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4 Sativa CBD Flower Strains To Buy In 2020

For people who have savored the many flavors and feelings of cannabis for years, it’s clear that sativa and indica are in completely different categories. While it’s unclear whether Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica were actually different species, to begin with , two widely different categories of cannabis exist that deliver widely different results.

When it’s time to get up, go, and enjoy everything that daytime has to offer, there’s nothing better to reach for than some delicious, fruity cannabis buds. Even better, make getting fuzzy in the head optional—smoke the four Secret Nature CBD flowers in this list to enjoy all the nostalgic benefits of sativa without getting high.

What Is Sativa?

You already know what sativa does, but what makes a cannabis plant “sativa,” exactly, and what truly is the difference between sativa and indica? Let’s start by examining the growth cycle of Cannabis sativa , which is determined largely by the area where it grows in the wild.

Native to cold, arid plains and steppes, indica cannabis grows short and stocky, and it has a long growing season. Sativa cannabis, on the other hand, originally grew in more tropical climates, so it stretches upward toward the sun, bears thin, lanky colas, and matures faster than indica.

What is Cannabis Sativa?

Before we go any further, let’s clarify a point that commonly gets confused. Even though the hemp plant is called Cannabis sativa , not all cannabis strains are sativa-dominant. Over the years, the term “sativa” has come to be used to refer to hemp strains with certain attributes, and “indica” is used to refer to other strains.

Both sativa-dominant and indica-dominant cannabis strains, however, are the same species— Cannabis sativa . It might make things easier to call strains with sativa genetics strains “sativa-dominant” rather than just “sativa.”

Indica and sativa cannabis strains usually express different terpenes and flavonoids. Sativa strains, for instance, may have more limonene, a citrus-smelling terpene that’s also found in oranges, lemons, and limes. It’s the presence of this particular terpene more than any other that contributes to the “fruity” smell associated with most sativa-dominant strains.

What Does Sativa Do?

It’s unclear what causes the characteristic effects of sativa-dominant cannabis strains. Since both indica and sativa cannabis contain the same cannabinoids, it’s not as if there’s some undiscovered cannabis constituent making sativa-dominant strains hit differently than their indica cousins.

Lamentably, there’s very little research into the actual chemical differences between indica-dominant and sativa-dominant cannabis strains. When you look at Cannabis sativa flower as an interlocking mechanism of potent plant oils, however, it all starts to make sense.

The latest research indicates that cannabinoids and terpenes modulate each other as part of a phenomenon loosely referred to as the entourage effect . It appears that the various plant oils present in Cannabis sativa flower behave synergistically with one another to create effects that are strain-specific.

It’s entirely possible, for instance, that the uplifting, invigorating effects commonly associated with sativa-dominant cannabis are due to some unknown reaction between the dominant cannabinoid and limonene. More research is necessary to get to the bottom of this fascinating question.

How To Tell Indica From Sativa?

When they’re still growing, indica-dominant and sativa-dominant cannabis plants look markedly different. Indica plants have wider, purplish leaves, and sativa plants have a greener, finger-shaped leaves. While sativa-dominant cannabis grows tall and stretchy, indica grows short and squat.

In dried and cured nug form, indica and sativa cannabis can be distinguished from each other with the following criteria:


Indica nugs are usually rounder and denser than their sativa counterparts.


While sativa nugs are often notably green with lots of orange hairs and even hints of yellow, indica buds are commonly darker green or purplish even though healthy indica flowers also frequently have orange hairs.


Sativa cannabis smells fruity, hazy, or like gasoline, while indica nugs usually smell more piney or sweet.


While sativa buds usually taste fruity or like candy, indica cannabis might hit the palate with spicy or creamy overtones.

How To Pick The Right CBD Sativa Buds:

Now that you’re even more of an expert on the difference between sativa and indica than you were before, it’s time to touch on some of the main points you should consider as you choose the right sativa-dominant, low- THC buds :

Customer Reviews

Brands market themselves. That’s the nature of the business world. You can’t fully trust anyone who has their own agenda, however, which is why it’s better to look to your peers for guidance. When hundreds of individual reviewers have given a brand five-star accolades, it’s clear that they’re onto something.

Lab Reports

In the absence of meaningful regulation, CBD consumers are on their own when choosing the right products. Cannabis lab testing can be very useful when determining whether a CBD brand is high-quality, and lab reports are essential if you want to verify a product’s potency.

Brand Quality

How does the brand’s website look overall? Are the product pictures clean and attractive? Is the site copy bold and elegant? Success makes better products, so go with the company that exudes the most professionalism.

Strain Variety

Choosing between a small number of high-CBD strains with sativa genetics can get old fast. Variety is key if you want to keep things interesting and get the most out of non-intoxicating cannabis, so start by considering the following excellent sativa CBD flower options from Secret Nature:

1. Papaya Nights

Papaya Nights is our most popular haze sativa strain, and one look at the frosty colas this CBD-rich strain produces is enough to see why.

Product Specs

  • 19.7% CBD
  • 21.5 % total cannabinoids
  • Available in 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g sizes
  • Aroma profile includes fruit, haze, earth
  • Indoor-grown, manicured, and vacuum-sealed organic high-CBD, low-THC nugs
  • No trim, shake, or anything but the finest top-shelf trimmed nugs
  • Grown in Rogue Valley, OR, and ships to all 50 states

What Do Secret Nature Customers Have To Say?

Reviewers comment on the perfect density and trim job on Secret Nature Papaya nights nugs. They say this strain is calming and energizing at the same time, and Tyler G. gives us one of our best compliments yet: “This place really surprised me with the quality I have not found anything even close to comparable.”

Papaya Nights Batch-Specific Lab Report

2. CBG Flower

That’s right—sativa isn’t just for THC and CBD anymore. Meet one of the newest members of the Secret Nature cannabis family— CBG Flower .

Product Specs

  • 15.4% CBG (cannabigerol)
  • 15.9% total cannabinoids
  • Available in 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g sizes
  • Aroma profile includes haze, earth, nutty
  • Indoor-grown, manicured, and vacuum-sealed organic high-CBD, low-THC nugs
  • No trim, shake, or anything but the finest top-shelf trimmed nugs
  • Grown in Rogue Valley, OR, and ships to all 50 states

What Do Secret Nature Customers Have To Say?

Customers love adding Secret Nature CBG flower to their morning routines, and, as usual, they’re impressed by our legendary bud quality. As one of the first companies to bring top-shelf CBG flower to market, we’re looking forward to impressing our customers with even more amazing cannabigerol strains.

CBG Batch-Specific Lab Report

3. Citron

The overpowering smell of Secret Nature Citron will knock you off your feet from the first whiff.

Product Specs

  • 18.4 % CBD
  • 20.8 % total cannabinoids
  • Available in 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g sizes
  • Aroma profile includes lemon, candy, haze
  • Indoor-grown, manicured, and vacuum-sealed organic high-CBD, low-THC nugs
  • No trim, shake, or anything but the finest top-shelf trimmed nugs
  • Grown in Rogue Valley, OR, and ships to all 50 states

What Do Secret Nature Customers Have To Say?

Our customers are mainly amazed by the smell and detail, the manicured appearance of Secret Nature Citron buds. Many reviews state that our flower is the best hemp on the market, and it’s also clear that our satisfied customers love the fact that Secret Nature flower is indoor-grown, which makes a significant difference.

Citron Batch-Specific Lab Report

4. Cobbler #5

A noticeable peach aroma and healthy, bulging nugs meet your senses the moment you open your package of Secret Nature high-CBD sativa Cobbler .

Product Specs

  • 18.6 % CBD
  • 21.6 % total cannabinoids
  • Available in 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g sizes
  • Aroma profile includes peach, citrus, haze
  • Indoor-grown, manicured, and vacuum-sealed organic high-CBD, low-THC nugs
  • No trim, shake, or anything but the finest top-shelf trimmed nugs
  • Grown in Rogue Valley, OR and ships to all 50 states

What Do Secret Nature Customers Have To Say?

Customers commend our expert packaging and fulfillment, and they say the effects of Cobbler #5 are a balance of uplifting and soothing. David S. loves the peach aroma of Secret Nature Cobbler, and says that this strain is “great for when I don’t want the head high of a THC cannabis product , want the uplifting effects of a sativa strain, and want a strong body high of a CBD hemp product.”

Cobbler #5 Batch-Specific Lab Report

Enjoy The Best Top-Shelf Sativa CBD With Secret Nature

Do your own research—you won’t find a CBD flower company that holds a candle to Secret Nature. Our lab reports are more thorough, our customer reviews are more enthusiastic, and our products are clearly top-shelf through and through.

It might be staggering that you can now enjoy all the flavors and aromas of sativa without getting high, but Secret Nature makes it possible by delivering endless orders of low-THC, high-CBD bud all across the country. Don’t forget to check out our new CBG strain—other cannabinoids aside from CBD are rapidly becoming popular, and you don’t want to miss the next evolution of high-quality sativa hemp flower from Secret Nature.

Smoke the four Secret Nature CBD flowers in this list to enjoy all the nostalgic benefits of sativa without getting high.

Best Hemp CBD Flower Strains: Top Brand of 2021

CBD oil is an increasingly popular hemp extract that many people use for its potential wellness benefits. But some people prefer CBD flower for its desirable effects like relaxation and pain relief. Here you can learn all about hemp flower and where to buy the best CBD strains.

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is taken directly from industrial hemp plants without the need for extensive extraction processes. These flower buds contain the same beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes found within CBD oil, but tend to elicit a stronger entourage effect.

Hemp flower is different than many other CBD products since it is trimmed from the stalks of hemp without any additional manufacturing or purification needed, which keeps all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids in tact.

What is the Best CBD Flower to Buy Online?

Compared to CBD oil, there are many more challenges facing the selling and distribution of hemp flower across the United States. For this reason, there’s a more narrow market for people that prefer to smoke hemp flower. This also means there are less suppliers to meet demand.

With that being said, we’ve found the best company that sells hemp flower.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Flower

Cheef Botanicals was founded by a group of cannabis enthusiasts to deliver high-quality, Colorado-grown hemp to the masses. Today they produce some of the highest quality, most potent CBD flower on the market.

All Cheef Botanicals products contain only the best organic vegan ingredients. They are also cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten free and dairy free.

The Best Cheef Botanicals CBD Flower Products

  • Northern Lights – Best for Sleep
  • Cherry Wine – Best for Focus
  • Grape Soda – Best for Calm
  • Silver Surfer – Best for Energy
  • White CBG – Best for Relaxation

Northern Lights

This CBD-dominant strain is highly sedative strain and best for nights. The strong smell and earthly flavor are reminiscent of it’s more THC-laden cousins.

Percentage Levels: CBD

Cherry Wine

A Sativa and Indica hybrid, this strain is best for focus and relaxation, while bringing along none of the “high” associated with THC buds.

Percentage Levels: Total CBD: 16.48%, Delta-9 THC:

After Court Rules Dakota Access Pipeline Operating Illegally, Dems Demand Biden It Shut Down

By Jessica Corbett

Five Democratic lawmakers on Friday encouraged President Joe Biden to order an immediate shutdown of the Dakota Access pipeline after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit last week delivered a victory to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe by ruling that DAPL is operating illegally.

The three-judge panel upheld a lower court’s ruling that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) violated the National Environmental Policy Act when it granted an easement for DAPL to cross a federal reservoir along the Missouri River, less than a mile from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

The court ordered a full environmental impact statement examining the threats posed by the oil pipeline. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, as the Democrats’ letter to Biden notes, “rightfully fears an oil spill could disproportionately affect their drinking water, as well as hunting and fishing rights.”

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Mike Faith said in a statement that “we are pleased that the D.C. Circuit affirmed the necessity of a full environmental review, and we look forward to showing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers why this pipeline is too dangerous to operate.”

Despite mandating the review, the panel did not order DAPL to stop operating. Jan Hasselman, the EarthJustice attorney representing Standing Rock, said after the ruling that “this pipeline is now operating illegally.”

“The appeals court put the ball squarely in the court of the Biden administration to take action,” Hasselman said. “And I mean shutting the pipeline down until this environmental review is completed.”

Five lawmakers are now backing that call: Reps. Nanette Diaz Barragán (D-Calif.), Raul Ruiz (D-Calif.), and Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) as well as Sens. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

The Democrats note that Biden has taken “bold early actions . to prioritize climate action and environmental justice,” including withdrawing permits for the Keystone XL pipeline.

In addition to urging him to “build on this promising start” by shutting down DAPL during the review, they detail some of the pipeline’s history, including the “egregious environmental racism” in 2016, when “North Dakota law enforcement officials violently removed protestors from the path of DAPL, many of them from the nearby Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.”

While former President Barack Obama—under whom Biden was vice president — denied DAPL permission to cross beneath Lake Oahe on unceded ancestral tribal lands, former President Donald Trump, the letter notes, “reversed course and granted the easement while ignoring the concerns of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.”

“As you consider how to proceed,” the Democrats write, “we encourage you to meet with members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other impacted tribes to better understand how the DAPL affects their lands, treaty rights, and environmental priorities.”

“By shutting down this illegal pipeline, you can continue to show your administration values the environment and the rights of Indigenous communities more than the profits of outdated fossil fuel industries,” the letter adds. “This is a critical step towards righting the wrongs of the past and setting our nation on a path of environmental, climate, and social justice.”

As DeSmog noted Thursday, DAPL is facing more than just legal trouble: Westchester Fire Insurance Co. notified pipeline owner Energy Transfer in early January that it had lost a $250,000 “bond that Iowa, one of the four states it passes through, required the pipeline to maintain.”

The 1,172-mile underground pipeline, which began operating in June 2017, transports 570,000 barrels of oil per day from the Bakken formation in North Dakota, through South Dakota and Iowa, to a terminal in Illinois.

Attorney Carolyn Raffensperger, director of the Science and Health Network, told DeSmog it could be tricky for Energy Transfer to replace the lost insurance coverage, especially given the court-ordered review.

“It will be difficult because the bond holder will require the pipeline to comply with all legal requirements,” Raffensperger said. “If it is operating without a permit, any spill would be a big, big legal problem.”

Reposted with permission from Common Dreams.

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Yosemite’s “Firefall” Is Back – But This Year You’ll Need Reservations​

There are very few places that capture the essence of American beauty better than Yosemite National Park. Millions of people visit each year to explore its mountainous terrain, or to experience Yosemite’s unique natural wonders such as the giant sequoia groves or the hundreds of waterfalls that nourish the protected landscape.

One such waterfall takes the mainstage in mid-February as the park’s most popular winter attraction. Known as the “Firefall,” or Horsetail Falls during the spring and summer months, this waterfall glows fiery red in the wintertime as the sunset reflects off its waters. However, to see it in 2021 you’ll have to make reservations soon.

Starting February 8, Yosemite will put a reservation system in place for day use of the park. The park is taking extra steps to ensure social distancing protocols are followed and risks are minimized during COVID-19, and encourage visitors who want to see Firefall to book soon.

heyengel / iStock / Getty Images Plus

The expected viewing dates begin February 13th and end February 25th. Due to the short timeframe that the Firefall is visible, reservations are expected to book quickly.

For those unfamiliar with the Firefall, it is a bizarre and beautiful natural phenomenon that can only occur for two weeks out of the year. At sunset, the waterfall transforms from an icy shower to a glowing flame that appears to flow like lava from the heights of El Capitan. This occurs due to the unique angle of the waterfall against the sunset during mid-February.

Despite its massive appeal, the Firefall is actually quite elusive. In order for the illusion to occur, Horsetail Falls must be experiencing a clear Western sky, have enough snowfall the night before, and experience warm temperatures to melt the snow and sustain the waterfall. Due to the angle of the sunset against the waterfall, it can only occur for approximately two weeks in February, but a cloudy day or freezing temperatures can get in the way of the incredible display.

Not only are the Firefalls rare, but they’re also short-lived. The sunset will only be at the right angle for five to ten minutes, giving visitors a very short window to observe. However, those who have witnessed the Firefall believe it is always worth the effort.

Yosemite’s Firefall was first discovered in 1978 by photographer Galen Rowell. He was driving past Horsetail Falls at sunset, and witnessed the anomaly long enough to capture the first photos. After sharing them with a soon-to-be worldwide audience, Firefall became the #1 attraction at Yosemite during the month of February.

Since then, the natural wonder that occurs on Horsetail falls has become a global spectacle, coveted by photographers, artists, and nature enthusiasts alike. Thousands of people visit the park during mid-February each year solely to chase the elusive majesty of this waterfall at sunset.

Horsetail Fall is located over the eastern edge of El Capitan, which is not possible to reach by car. The closest parking is one and a half miles from the actual viewing site, so it is important to book your reservation and arrive early if you want to catch a glimpse of it at sunset.

Savannah Hasty is an environmental writer with more than six years of experience and has written thousands of articles for clients around the world. Her work focuses on environmental news, lifestyle content, and copywriting for sustainable brands. Savannah lives on the sunny coast of Florida and is inspired by this to play an active role in the preservation of the state’s marine life and natural ecosystems.

The CBD market is witnessing an upward trend owing to the growing realization of its commercial potential. CBD has been garnering a lot of attention from a medicinal perspective. The legalities surrounding CBD are shifting, paving a path for the flourishing industry.