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Ready for a new world of opportunity in hemp? Steve’s Goods now offers a CBD wholesale portal for all of your CBD concentrate and hemp products sourcing needs – Please fill out the form below to apply for Access, and get in touch with your Steve’s Goods wholesale representative today:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?: Inside hemp is a compound called вЂ˜Cannabidiol’ or most commonly known as CBD. CBD is an extract of Hemp but it isn’t the only вЂ˜Cannabinoid’. Cannabinoids are found in Hemp and in Marijuana plants. We are currently able to isolate 113 different вЂ˜Cannabinoids’. The most common ones are THC and CBD. As time grows, we will learn which вЂ˜Cannabinoid’ cocktail mixture works best for each person.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?: A group of cannabinoid receptors located in the brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. This system is being identified as assisting with overall homeostasis. An example of homeostasis is your controlling body temperature.

In research scientists have discovered that our bodies produce Endocannabinoids naturally for our cannabinoid receptors but like most things, people suffer from a deficiency in CBD can experience regulatory issues. These deficiencies may cause people to have Episodes.

CBD is being used for a list of ailments and it is important to do research before diving into this life-style change. We recommend checking out Project CBD for all your ailment specific questions or feel free to give us a call, e-mail, Facebook Message, or Instagram Message!

We sell CBD products and CBG products made from the finest organic, locally grown in Colorado hemp plants. Whether looking to take it orally, smoke it, bathe in it or rub it on your body, we’ve got you covered!

OG Hemp Oil 500, 1000, 2500 (15 and 30 ml.)

Blueberry 500, 1000, 2500 (15 and 30 ml.)

Watermelon 500, 1000, 2500 (15 and 30 ml.)

CBG Distillate (THC free)

Hemp OIl 500, 1000, 2000 mg.

Pure CBD Isolate

CBD Shatter

Girl Scout Cookie


Girl Scout Cookie

OG Wax (Flavorless)

CBD Edibles

25 mg. Hemp Distillate Capsules


100 mg. CBD Bath Bombs

Wowzer Discomfort Balm (1 oz. and 2 oz.)

CBD for Pets

Hemp oil for Pets (15 and 30 mg.)

CBD isolate is isolated CBD, extracted from a hemp plant using a nice expensive C02 Extraction Machine to take out the component CBD. This is great for making CBD products, or if you rather a tasteless dab.

Our CBD isolate is one of the best quality being made on the market. We have a world class extractor that extracts Colorado grown hemp. It is what we use in our CBD Shatter.

CBD Shatter is CBD isolate that is infused with Hemp-Derived terpenes or plant-based terpenes to match the marijuana plant profiles. This product is ideal for dabbing, but it works amazingly on top of your bowl/bong, or inside your joints.

People seem to notice a different when they inhale it over ingesting it.

To learn about all the new CBD Shatter flavors, check out our CBD Shatter Shop.

вЂ˜Dabbing’ is a verb, so you are doing something with a вЂ˜Dabber’ which is a tool (usually metal) that you can put your concentrates on. You heat up an element which can be called a вЂ˜nail’. When your вЂ˜Dabbing’ your вЂ˜Dabber’ onto a вЂ˜nail’; it is called вЂ˜taking a dab’, or вЂ˜dabbing’.

If you are looking for more information about dabbing check out this video from High Times! How to dab with step-by-step instructions.В

When a CBD product is made from the whole plant, it’s called full spectrum because all the cannabinoids, terpenes and goodness are captured in the outcome. The whole range of the plant’s benefits become available to you.

When culled from the whole plant, it’s been suggested the cannabinoids work together to enhance the effects of each other in what’s known as the Entourage Effect.

There’s CBC, CBG, CBN, THC, CBD, in fact, over 100 cannabinoids make up the hemp plant, some more recognizable than others. In accordance with government standards, full spectrum CBD made from industrial hemp has less than .03% THC, a negligible amount that doesn’t show up in drug tests.

We offer wholesale pricing for qualifying companies.

Our recently launched wholesale portal makes keeping your store stocked with the best CBD products available as easy as 1-2-3. Just log in, order, and receive your products within two weeks. No human interaction necessary!

But, If you have questions, comments or cute stories from your customers, we love hearing from you! Our customer service mavens await your calls Monday through Friday from 10 am – 5 pm mountain time.

All of our organic hemp is sourced locally in Colorado. We work directly with the farmers that grow it and follow it from seed to sale. That’s the long and the short of it!

No! You may have read about this happening on the web or even had the unpleasant experience of getting more than you bargained for with an un trusted CBD brand – This is simply NOT the case with our products!В

All of Steves Goods products are guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% by weight (the legal limit for hemp infused products) – Our regular testing of every single batch ensures this and can be verified by our lab reports. Don’t worry – Our CBD products won’t get you high! That doesn’t mean you won’t feel great taking them.В

Since we don’t know you yet, or what you may be looking for, we’re not sure quite which path is the best for you. But we have ideas on how to start.

You could be researching CBD or considering to add it to your daily routine for a number of reasons.

If you’re looking for a steady stream of calm and focus, try either our CBD or CBG oil. A half a dropper under the tongue and you’ll start relaxing within 45 minutes to an hour. Select the strength based on the severity of your issue. Chronic issues obviously require longer-term ingestion than acute ones. Have a look at our dosing chart for more detailed information.

Gummies are another delicious and simple way to take CBD. Each bear contains 30 mg. of CBD..

Did you overdo it at the gym? Is your arthritis acting up? Tension at the back of your neck making your head hurt? Slather on a nice blob of CBD rich Wowzer Skin Balm and feel relief in no time. Emollient rich, it’s good for your skin and your psyche.

And, who doesn’t love a nice hot bath? Slip into a tub fizzed up with 100 mg. of full-spectrum CBD and relax into bliss.

Simply click the “add to cart” button on any product you see in our shop. You will be redirected to your shopping cart where you can continue forward to complete your payment, or you can continue adding more items to your cart until you’re ready to buy.В

When you’re ready to pay, use the default option to use your Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card to complete the purchase – Make sure you double check your shipping address (shipping is freeВ for orders $75 or more by the way!) and contact information.В

Have a coupon? Add that in at the checkout (you will see a “have a coupon?” link at the top of the checkout page) and hit apply to see your new savings!В

Having issues? That can happen sometimes when order volume is high and our credit card processor wants to be a Discomfort. No worries though; We’re always standing by on Chat, Email, and Phone to help assist you in completing your payment. We’ll always confirm with you when your order is all set to ship or we need more information to complete the transaction.В

COA stands for Certificate of Analysis. A valid COA from a respected third-party testing facility answers the following questions.

  • How much CBD is in the product?
  • How much of each of the other cannabinoids?
  • What is the terpene profile?
  • Is it free from contaminants and pesticides?
  • Is the product within the acceptable limits of metals and microbes?
  • What carrier oil is used?

Look for the Cannabinoid Profile, Heavy Metal Analysis, Pesticide Analysis, and Terpene Profile.

COA’s guarantee transparency of every batch produced. If you don’t know what’s in the bottle of CBD your selling, you have no idea what you’re passing along to your customers.

How to Buy CBD Online

The first time you do an online search for CBD, you’ll notice a few things.

One, the market is ripe with all sorts of companies vying for your attention and dollars, two, it comes in many strengths, sizes, and forms, and last but not least is the price. You might wonder one, why it costs so darn much and two, is it worth it?

Read on to learn the answer to the first question. The response to the second question is only when you know what to look for and research the company you’re buying from. Not all CBD products are equal. Due diligence is in order!

Beware of Mystery Products from Unreliable Sources

Anyone can decide to import questionable CBD oil from China, slap a label on it, set-up a website, charge whatever they want and call it good. Don’t get hoodwinked.

Is the company your shopping with ethical and genuinely concerned about your well-being? Can you get them on the phone consistently? Do you feel taken care when you talk with them? Are they transparent? Do they tell how they make their products and are their testing results available?

Why are these questions essential and how do they make a difference in the cost and ultimate value?

CBD Quality Matters!

Why, in an article about the expense of CBD are we harping on quality? We feel our job is to educate you on how to think about CBD and the products you’re purchasing. With CBD being so new in the marketplace and in such demand, it can be easy to be misled with cheap oil, not get the result you’re looking for, think it doesn’t work for you and miss out on incredible potential benefits.

Why do CBD products seem Expensive? “But This Hemp Oil on Amazon is a Great Deal!”

Not so fast. There’s a big difference between hemp oil made strictly from seeds andВ hemp oil that contains CBDВ made from flowers and the whole plant. Hemp seed oil is high in omega fatty acids but doesn’t contain CBD or any cannabinoids.

In other words, just because you see the word hemp doesn’t mean the product contains CBD.

And just because the product contains CBD doesn’t mean it’s quality.

The Expense is Real

As long as you’re shopping with a trustworthy purveyor, there’s a whole slew of reasons why CBD is costly to produce and therefore seemingly pricey in the marketplace. We specify trustworthy because there are processes and industry guidelines that go into making quality products and not every company follow them.

Quality Production Processes Equal Quality Product

Production is called a process because it is one, with several steps ranging from sourcing raw materials to extracting the CBD to testing the final output for purity and strength by a trusted lab.

Every step along the way can be executed with integrity and concern for the purity of end result, or done inexpensively or not at all by companies jumping on the CBD bandwagon solely for profit at the expense of quality.

It All Begins at the Source, The Hemp Farmer

Every company gets their hemp from somewhere, some places near and some places far, far away. This is important because the way the plants are treated from the very beginning of their lives is the first factor in quality output.

When a company gets their raw materials or final products from China, they have no way of knowing how it was grown, stored, or extracted. They have no oversight on the production process. Raw materials can be molded or tainted and what else is lurking in that fresh off the boat bottle of CBD oil? There’s no way of knowing until its too late.

Thank You, Farm Bill of 2018!

With the current state of hemp in the US, it’s now more critical than ever to support local hemp farming. Up until the Farm Bill of 2014, it was illegal to grow hemp in the United States. Therefore, it had to be imported from China and Canada, the two largest sources in the world.

Since then, it’s legal to grow industrial hemp in America. And farmers are stepping up. According to Denver 7*, in Colorado alone last year there was an estimated 600 growers in 750 locations covering over 17,000 acres.

Reputable companies buy local and have relationships with their growers. They possess firsthand knowledge of the growing methods and fertilizers used for their products. In fact, they can track the plant from seed to sale, maintaining an intimate knowledge of every step of the production line.

Supply vs. Demand for Locally Grown Hemp

As CBD sales increase in the marketplace, locals growers can have trouble meeting the demand. The volatility of availability affects the final cost, and when the raw materials aren’t available, companies need channels available to purchase locally made isolate rather than make it themselves which also affects end pricing. In the end, local sourcing costs more. But the potential benefits to your life and health? Priceless!

Next Step – Extraction

How does that beautiful green leafy plant turn into the lovely viscous oil in the bottle? It’s extracted.

There are a few methods used to turn raw hemp into crude oil. While every way has its pros and cons, the best and safest practices for product purity and the environment are more complex and expensive to execute.

In the early stages of extracting, supercritical CO2 and butane were the most commonly used methods. The former quite costly, time-consuming, and almost too effective, the latter flammable and dangerous. As the process is evolving, ethanol is a method of choice among many trusted companies as it is safe, effective and retrieves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Ethanol and Supercritical CO2 – Reputable Choices


The basic process used for ethanol extraction is the plant material put in a filtration device, ethanol is passed through it and dehydrated to dissolve the cannabinoids. Then, using heat and vacuum, the ethanol is evaporated leaving cannabis oil.

The crude cannabis oil must then be refined further to reduce THC content to below the legal .3% limit for full spectrum products and to 0% for broad spectrum.

Any residual ethanol, occurring in minuscule amounts, has been found to increase absorption of the molecule in your cells. In fact, some companies intentionally add it to their final products for that reason.

In fact, that’s why tinctures are often delivered in an alcohol base. According to the Pharmaceutical Plant Company*, “Alcohol is an excellent solvent for herbs because it can extract the compounds and active ingredients that aren’t water-soluble, such as essential oils, alkaloids, and resins. It’s also the only edible solvent that can effectively extract the ingredients required.”

As its popularity increases, methods for ethanol extraction are increasingly more efficient and environmentally sound. Manufacturers are rushing to the call, and recent developments are producing machines that bring the ethanol to perfect temperatures and recycle the alcohol for reuse, waste being one of the earlier drawbacks.

Supercritical CO2

Supercritical CO2 extraction is another safe and costly way to separate CBD from the fiber.

Breaking down this complex process into simple terms, are three steps:

  • Extraction with CO2 that has been heated until it reaches both liquid and gas properties;
  • Separation – a quick reduction in pressure separates the CBD resin from the CO2, then the CO2 is recycled.
  • Purification also known as winterization, uses an ethanol bath to separate unwanted plant material. Then as in the ethanol process above, it’s heated and spun.

Other methods

There are other methods including butane and coconut or olive oil extraction, but we will not address them here as they aren’t suitable for large-scale production.

Testing Every Batch by a Reputable Lab

One batch doesn’t equal another unless the lab says so! Reputable companies test every batch of CBD produced and can provide the documentation upon request. Lab testing is expensive and adds to the final cost of the product, but without it, how do you know what you’re getting?

Costs Unrelated to Production

An exploration of why CBD is expensive is not complete without considering the additional expenses that come with operating this specific type of business.

Every business incurs the expense of office space, staffing, insurance, taxes, etc., etc., but CBD companies have additional costs: higher rent due to the nature of the business, high-risk credit card processing runs 8%, 4 times the usual fees, and that’s if you can find a company that will work with you. Companies must comply with federal and state regulations which is costly and then there’s letting people know about your product.

Marketing and Advertising Budgets

This might sound funny, but if you see a brand’s ads everywhere on the internet, thoroughly check them out before purchasing from them. Some companies spend more on marketing than product quality, research, and development, and those are the companies you want to beware of.

All the while good products with smaller budgets get less attention.

A large ad budget can but doesn’t necessarily equal a worthwhile product, and smaller companies with quality products often use more stealthy ways to get your attention.

Stealthy Still Adds to the Bottom line

What good is having an excellent product if nobody knows about it? Getting the word out in a steady, consistent flow is a large part of any budget. Smaller companies have less to spend but must spend, all the same. Marketing and advertising expenses figure into the final cost. By the way, If you like a product, word of mouth is always a great way to help a company you appreciate keep going. And oftentimes they have affiliate programs that will pay you for your loyalty, another part of the advertising budget.

CBD Buying Recap

Quality CBD products are expensive because quality ingredients and manufacturing processes are expensive. Every day business costs skyrocket over non-CBD establishments. And smaller companies with excellent products have to spend large portions of their budgets to market their products to compete with the larger well-financed ones. But remember, expense doesn’t equal purity. When you’re dealing with a reputable company that offers quality merchandise you will feel the difference. Be sure to do your research and learn about the products you’re purchasing.

Begin Here

Steve’s Goods would love to be considered as your personal source forВ CBD products.

We use local Colorado hemp, ethanol extraction, and every batch is tested for purity. We don’t like to brag, but it behooves us to mention our wax won Rooster Magazine’sВ best CBD waxВ and best hemp derived CBD in Colorado.В The one thing we do pride ourselves on is, we do whatever it takes to bring you the purest, quality products at the lowest prices possible.

OurВ CBD isolate, Crude,В CBG isolate, and Distillate are always locally sourced, our beauty products come from a local Colorado family, we spend our time and dollars, lots of them, on researching and bringing to you the most recent information available in this burgeoning field.

Our staff is available M – F, 10 am to 5 pm mountain time to answer any questions, talk with you about the best way to begin, or to hear about your personal experiences with our products. We love talking with you.

Thanks for taking your precious time to learn more about CBD. Spread the word!

Steve's Goods is focused on sourcing high-quality hemp and creating CBD Oils, CBD Shatters, CBD Concentrates, and more. Try a CBD Bundle today.

Spotlight on CBD | Steve’s Goods CBD Concentrates Review

This post was made in partnership with Steve’s Goods . Read more about my sponsorship policy on my disclosure page .

Spotlight on CBD

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids that have been isolated and identified by scientists. In recent years CBD has gained widespread notoriety for its ability to treat a plethora of lifelong chronic illness and disease. Some facts about CBD:

  • CBD is completely non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high.
  • CBD is non-addictive, has minimal side effects, and can be used safely by both adults and animals.

I use CBD for my diagnosed generalized anxiety and major depressive disorders, conditions I have had for my entire adult life. At the end of 2017 I used CBD therapy to successfully go completely off of pharmaceuticals, and I’m eager to share what I have learned with you! I use the “Spotlight on CBD” umbrella to house product reviews (both sponsored and non), in-depth articles, videos, and podcasts about this important topic.

Steve’s Goods CBD Review

Key Highlights:

  • Affordable, small batch, Colorado crafted, high-quality CBD concentrates for dabbing, vaporizing and more.
  • Flavor like no other! Terpene enhanced concentrates with unique flavors like Pineapple Express and Blueberry OG.
  • Wide range of products including full spectrum wax, CBD isolate, tinctures, gummies, and topical pain cream.
  • Excellent customer service with immediate response.
  • Third party independent lab testing. Every batch has published test results online.
  • Not just CBD, Steve’s Goods also carries the strongest CBG oil on the market.

Types of Products Available:

  • CBD isolate shatter
  • CBD wax and crumb le
  • CBG oil
  • CBD oil
  • CBD pain cream
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD bath bombs


Origin of Hemp

Steve’s Goods products are made with organic Colorado industrial hemp

Online Lab Results?

Yes. Third party independent lab results are posted online for each batch and product.

A deliciously unique dab, Steve’s Goods wax is packed with flavor. Steve’s Goods shatter is equally delicious and the purest form of CBD. Blueberry OG has a rich berry flavor that will have you licking your lips!

Personal Thoughts

Products I’ve Tried

  • CBD Wax – Broad spectrum wax that is delicious and effective. Benefit from the entourage effect with a wide range of cannabinoids; CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. All flavors are amazing but Pineapple Express is my favorite!
  • CBD Shatter – Made from isolate, this is the product to use when you want the benefits of CBD alone.
  • CBG oil – The only CBG oil I’ve found, this blueberry flavored tincture is loaded with cannabinoids!
  • CBD pain cream – For immediate inflammation relief with a great scent and texture.
  • CBD bath bombs – A perfect end of the day treat!

My very favorite product from Steve’s is their full spectrum wax. When someone says full spectrum they typically mean the product was made with the whole plant and contains a variety of cannabinoids rather than just CBD. Full spectrum products are often touted as better for health because of those extra cannabinoids, and how the “Entourage Effect” tends to make all cannabinoids work better overall when combined. Steve’s Good’s wax is a great source of CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC.

What makes Steve’s Goods’ products unique from other CBD dabs is their added plant terpene flavors that create a truly enhanced and flavorful experience. I’ve tried Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG, Pineapple Express and Terpin Gorilla, and all are equally unique and delicious. Seriously, you’ve never had dabs taste so good!

I also really enjoy Steve’s shatter, which is made from CBD isolate and is their purest form of CBD. Use this product when you need to guarantee that no THC enters your system. Isolate products are often flavorless and odorless but Steve’s shatter is enhanced with the same flavor profiles that they use in their other products, meaning you get a deliciously unique experience unlike other CBD isolate on the market.

The bath bombs are big and potent and are full of essential oils in addition to CBD oil. Choose from Defense, Tranquil, Sensual, Utopia, and Recovery, or try all five! These CBD bath bombs are excellent for use at night and will have you waking up pain free and feeling great.

Lastly, the CBG oil is an excellent source of cannabinoids, and is the strongest CBG Oil on the market with added natural blueberry flavoring (no sugar, 100% natural, made in Colorado).

Available in 5 different formulas, these bath bombs are big, luxurious, and potent. With 300 mg total CBD, this pain cream is powerful and offers immediate inflammation relief.

A Note on Dabbing CBD

While sublingual tinctures are the most effective way to introduce CBD into the body, dabbing (which is essentially vaporizing) is a close second, and for me, offers a completely different experience from tinctures. When I dab a Steve’s Goods CBD wax or shatter, I feel an immediate sense of relief from whatever stress or triggers that I may be experiencing. Different from the traditional sense of euphoria that cannabis flower evokes, dabbing or vaporizing CBD makes me feel incredibly calm, soothed, and happy and immediately relieves any pain, nausea, or stress.

Dabbing CBD does not make you high but it can give you a heightened sense of awareness and clarity and is instantly restorative. It’s truly become my favorite substance to dab.

If you do not have a set up for dabbing yet, you can pick up a vape pen made for concentrates and use that instead. This is often an easier and less intimidating way to begin experimenting with concentrates. You can also take a little bit of your wax or shatter and sprinkle it on top of a standard bowl of cannabis and just smoke it as you normally would.

*If you have never dabbed a concentrate before, please check out my video at the top of this post where I dab a lot of Steve’s Goods’ CBD products.

Who Should Try Steve’s Goods

Steve’s Goods concentrates are legit! I highly recommend them for the cannabis user who is familiar with concentrates and how to use them. Newbies to concentrates may also benefit from dabbing CBD as opposed to THC concentrates, which can be pretty powerful and are best left for someone very familiar with the effects of concentrated THC. Steve’s Goods CBD dabs won’t get you high and are non-psychoactive, meaning you get all the benefits of the plant and none of the paranoia or impairment associated with standard dabs.

With affordable products and a company that is focused on customer satisfaction, Steve’s Goods is a safe and reliable source of CBD. To learn more and shop their store, visit Steve’s Goods!

Spotlight on CBD | Steve’s Goods CBD Concentrates Review This post was made in partnership with Steve’s Goods . Read more about my sponsorship policy on my disclosure page .