plain jane cbd review

Plain Jane CBD Review

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Plain Jane: Quick Summary

  • Lots of unique and exciting products.
  • Very reasonable prices, especially for the quality.
  • All hemp is grown in the USA, primarily in Oregon.
  • Lab reports are included in each product description, even for the hemp flower.
  • Smoking hemp flower can be risky depending on where you live.
  • Smoking is not the healthiest consumption method, though Plain Jane does offer other products.

Plain Jane Review

The CBD industry is saturated with brands right now, many of them selling similar products. There are even white label brands that sell their products wholesale for other brands to slap a label on, meaning that some brands are literally stocking the same products under different names.

Every once in a while, we come across a company that’s a little different. Plain Jane is one such company.

Every once in a while, we come across a company that’s a little different. Plain Jane is one such company, primarily focusing on pre-rolled hemp joints and raw hemp flower. Admittedly, this niche isn’t for everyone. Those concerned about the health effects of smoking will not enjoy this consumption method, though Plain Jane also offers some alternatives.

Below, we cover everything you need to know about this brand to find out if it could be the one for you.

Plain Jane Highlights

Affordable Products: Often, hemp flower can be expensive. CBD products, in general, are renowned for their high price point. However, Plain Jane has a commitment to make its products as affordable as possible, and it seems to be achieving this feat. Smaller samples of the hemp flower can go for as little as $11. A CBG flower product is even cheaper!

American Hemp: Plain Jane uses American-grown hemp, predominantly from farms in Southern Oregon. Not only is this hemp grown under strict regulations on American soil, but Plain Jane also aims to farm using sustainable practices. Some of the hemp is grown in greenhouses, but Plain Jane believes in regenerative farming.

Low-Scent CBD Cigarettes: The CBD pre-rolls from Plain Jane are said to be low-smell. In other words, they won’t give off a pungent cannabis odor. This is excellent news, especially as the website declares Plain Jane to be the innovators behind this invention. If you want to keep your habits low-key, then this is the brand for you.

Lab Reports: Each product description contains a certificate of analysis, including the hemp flower. It’s a testament to this brand’s reputability, helping customers to feel confident with each shop.

Negative Thoughts on Plain Jane

Although Plain Jane seems like a great company, there are some downfalls. First of all, the products occupy a bit of a gray area with regard to legislation. The website states that Plain Jane hemp flower can be shipped to all 50 states apart from Idaho. Nevertheless, you need to be careful when smoking hemp flower in public.

You might get away with it if smoking in a state where marijuana is legal, but you may be questioned if you live in an illegal state. It’s up to you whether you take that risk.

The other issue relates to shipping. TrustPilot is full of reviews suggesting that people never received their order or that it was late, despite paying for tracked shipping. Plain Jane has blamed this on the courier, Route. However, it seems to have happened so frequently that perhaps they should consider switching to a new courier.

What Plain Jane Products Did We Review?

Plain Jane has a large product selection. The stars of the show are the hemp flower and pre-rolls, though Plain Jane offers several other consumption methods. Below are the products we took a look at.

Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower & Pre-Rolls

Plain Jane sells an enormous range of hemp flower in a variety of strains. Each strain carries slightly different flavors; however, Plain Jane cures them with water to remove much of the smell. As a result, you can enjoy the flavor of smoking in a more discreet way.

Each strain includes a percentage in the description, so you know how much CBD you’re getting. Sizes start at 3.5g and stretch all the way up to 1 lb of cannabis. That’s a very large supply! Nevertheless, the prices are reasonable even for such large amounts.

The lengthy list of strains includes:

  • Sour Space Candy
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Elektra
  • Golden Cherry
  • Stress Killer
  • T-1
  • Charlotte’s Web

There are other raw flower products on the CBD market, but Plain Jane is one of the cheapest and most high-quality we have seen.

If you want to try the flower but can’t be bothered rolling, try the pre-rolls. There are many varieties: Pre-rolled joints, menthol hemp pre-rolls, leaf CBD blunts, and more. Whatever you want, you will find it here. Once again, the prices are reasonable. Even the premium “Caviar” joints are $9.99 each.

Pain Jane CBD Concentrates

Alongside a few vape cartridges, Plain Jane also stocks CBD concentrates for dabbing. There is a decent range of options, including shatter, crumble, and powder. All three are similar but offer different textures. Furthermore, the shatter is full-spectrum while the other two are isolates.

Explaining the difference in s…

Prices vary depending on the size of the tub, with the cheapest being $24.99 per gram. The concentrates come in different strain options, giving you the option to choose what kind of flavors you desire.

The 99% isolate powder comes in a variety of sizes up to 14g, costing $260. This is still a good price for large isolate tubs.

Plain Jane CBD/CBG Oils

Almost every CBD brand sells CBD oil. Plain Jane only has a single offering: 1000mg. It’s a good mid-range strength, but it’s a shame that there is only one potency to choose from. Still, Plain Jane offers the choice between isolate and full spectrum. The oil is suspended in coconut MCT oil. Prices vary between $25.99 and $28.99 depending on whether you buy isolate or full spectrum.

Uniquely, there is also a full-spectrum CBG oil. It costs $35.99. Although the effects of CBG are not as well researched, it’s a nice touch.

Plain Jane CBD Topical

There are two topicals on offer, including a body butter and a salve. Starting with the salve, Plain Jane offers a 2oz tub for $14.99. It’s a great saver option, with between 300-400mg of full-spectrum CBD alongside coconut oil and beeswax. You can choose between scents of Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.

Those looking to splash out may wish to invest in the 400mg CBD body butter, costing $24.99. The texture of this topical is much nicer and more luxurious, with avocado oil and shea butter. It also contains organic lavender oil for a pleasant, floral scent.

Both topicals are decent options, but they’re nothing particularly special.

Plain Jane CBD Gummies

The final product on offer is a tub of Plain Jane gummies. The brand has opted, in typical fashion, for gummy bears. Please note that this offering isn’t vegan-friendly as it contains gelatin.

Each CBD gummy contains 25mg of CBD and a mixed berry flavor derived from natural ingredients. There are two tub sizes: 30 gummies (750mg) or 80 gummies (2000mg). The prices are $25.99 and $45.99, respectively. The latter price is really great.

Where to Buy Plain Jane

Plain Jane products are available directly from the brand’s official website. The site claims to ship throughout the USA, apart from Idaho. As a result, most American customers should be able to purchase Plain Jane without concern. Since most of the products are hemp flower, it might be worth reading up on the ever-changing CBD and hemp legislation before you make a purchase.

Final Thoughts on Plain Jane

All in all, Plain Jane is a great brand. Not only does it have a catchy, fun name, but it sells genuinely exciting and high-quality products. Few brands are doing raw hemp flower in this way. It often ends up being unaffordable or low quality.

The problem with Plain Jane is that it sells hemp flower, which may land some customers in trouble. It’s up to you whether to take the risk.

Furthermore, some customers have complained of late orders and buds with lots of sticks and seeds inside. Still, there are plenty of positive reviews to balance this out. At the end of the day, mistakes happen with any brand in any field. Plain Jane is a pretty great brand, and it can only go up from here.

We took a closer look at Plain Jane CBD, the company specializing in raw hemp flower and pre-rolls. Here's how they fared.

Try Plain Jane- Cannabis-Hemp CBD- Product Line Review

Veronica Castillo
Nov 14, 2019 · 8 min read

Plain Jane has been an important part of my journey in and around hemp. Being an avid marijuana- THC consumer, I never gave hemp much thought- you know, like smoking, dabbing, oil tincture. I definitely didn’t expect to see hemp in form, of kief, isolate, and moonrocks.

I never knew that there would be so many strains and that it would look and feel and smell just like my love, marijuana. So, needless to say, Plain Jane schooled me and carried me through my exploration of hemp.

I wrote about them months ago in my, Vegan- Cannabis Infused Cosmetics piece. I was really drawn to their commitment to hemp CBD lovers. They are very active and engaging on social media- very community focused. As I learned more about hemp and CBD from the interviews and research conducted for the piece, I became very interested in trying out hemp CBD and newer to the scene, CBG (referred to as the mother of cannabinoids because it is the parent molecule from which other cannabinoids are synthesized).

So, one thing led to another and here we are, a hemp CBD product line review for a growing hemp company, Plain Jane.

It is important for me to state early on- I am writing this review as an active and daily marijuana consumer. This means that in addition to consuming Try Plain Jane hemp CBD products, I also consume marijuana THC. My review is from someone that has both Cannabis hemp and marijuana in their system so, the effects- benefits from hemp CBD that I feel, may be different from the effects- benefits that one that does not consume THC may feel. Additionally, no matter what- Cannabis will affect all of us differently.

This review is from my perspective and is my opinion. I was not paid a fee- no money was paid to me for this review. I was provided samples of products- in exchange for a written review of my opinion of Try Plain Jane products. This is not a scientific, medical, and/or expert of hemp review.

Plain Jane- A Cannabis Company Focused on Making the Smoothest, Cleanest, Most Odorless Cannabis Products on the Market

The company started as a roommate experiment. Evan Marshall (CTO) and Lindsey Holthaus (CEO) started selling pre-rolls on the website. Now, recognized globally, what once was just pre-rolled hemp cigs is now a full Cannabis hemp CBD product line.

Plain Jane offers a variety of hemp strains and products such as: CBG, Hawaiian Haze, Kush, Shatter, Isolate, and so much more. I have been consuming for over 2 months and still haven’t tried everything! They are constantly adding to their selection- I mean constantly! I’m pretty sure that if you can name a hemp strain- Plain Jane has it or will be getting it in a pre-roll, an eighth, an ounce, and/or a pound (because they also sell wholesale!).

Non- Flower, Hemp CBD Products- Consumed and Reviewed

Kief: Premium CBD kief, extracted from premium hemp; heavily concentrated, and full spectrum. So, I consumed kief, in a joint, mixed with CBD flower. I basically layered my cone- flower, kief, flower, kief, and so on.

It was like- dessert; like I was on a cloud of bliss with a beautiful slice of cheesecake (vegan of course). Because kief is very concentrated- the chill that CBD offers was multiplied by 3. I consumed kief with CBD flower each time that I consumed. There is an obvious difference between the effects of consuming the flower alone and consuming the flower with a mixture of kief. For me, it tells me so in the eyes, my eyes got really relaxed, then came the release of stress in the shoulders, then came total aura relaxation.

Isolate: Isolate took me straight to bed. For some reason, I only consumed isolate in the evening, and mixed with CBD flower. A few times, with THC flower. When mixed with CBD flower- my body was relaxed and I was happy- huge smile… just sitting there and smiling. When mixed with THC flower- my goodness! It was everything a mental and body high provides, mixed together in a taco shell. It was like a sauna- I just felt the tightness leave my entire body.

Lemon Shatter: There are 2 options- isolate and full spectrum; I had the full spectrum shatter. I think I love this more than THC shatter. Here’s why; I consume shatter at night and to help with sleep. This lemon shatter is concentrated with over 800 mg of CBD per gram! It is definitely felt- one dab hit and I was up higher than cloud 9, wrapped in a warm blanket, listening to Sade, and feeling my body loosen with each exhale. The flavor is amazing too!

Hemp CBD Flowers/ Strains- Consumed and Reviewed

CBG: I was really excited to get my hands on the mother of cannabinoids. The topic of CBG has taken over the hemp conversation. CBG is said to have a bliss molecule; this could be true. CBG came in at 16%+ potency and though I didn’t love the flavor, I did love the way it heightened by THC high. I have repetitive stress injury and I noticed that the inflammation reduced noticeably with CBG being added to my daily consumption. It was like- a cold shower on a really hot and humid day. Because of that- I am keeping CBG in my daily routine.

Near Odorless- 20 Count Hemp Cigs: I had 2 packs- different strains/flavors. These are definitely near odorless. There is no scent of cannabis coming from these. They look like cigarettes, and rolled in rice paper. They are discreet for public consumption- though, hemp is legal sooooo; however, knowing how things are- discreet is appreciated! These are lower in CBD, but still offer something like- the relaxation of a hookah.

Stress Killer: I love this strain so much. The name fits perfectly! Of all the strains- the effects of this strain showed up the strongest. This strain is potent- in the best way! I love haze strains. That’s not surprising since I love Sativa. The Stress Killer is a cross between Lemon Haze, Juanita la Lagrimosa, and Ruderalis. I also stuffed a half and half joint: half Stress Killer and half THC strain and- I was picked up by the deep sleep shuttle and dropped off on an ocean where they served vegan Pina Colada’s and coco bread.

Hawaiian Haze: The flavor and scent on this one- phenomenal! Of the flowers consumed, this one was the best in flavor and scent. Potency/concentration is 14% on this one- and it’s so dreamy. It’s very tropical; the flower lifted me up, placed me on a one-way cruise to Maui, and when I got there, a live band was waiting to play music for me.

Eighth Pack CBD Pre-Rolled Joints: The pre-rolled eighth is my favorite product for packaging and convenience. With 15% CBD potency/concentration, these joints were a really solid “ease into the morning”. I consumed these in the morning- first thing. They helped me flow- lightly, through my morning prep each morning. My body was like a river- just flowing with ease.

Kush: This strain has fiery red highlights and offers deep relaxation. It’s Indica dominant so- it made since why my eyes started lowering and tension left my body; keep in mind that I always have THC in my system, so, kush definitely gave my body a feeling similar to an OG Kush. It was also a decent flavored strain.

Sour Space Candy: Coming in at 21% potency/concentration, this sour strain is amazing! The first time that I consumed was a couple of hours after consuming THC. I took 2 inhales from this strain and I was off to engaging in a wrap up session with a blanket. I was so happy and relaxed. It was like- the belts at the airports that move you- you don’t have to take a step, they just- carry you down to the gates. This was like that- I was floating, everything was effortless.

Moonrocks: Oh, my goodness! Love lives here! At almost 40% potency- these moonrocks rocked my world. Well- eased my world. I consumed differently- I used my dry herb vape pen. I really feel like I can give up THC at night and replace with these moonrocks. The hemp flower is coated in a sticky CBD (THC free) concentrate, and then rolled in hemp CBD kief. They for me, are the ultimate sleep potion.

Rogue: This one is frosty with red highlights- carrying a profile full of relaxation. Her scent is welcoming and it was another good flavored flower- sort of woody to me. From the shoulders up- full release of tension after a few inhales.

Caviar Twax Joint: This joint is packed with 1.5 grams of hemp! In this joint: high CBD distillate oil and high CBD kief making this one 35% potent- all CBD healing. All of this goodness combined left a smile on my face that I couldn’t remove. I was on clouds of pure happy. It even burned evenly!

For me, hemp healed pain in my body, and definitely contributed to release of tension. I used to have pain in certain parts of my body and now, I am not feeling those pains. My inflammation seems to be treated and taken care of perfectly by hemp. I notice that in my overall demeanor, I am less tense, I am more at ease.

Plain Jane products changed my entire perspective on hemp- in the most positive way. If you are interested in trying hemp from Plain Jane, you can use code: VERO09 to save a few bucks.

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Plain Jane has been an important part of my journey in and around hemp. Being an avid marijuana- THC consumer, I never gave hemp much thought- you know, like smoking, dabbing, oil tincture. I…