about. Find a reputable manufacturer and experiment around until you find the product that gives you the best results.

Does CBD taste so bad, and why? CBD oil is made from ingredients that come from the cannabis plant. Usually, it is relatively tasteless, but if you use CBD rich extract, it may have a unique