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We are a federally-legal cannabis research and development company , operating in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. This allows our company to permanently work with unlimited plant numbers and fully explore the diversity and malleability contained in the cannabis genus . Our primary product is scientific knowledge, but we strive to put our best findings into farmers’ hands in the form of world class, award winning , non-GMO, and organic certified hemp seeds for production purposes. From all of us here at Oregon CBD, thank you for your interest in our work. We’re excited to share our newest creations with you and your farm as we collectively work to make the 21st century cannabis revolution a reality .

Triploids: The Next Revolutionary Step
For 2021, we will be releasing the industry’s first commercially available cannabis triploid seeds . Seedless and with bulked up production, triploids are truly a revolutionary step forward for cannabis producers. Learn more here.

Home of high cannabinoid, early finishing, terpene rich CBD, CBG, CBDV, and CBGV triploid genetics in the form of 99.97% feminized hemp seeds. Discover our industry leading seedless varin varieties of CBDV seeds, CBGV seeds, autoflower seeds, our team, and our innovative research projects.

Oregon cbd company

Already revered for its large dense flowers and gorgeous bag appeal, White CBG’s triploid counterpart exhibits a stronger, more diesel-filled nose and bumped-up yields. With added essential oil production, its seedless frosted white flowers also gain more stickiness than the original.

  • Heavy producer of show stopping A grade flower
  • Our highest testing CBG flower, but will still remain below 0.3 Total THC
  • Large dense colas make this plant better suited for drier climates


This vigorous growing and heavy producing variety has shown flower increases of over 30% in triploid form. While not celebrated for its terpene profile, flowers are large, lime green, and crystal covered. Ideal for biomass producers looking to get the most out of their fields – without getting seeded.

  • Our largest flower producing CBG plants
  • Excellent field ready structure
  • Drier trichomes less damaging for mechanical harvest


By far the biggest production gains we’ve seen in our triploid conversion projects are evident in this autoflower CBG producer. With average flower yield increases of over 100% (around 150 grams in the original to almost 400 grams in the triploid), this fast finisher is an excellent choice for early season biomass production. As an added bonus, no more crawling through fields looking for male phenotypes or hermaphrodites.

  • Soil emergence to maturity in around 80 days
  • Rapid and vigorous grower capable of producing almost 1lb of flower per plant
  • Total THC compliant on the day of harvest


This production powerhouse already had a sterling reputation in diploid form for its top shelf smokable flower and cannabinoid rich biomass; as a triploid, performance only improves. Greater yields, louder aromas, and increased production from one of our most popular varieties – without the fear of seeds.

  • Highest flower and biomass yielder on average
  • Proven mold and mildew resistance
  • Sweet gassy funk similar to Diesel cannabis lines


(SH50 x GG#4 CBD Conversion)

After several years of trials, we improved and isolated our most prized GG#4 conversion and paired it with our Lifter mother. The resulting offspring provide heavy and potent yields of rich and complex aromas in mouthwateringly tasty Terpinolene forward seedless sour flower.

  • A heavy producer of both flower and cannabinoids
  • Improved structure and flower density from previous sour lines
  • Heavy gas that hits like sour diesel with a still semi-sweet nose


The legacy lives on in triploid form for one of our most award-winning and reliable varieties. Growers are rewarded with solid yields, exotic aromas, and beautiful bag appeal – from a seed-free plant proven to have the highest resistance to molds and mildews in our lineup.

  • Excels in moist climates and exhibits strong resistance to botrytis
  • A known high-CBD producer, with specimens reaching up to 25%
  • Exotic sour apple flavor created by farnsene and beta-caryophyllene terpene content


(Suver8 x GG#4 CBD Conversion)

One of our in-house favorites, again featuring our improved for 2021 GG#4 pollinator. Suver 8’s sweet smells shine through in this delicious yet still sour offering. This genetic boasts the similar mold and mildew resistance genes as the original but with elevated cannabinoid and olfactory compound production in seedless flower form.

  • Potent CBD producer with a huge appeal on the smokable market
  • Excellent mold and mildew resistance
  • Sour apple twisted with even more terpene-loaded funk than the original


Our sour twist on the RNA produces an incredible terpene profile of sour apple with gassy undertones. Another fast grower that if planted in May will finish before many even get their plants in the field. Big dominant colas with minimal stem waste. Vastly improved production numbers in triploid form with averages reaching close to 400 grams per plant.

  • From soil emergence to maturity in under 90 days
  • Excellent terpene profile for an autoflower
  • Useable for both trimmed flower and biomass


(ACDC x GG#4 CBD Conversion)

Two famed but highly isolated and inbred parents collide to make a fruitful and funky new release for 2021. Powerful aromas of sweet citrus and berries are paired with subtle sour diesel, creating a unique and tantalizing nose on a well performing plant.

  • Highly resinous, well-formed flowers
  • Terpinolene / Myrcene co-dominant with kicks of beta-caryophyllene and limonene
  • A fresh new flavor for 2021 with a famed lineage


(DCHaze “CC” x GG#4 CBD Conversion)

One of our most exciting new offerings for 2021, this combo combines tropical goodness with the gassy funk of our new and improved GG#4 pollinator. The terps are the real deal in this hybrid, adding appeal to the already smokeable hit Hawaiian Haze. A vigorous grower and a solid producer.

  • New flavors for the smokeable market with an audience appealing lineage
  • Exotic tropical aromas with ample undertones of fuel
  • Excellent bag appeal and vibrant green color


(SS x GG#4 CBD Conversion)

Backed by a new GG#4 pollinator with bigger buds and better structure, Sour Special Sauce is the sour terpinolene, beta caryophyllene, and limonene terpene twist on the original. Still expect to get those beautiful pink pistils on flowers and a similar sweet funk in the nose. It’s SS mother is known for thriving in moist environments.

  • Added gassy funk with terpinolene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene
  • Highly resinous and a high cannabinoid producer
  • Improved overall production and flower structure


(Suver8 x GG#4 CBD Conversion)

A farm favorite, this potent and improved flower producer is reintroduced with a newly selected and stronger parent. It’s intoxicating aromas of sour apple and a side of funk are hard to keep contained. With Suver 8’s mold and mildew resistance in its lineage this is a forgiving and reliable offering for both trimmed flower and biomass.

  • Potent CBD producer with a reliable resistant background
  • Lime green buds with big appeal on the smokable market
  • Sour apple twisted with even more terpene-loaded funk than the original


(SourTsunami x GG#4 CBD Conversion)

Armed with a new and bulked up GG#4 pollinator for 2021, this Sour Tsunami cross an extra sour twist on an already celebrated line. Bigger and better structure than the previous and an all-out great performer and producer in our trials. With a terpinolene forward and beta-caryophyllene fueled terpene profile the nose hits hard and its flowers offer excellent bag appeal.

  • Improved flower structure and density
  • Strong sour aroma with some gassy funk
  • Vigorous grower and an excellent producer best suited for drier climates


Offspring of our new and highly improved GG#4 conversion paired with our Lifter mother offer substantial yields of smokeable flower and biomass. Its pungent aroma hits first with sweetness followed by a sour diesel finish.

  • A heavy producer of both flower and cannabinoids
  • Improved structure and flower density from previous sour lines
  • Fruity and sweet with sour terpinolene, farnesene, and beta-caryophyllene-fueled undertones


*2nd Place 2019 Cultivation Classic*

ACDC is the famous Cannatonic phenotype that helped revolutionize west coast CBD production. As a clone, she is not worth the effort for field production, as her stalks lack the best chance at successful recombination. We bred it for many generations to figure out how to consistently bulk up flowers, flower earlier, strengthen the stalk, narrow the variability in total cannabinoids, and improve terpene desirability.

  • Loud myrcene dominant terpene profile
  • Heavy resin producer favored by full spectrum extractors and cut flower connoisseurs
  • Field ready structure

Hawaiian Haze

(DC Haze “CC” x ERB)

*1st Place 2020 High Times Hemp Cup*

Visitors to our field trials gravitated towards this plant in particular and reminisced about the truly special flavors emanate from imported Hawaiian flowers (betacarypholene and humulene are key secondary and tertiary terpenes). Hawaiian Haze brings farmers a unique opportunity to grow equatorially-inspired, long season flavors at any latitude and to do so with large yielding, modern hybrid flower structure.

  • Excellent field ready strain for biomass as well as fresh cut flowers
  • Unique terpene profile that oozes tropical funk
  • High yielding with large medium density buds


*1st 2019 Place Oregon Growers Cup*

Farmers will be rewarded with vigorous bushy, upright growth patterns in the vegetative phase that can easily fill 6” centers. By late August, fields will be full of large, oily “goldilocks” buds, perfect for the international trimmed hemp flower market. The flavor is sweet funk, with some hints of fuel—very sought after by consumers! Pound for pound, this just might be the most lucrative CBD producer available.

  • Highest recorded yields and plant size in our catalog
  • Ideal for biomass, but also provides big dense “A” grade flowers
  • Terpene profile gives off a strong gassy funk


The CBD-dominant Sour Tsunami cut used in this cross has the strongest stalk of any plant we have grown and sports a unique, terpinolene-forward flavor similar to GG4 and the Sour Diesel/Chem/OG lines. Outcrossing this variety to our ERB line yields a unique flavor profile reminiscent of sour candy from outer space. If interstellar travelers needed a sweet and sour snack to keep their head right during adventures, this would be the one! This could be our most popular line.

  • Rock Hard, golf-ball sized flowers that stay intact in trim machines
  • An excellent choice for cut flower with a loud and intoxicating terpene profile
  • A huge producer, ideal for drier climates, and a fast seller

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