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I Took CBD Oil Every Day for My Anxiety—Here’s What Went Down

When I first learned about CBD oil, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. My mind immediately turned to weed and the unnerving experiences I’d had with heightened anxiety in college. For me, a person who’s already predisposed to overthinking, marijuana, no matter what the form, would typically put my mind into overdrive and result in a common yet dreaded side effect: Paranoia. But, let’s back up a bit. What even is CBD?

What is CBD?

A bit of online digging led me to realize that the active ingredient in Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus Hemp Oil, the product I’d been offered to test, was the chemical compound CBD, which stands for cannabidiol. Unlike THC, the other crucial compound in hemp and marijuana plants, CBD (when derived from the hemp plant) does not produce the psychoactive effects that make you feel “high”; instead, emerging science has hinted that CBD may actually ease anxiety, and therefore, makes you less likely to freak out.  

For example, one study comparing the effects of THC and CBD found that, while THC increased anxiety by activating the neurotransmitters involved in the “fight or flight” response, CBD actually repressed autonomic arousal—or the nervous system response associated with sudden increases in heart rate or respiration.   In other words, CBD may be ideal for people looking to relax and unwind.

While the science behind CBD’s effectiveness for treating anxiety, pain, and insomnia is still in its infancy,   Charlotte Figi’s inspiring story sounds promising. Figi, a 6-year-old girl diagnosed with a rare and resistant form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome, was placed on hospice care and given a “do not resuscitate” order when her parents, desperate and frustrated with pharmaceutical medication, considered medical marijuana; specifically, a strain low in THC and high in CBD. Charlotte is now nearly seizure-free since she began supplementing with Charlotte Web’s CBD oil, which the brand named after Figi.

Legal and Safety Things To Know About CBD

The current CBD industry is like the internet’s early years. the Wild West. Legally, speaking, a Harvard Medical School blog post reads, “All 50 states have laws legalizing CBD with varying degrees of restriction, and while the federal government still considers CBD in the same class as marijuana, it doesn’t habitually enforce against it.”   With heightened interest around CBD, it’s important to note that because CBD is currently unregulated, it’s difficult to know what you’re getting (whether that’s a tincture—commonly referred to as CBD oil, which is often combined with a carrier oil like coconut oil—topical products like creams and balms, sprays, or capsules), despite product labels and brand promises, the blog post further reads. It’s also important to note that people experience CBD differently. For the most part, the National Institute of Medicine says that while most people can tolerate CBD, side effects do exist. They might include dry mouth, drowsiness, and reduced appetite, among others.  

That said, those interested in exploring the potential benefits of CBD should consult with their doctor (especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or currently taking medication) and be mindful of your dosage, writes Consumer Reports. And before you buy, Megan Villa, co-founder of the hemp-focused website and shop Svn Space, told Shape magazine to seek out a certificate of analysis. “Ask for a COA for the batch number of the product you have, since these products are made in batches,” she said. “You need to match the batch number to the COA that pertains to it.” Then, scan the report for potency (i.e. does the number of milligrams of CBD that the product label touts match the lab report?), contaminants and pesticides, and mold (which should live under the “Microbiological Testing” part of the report). Go a step further and note whether the testing lab is GMP (Good Manufacturing Principles) certified, and whether the lab is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Shape magazine also suggests purchasing CBD products made from domestically-grown hemp, and reading up on the difference between full- and broad-spectrum and CBD isolate.

With that, I threw caution to the wind and asked for a sample. Here’s what happened—including what it feels like—when I took one full dropper of Charlotte’s Web’s Everyday Plus Hemp Oil in the mint chocolate flavor every morning for seven days.

My First Impression

It was actually a bad bout of jet lag after a trip to California that inspired me to finally test out the CBD oil (I’ll admit that my weed-based reservations kept me from trying it for the first few months). Knowing that the oil had also helped people with sleep issues, I squeezed one full dropper of the Everyday Plus oil onto my tongue, per the instructions, and waited.

Thirty minutes later, I was surprised by how subtle the effect was. While I expected a hazy nodding-off effect similar to melatonin’s, the oil simply relaxed my body ever so slightly—my heart stopped pounding against my chest, my legs stopped kicking beneath my sheets, my mind stopped racing. I wasn’t sure if it was the oil or the late hour, but eventually, physical relaxation gave way to mental relaxation, and I drifted off to sleep.

Reflecting the next morning, I was most surprised by the fact that I never felt “high” in any way—there was never a moment of It’s kicking in; I can feel it now like with pain medications or even anti-anxiety drugs. Considering it takes time, consistency, and the right dosage to experience the full effect, I continued taking the oil once a day for the next six days. Here’s what went down.

It Made Me Less Anxious and Edgy

Rather than overthinking a sternly worded email or analyzing a social interaction, I found it easier to recognize the irrationality of these thoughts and actually let them go.

While normally I’d be slightly tripped up by little things like an overly crowded subway car or a full inbox at work, the CBD oil seems to have taken the edge off of my anxiety a bit. Rather than overthinking a sternly worded email or analyzing a social interaction, I found it easier to recognize the irrationality of these thoughts and actually let them go. In some ways, I feel more like myself. With that said, I’ve still experienced some social anxiety when meeting new groups of people—I’d be interested to see what taking the full recommended dose would do.

I’m More Focused At Work

I work well under pressure, but being extremely busy at work has almost made me less productive—I’m constantly distracted by email, Slack, and the people around me, to the point where getting my work done becomes difficult. This week, however, I’ve found it easier to put my blinders on, block out all distractions (especially social distractions), and focus on one task at a time. I think this is partly related to the lessened anxiety—I feel more frazzled and off task when my anxiety is running high. It almost feels like a newfound sense of clarity and calm that enables me to focus.

I’m Falling Asleep Faster

I assume this is also a side effect of feeling less anxious, but I seem to fall asleep faster; within the 20-30-minute range rather than my normal 45 minutes to one hour (or longer). Not only do I seem to be skipping or at least shortening the whole tossing-and-turning phase of my sleep cycle, but I’m able to snap out of the overthinking that often keeps me up at night. Of course, there’s no telling whether a big life event would disrupt this newfound bliss, but I’d like to think it’s helped on a day-to-day basis.

My Experience With CBD

Would I say that CBD oil has fundamentally changed my life? No. But per the Charlotte’s Web website, this is the typical first experience. “Anyone who has ever started a new vitamin or supplement routine knows the short answer to how long it takes to kick in is—’it depends.’ For many newcomers, they’re not sure what to imagine, or some anticipate a huge change right away. For most of us, though, dietary supplements take time.”

With that said, I’m definitely intrigued enough by the subtle effects to continue taking the oil and to possibly up the dosage to the recommended two full droppers of the 30mL bottle per day. Plus, I take comfort in knowing that it’s an all-natural product that’s responsibly grown on family farms in Colorado. Something that’s safe, legal, requires no prescription, and makes me less anxious, less scatterbrained, and more focused? I’m definitely on board.

Explore the World of CBD

Looking to learn more about CBD? These are some of my favorite products to help get you started.

For those new to CBD, Charlotte’s Web recommends this hemp oil. Containing 17mg of CBD per 1mL serving, this CBD oil is also U.S. Hemp Authority Certified. Choose from four different flavors including Lemon Twist, Mint Chocolate, Orange Blossom, and Olive Oil.

Go deep on the subject of CBD with this book that includes case studies, interviews with doctors, an overview of the latest cannabis research, and how scientists are exploring cannabis for various medical uses. There is also an explainer about the difference between CBD products made from industrial hemp versus in a lab, and products made from the whole marijuana plant.

Charlotte’s Web inaugural CBD oil product comes in two flavors; Olive Oil and Mint Chocolate. It’s also its most potent. According to its website, its Original Formula Hemp Extract Oil comes with 50mg CBD per mL.

Gretchen Lidicker puts a lifestyle spin on the world of CBD as the author draws on the “knowledge of leaders in the health and wellness world” to explain why CBD has become a top beauty and wellness trend for top athletes and celebrities. The book also includes recipes and recommendations for how to choose a top-quality CBD product.

This travel-friendly roll-on is packed with CBD and fragrant essential oils, including lavender, bergamot, and chamomile, for an easy de-stress quick fix. The result? “That elusive feeling of wakeful calm,” reads the Sagely Naturals website.

With this book, CBD is explained from A to Z and breaks down the good, bad, and ugly of a fledgling industry that is poised for rapid growth. CBD: 101 Things You Need to Know About CBD Oil covers what it is, why people take it, who it’s for (and who it isn’t for), its myriad forms, and more.

Lord Jones’ High CBD Formula Body Oil combines CBD with organic avocado, jojoba and safflower oils for smooth, hydrated skin. Each bottle has 100mg of CBD.

Charlotte’s Web’s Extra Strength Capsules feature 25 mg of CBD per capsule. The website offers capsules as a convenient and precise way to take CBD—on the go, stash them in your gym bag, pocket, etc.

One editor explains how she took CBD oil every day for a week to help her anxiety, plus the difference between CBD and weed. Learn more here.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Posted on June 5th, 2020

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of products and movements come and go in the health and wellness industry. From trends such as ketogenic diets and turmeric used to green juices and liquid cleanses, some are better for you than others. Intermittent Fasting has become a favorite around the Tanasi headquarters, and taking Tanasi CBDA/CBD patent-pending University developed formula when fasting has been a great experience. Now, CBD is having a moment, thanks to its recent legalization and ongoing research into its potential health benefits. But with so many aggressively-marketed products on the market, how can you tell which are the real deal? Well, we’re here to help you with that task!

We know you may have questions about CBD products: Is CBD safe? What are the benefits of CBD use? And, perhaps most importantly, how will using CBD make me feel? Today, we’ll try to answer those questions for you. We simply ask you to remember that, because each of us is unique, we’ll all have slightly different CBD experiences. Still, by helping you understand more about CBD, its composition, and some of its uses, we hope you’ll get a better picture of how it feels to use CBD. Keep in mind, that Tanasi CBD products are unique in that we have concentrations of two cannabinoids, Cannabidiolic-acid (CBDA) and Cannabidiol (CBD). The CBDA/CBD formula is a University developed patent-pending solution. So, when we speak of CBD in general we are also speaking of our Tanasi CBDA/CBD formula.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is the simplified name for Cannabidiol. It is one of 113 known cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. Many people value this compound for its positive effects in the body, especially because CBD doesn’t cause psychoactive ‘highs’ like delta-9 THC, another cannabis plant cannabinoid.

And there’s more good news: studies indicate that CBD oil can impact several experiences in the human body, including appetite, stress, and pain reactions.

CBD can be extracted from all strains of Cannabis Sativa L. plants, including hemp and marijuana. Marijuana plants have high delta-9 THC concentrations and relatively little CBD. Industrial hemp plants, in contrast, are bred for high CBD concentrations, and low levels of THC. Thus, the inverse of marijuana plants with low THC and high CBD concentrations. That’s why most of the CBD on the market is derived from hemp.

Comparing the Effects of CBD and THC

If you’re wondering how CBD makes you feel, you may be confusing this cannabinoid with THC, another popular plant extract. For years, people knew that marijuana use caused psychoactive effects, which we now know are a result of ingesting high levels of THC. In this way, THC is very different from CBD, which carries no or zero psychoactive properties.

Common Effects of THC

Still, THC and CBD have several similarities, which isn’t so surprising since they come from the same plant and are both cannabinoids. For example, the cannabinoids both have chemical formulae consisting of the same number of atoms. But they’re arranged differently, which may not mean much to you… unless you know a bit about chemistry, in which case you’ll understand that the arrangement of these atoms leads to significant differences in the two compounds. And this explains why one causes a psychoactive effect, and the other does not. Common effects of THC include :

  • Changed perception and sense of time
  • Mood changes
  • Hallucinations
  • Impaired memory
  • Troubles in problem-solving
  • Munchies or increased appetite
  • Cottonmouth or dry mouth

On the flip side, CBD works in a completely different way. It triggers feel-good effects, without the psychoactive results of THC. CBD affects the central nervous system because it interacts with your endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for controlling pain, inflammatory responses, and sleep, among other important functions in your body. Many people respond to the anti-inflammatory benefits, and that in turn creates a better sense of feeling good.

Now, we’re finally ready to explain how CBD makes you feel. But, remember, how it makes you feel depends on the various compounds within your body and how they interact with the CBD products you consume. Also remember, Tanasi CBD products have CBDA and CBD where the CBDA is as close to natural plant extract before decarboxylation (or processing using heat to convert CBDA to CBD).

Still, regardless of your chemical make-up, the effects of CBD will likely be subtle and nuanced. As a result, you may not notice a difference at first use until, over time, you look back and realize you’re feeling completely different than you used to! Most Tanasi customers tell us they realize they miss the CBD when they come back to replenish their supply.

Even within this framework, people react differently with CBD so, even if your experience isn’t like the one we describe, don’t worry: your body’s just developing its own relationship with CBD oil.

Common Effects of CBD

For the most part, CBD oil produces positive effects in your body. But, like any substance, CBD oil may cause a few side effects, depending on your sensitivity and the size of your CBD dose. Note that these effects are fairly rare, and most people rarely experience any negative side effects with CBD oil use. Still, possible CBD oil side effects include :

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Decreased appetite
  • Lightheadedness
  • Diarrhea

Always consult a doctor before taking CBD oil if you are on regular medication or under the care of a doctor. Your healthcare provider can assess your health profile and give you advice on recommended dosing, as well as medication interactions and possible side effects. Be sure to discuss the form of CBD you plan to use since some CBD products are mixed with carrier oils that may independently cause side effects or drug interactions. Additionally, be sure to know the complete ingredient list for your desired CBD oil product before starting your dose. And remember, start low and slowly increase your CBD dose to allow your body to adjust to CBD. This should prevent you from having anything but a positive CBD experience.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of CBD?

Once again, how CBD makes you feel will depend on your method of ingestion. You can take CBD oil in the form of capsules or tinctures . You can also apply CBD oil topically to your body as your skin is the largest organ that absorbs the CBD molecules. If you ingest your CBD, you’re likely to have a full-body experience. Apply CBD topically, on the other hand, and your effect will be more localized. As an example, an ankle or elbow, and by default, your hands will receive localized CBD when you apply topical CBD products.

Now, you may want to know, how long will it take for CBD to affect my body? The effects of CBD oil can kick in any time from 10 minutes to a few hours after you ingest or apply your product. That’s because your ingestion mode will affect how quickly CBD makes its way into your bloodstream.

Different Methods of Using CBD

The fastest way to experience CBD effects is through vaping. With this method, you’ll typically notice effects within 15 minutes. Inhalation goes directly into your bloodstream. Tanasi products can not be vaped due to the CBDA being a necessary component to the patent-pending University developed formula. Vaping applies heat and thus will convert CBDA into CBD, and Tanasi products have a one-to-one CBDA/CBD formula.

Sublingual drops are the second-fastest method of CBD delivery: the effects kick in any time between 20 and 30 minutes. Plus, the Tanasi CBDA/CBD formula has the acid-chain attached to the CBD molecule which may result in faster absorption. Our living cells in our body that receive living cells from the plant have shown positive results with absorption.

Oral ingestion is the most common form of CBD delivery, even though the effects take longer to kick in because your CBD must go through several digestive factors. As a result, the effects should manifest anywhere between 45 minutes and 5 hours after ingestion. It is typically closer to the one hour mark.

There’s one exception to this rule: if you apply CBD oil directly to your skin, you’ll notice effects 20 to 45 minutes later. But those effects will be limited to your application spot since topical CBD typically takes longer to enter your bloodstream.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Now that you have an idea of how CBD makes you feel, we want to explain some of the areas in which you may notice effects.


Many CBD oil users say they feel relaxed after dosing. It’s why so many people end their stressful days with an evening CBD routine. Also why people who take CBD during the day mention their sense of calm helps them get through the day. This is why you must experiment to find what is right for you and your body. Some people take CBD at bedtime and why they report a better night’s rest. If you use a Fitbit or Garmin device you should log your sleep and see what your numbers are with taking CBD at night. Research suggests that CBD interacts with your central nervous system in a way that delivers feelings of calm. As a result, CBD use may help put your body and mind at ease.

Reduces Nausea

If you’re using medications that are known to trigger nausea, including cancer drugs, adding CBD use to your routine could be beneficial. Even if you have motion sickness and want to go out on a boat, try CBD to address your motion sickness which is related to nausea. In fact, the National Cancer Institute recommends the use of approved CBD products purchased from reputable companies for preventing vomiting caused by chemotherapy. This is an important role that CBD plays, since reducing nausea leads to a subsequent improvement in appetite, something that is essential for patients who need physical strength to fight chronic diseases.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Early research suggests that CBD oil interacts with your internal endocannabinoids, affecting your brain’s pain and inflammation response. As a result, CBD oil is popular with people suffering from conditions such as arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation released CBD Guidance for Adults With Arthritis in September of 2019 . Many report a reduction in chronic pain after adding CBD to their routines. And they experience this effect without fear of addiction or dependency.

What Is The Correct Dosage for CBD Oil?

The answer, as you expected, is that it depends on every individual. We all use CBD oil for different reasons, and we all hope to experience different effects. When picking a dosage of CBD, use both those factors to help determine the right place to start your CBD journey. We offer suggested dosing guides on all our Tanasi product labels, but a medical expert can also help you to determine your ideal CBD dose.

Keep in mind, if you are using CBD for the first time, start with small doses so you can see how your body reacts to the cannabinoid. This way, you can slowly increase your dose, little by little, and avoid unwanted results.

Your body weight is another factor you can use when determining your CBD dosage level . The rule of thumb states that you should take between one and five milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. Start at the lower end of the range and see how it goes. With time, your body will acclimate to CBD oil, and your tolerance will increase, allowing you to try higher doses.


If, before you started reading, you were wondering how CBD makes you feel, then by now we hope you have a better idea. Of course, the best way to know how CBD makes you feel is to try it yourself. But, if you take away one key message today, we hope it’s this: you have lots of options today when buying CBD oil. Be sure to buy from a reputable retailer to avoid being shortchanged and to guarantee the safety of your CBD oil. Some CBD manufacturers fail to provide a certificate of analysis (COAs), which means their products could contain harmful substances or lower concentrations of CBD than stated. In short, the right kind of CBD oil should make you feel good. And, if it doesn’t, check the quality of your product or discuss your dose with a healthcare professional. With Tanasi products having a patent-pending University developed formula of CBDA/CBD and having a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee we are confident you will find some level of happiness with your Tanasi product purchase and return for more with confidence.

We know you may have questions about CBD products: Is CBD safe? What are the benefits of CBD use? And, how does CBD make you feel?