new age hemp oil reviews

New age hemp oil reviews

New Age Hemp Oil isn’t the only product New Age produces. New Age is known for producing a variety of hemp oils, hemp gummies and hemp capsules, all designed to give customers the relief they are looking for whenever they buy hemp products.

So, how does New Age hemp oil stack against other hemp oil competitors? Let just into this honest New Age Hemp Oil review to find out!

New Age Hemp Oil: Review and Breakdown

Name: New Age

Website URL:

Strengths Available: 1000 MG, 1500 MG, 3000 MG, and 5000 Mg

Flavors Available: Chocolate Mint, Cotton Candy, Orange Creamsicle and Watermelon

Price: Varies

Overall Rating :

New Age Naturals: Who are They?

New Age Naturals is a holistic company whose sole mission is to empower customers whenever they buy one of their hemp products. Each of their products is made from certified hemp, naturally grown in the United States and free from synthetic ingredients. The company’s main goal is to ensure customers are getting the 100% pure hemp oil products they are looking for and making sure their products are free from toxins and pesticides.

New Age Hemp Oil: Pros and Cons

  • Made from 100% natural hemp
  • Free of toxins and pesticides
  • 100% THC free
  • Made in the United States
  • Reasonably priced
  • May take some time to kick in
  • Not psychoactive which can reduce the efficacy
  • Not helpful for advanced conditions

New Age Hemp: Uses

Most of the products produced by New Age are specifically formulated to aid in the relief of pain or anxiety-like symptoms. However, some of their products can also be used to aid in the relief of insomnia or help relieve chronic illnesses.

New Age: Prices and Strengths Available


This 1000 MG formula of New Age Hemp oil is specifically made for the relief of pain, anxiety, and stress. With the lowest dosage, this product is proven to work effectively at the lowest efficacy possible.

1500 MG

This formula by New Age is specifically formulated to work as a pain reliever, especially for those suffering from chronic pain. It is made with a higher dosage to relieve pain faster and for longer periods of time.

3000 MG

This is a stronger formula of the 1000 MG. It is made wit help relieve pain and stress in a natural way. It can also help with sleep and help improve skin and hair health.

5000 MG

This is as strong as any of the New Age hemp oil products get. It is specifically made to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress and keep the feeling of relief around for as long as possible.

New Age Hemp Oil vs. Terpenes4health

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New Age Ratings: Actual Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews and ratings left by actual customers who have tried New Age are fairly positive. Take a look below at what some customers have been saying about this product.

This is a great product to say the least and it was able to help me with my pain. After feeling pain in my lower back for a couple of weeks, I decided to try this product and it did the trick to relieve my pain. On top of that, it helped me to relax enough to be able to get to sleep without any trouble. -Nick Flotman

This product helps make me more comfortable. I have been using New Age hemp oil for the past 3 days and I can’t believe how well it has worked. I’ve been able to sleep better and am in less pain due to my hip replacements. Works much better than ibuprofen. -Amazon Customer

I have been a chronic pain patient for years. Instead of taking prescription medicine, I decided to give this product a try and haven’t regretted it. It actually reduces my pain and even helps me get to sleep. -LaDanna Rich

This product works like magic! I have tried several other brands of hemp oil before, but none have worked as well as New Age. It’s the best ever! -Douglas Farrow

Excellent pain relief! After my husband broke his neck, he began using this product after surgery. He swears it has made a real difference in his pain. -DMaxwell

New Age Hemp Oil Review: The Bottomline

Despite some of the issues I have with the product, such as the fact that you can’t a list of ingredients ANYWHERE, this product does seem to have a lot of potential. It is definitely an alternative to CBD and is a great starter product for those just venturing into the hemp oil market.

Final Verdict:

Have you tried New Age Hemp Oil? If so, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below!

How Does Terpenes4health Compare?

Unlike New Age Hemp Oil, Terpenes4health lists its ingredients and Certificate of Analysis results online so customers can know exactly what it is they are taking. Terpenes4health can work exactly like any of New Age’s products, although according to our customers, it works much better. Learn more about Terpenes4health products here and learn how you can get a 30% off coupon for your first bottle purchase!

Not sure if New Age Hemp oil is worth the initial price? Read this honest New Age Hemp oil review to learn if this hemp oil can best fit your needs.

Hemp Benefits

Hemp is a naturally occurring substance that has been shown to have a mass assortment of different health benefits and remedial properties

There has been evidence of hemp extract acting to improve general well-being, but there’s so much more to it as well. Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, and most importantly Pain Relief!

Natural Pain Relief

The longest standing use of hemp dates back several thousand years, where it was used to treat pain in ancient Egypt. Taking hemp oil now as basic pain relief is a return to natural practices that we’ve somehow forgotten over time .

Nowadays people are recognizing how hemp can tackle Chronic Pain, acting as an effective and harmless alternative to dangerous opiates. For practical day-to-day solutions to your pain relief buy hemp cream here.

Better Sleep

There are plenty of issues that most people face on an everyday basis that hemp can help with as well. A recent report found that 68 percent of people in America struggled with sleep on at least one night a week, with 27 percent having issues every single evening.

One of the main issues people have is waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night, and hemp oils have been shown to encourage users to enter deeper sleeps. Part of this is to do with its proven qualities in counteracting anxiety. Our New Age Hemp Gummies you can buy here to see amazing results!

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