mixing cbd and nicotine

Can I Mix CBD with Nicotine?

If you currently vape nicotine based e-liquid and are starting to think about vaping CBD e-liquid for the first time, then there may undoubtedly be a few questions that you have on your mind.

Can you mix CBD with nicotine? What will happen if you combine CBD vape oil with your e-liquid? Can vaping CBD help with your nicotine addiction? What are the differences between CBD and nicotine? The curious and intricate world of CBD and nicotine interaction is definitely something that vapers should know more about – let’s delve on in and find out more.

Does CBD Have Nicotine in It?

The first thing you need to know is that neither, CBD E-liquid or CBD Oil contains any nicotine. Both products primarily use CBD extracted from the legal and industrial hemp plant – the key difference is the liquid that delivers the CBD to your system. CBD oil will typically use high quality and natural olive oil, whereas, CBD Eliquid will use the natural VG liquid that is found in the nicotine-based e-liquid that you may already be familiar with.

Can I Mix CBD with E-Liquid?

Similar to mixing strawberries with sugar syrup or tomatoes with treacle – yes you are able to mix CBD and e-liquid – however, in our opinion there should really be no need to and is not necessarily something that we would advise. Of course, we all have our own preferences, though our advice would be to keep it clean, keep it green and don’t mix your CBD E-liquid with your regular e-liquid because you’re just diluting the CBD.

In the case that you are thinking about mixing CBD with your e-juice, it’s of utmost importance to mix the right products. CBD Oil and CBD E-liquid are two very different products, intended for two very different purposes. It may be easier to find the right product for you before you experiment around.

As the name suggests CBD vape oil is used together with a vaporizer that has a refillable e-liquid chamber and will be the product that you will need to mix with your favourite e-juice. You can blend CBD e-liquid with either nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquid, but if your reasons for mixing CBD and e juice are for flavour, then the best option would be to choose a flavoured E-liquid or a Terpene infused vape oil.

Packing a tasty punch and available in numerous flavours, these nicotine-free CBD vape oils make a great alternative to the flavoured nicotine e-juice you’re used to. Quality CBD vape oil will use the best and most natural ingredients to complement the natural purity of the product, which will mean a high VG content in your CBD vape oil.

Be aware, that when you mix CBD vape oil with e-juice, your preferred e-juice may not be actually using the best ingredients, and maybe a lower quality to the CBD vape oil you’re mixing it with. As well as quality, your e-juice may be using PG liquid, which will thin the overall consistency of your final mixture.

The alternative to CBD E-liquid is the CBD sublingual oil, which is placed under the tongue or mixed with food and drink. Do not mix this with your e juice! The combination of CBD oil and e-liquid will leave a pretty bad taste in your mouth, not to mention clogged up coils in your vaporizer.

Wonder if cannabidiol oil with nicotine can be mixed in your system or if vaping CBD can help with nicotine addiction? Let's delve into the CBD interaction.

Can I Mix CBD With Nicotine?

Nowadays, taking CBD as a supplement is a steady part of many people’s lifestyle. However, before making this leap, they often have a few questions to ask. Smokers often ask us if they can safely take CBD while consuming nicotine throughout the day. Keep reading to find out the answer.

Can you take CBD if you smoke?

People smoke for several reasons. Some users love the comforting and lightly stimulating properties of nicotine; others value the ritual of rolling a cigarette or rely on smoking to ease the stress of daily life. Of course, nicotine can also be delivered through transdermal patches, gum, and other methods.

As everyone knows, smoking comes with a long list of health risks. Not only can the substance be as addictive as heroin or cocaine, but it also damages the cardiovascular system, lung tissue, oral health, and increases the risk of many lethal chronic diseases.

However, some users struggle to give nicotine up, despite its damaging effects. On the other hand, many smokers are turning to CBD as a daily supplement to help in other areas of their life. After all, early research suggests the cannabinoid might be useful in a whole host of scenarios.

Some nicotine users are hesitant to try CBD, in part because they think it might interact negatively with their frequent nicotine exposure. Currently, no evidence exists to suggest CBD and nicotine interact in a negative fashion.

In contrast, the physiological effects of CBD could—hypothetically—offer some protection against the damaging effects of smoking. However, no evidence exists to prove this either. Realistically, the damaging effects of smoking should far outweigh any concerns over taking nicotine and CBD simultaneously.

The bottom line: Smokers and nicotine users can safely consume CBD products such as oils and capsules in the same way as non-users. Simply follow the directions of your chosen product.

Could CBD help people stop smoking?

On a slightly different but still highly relevant note, smokers may be interested to know that the cannabinoid might help them kick their habit. Early research has demonstrated CBD’s promise in combating addictive behaviour. A review published in the journal Neurotherapeutics suggests the cannabinoid might be beneficial for a condition as serious as opioid abuse.

More specifically, a 2013 paper published in Addictive Behaviors documents CBD’s potential in reducing cigarette consumption. The researchers launched the study due to the suspected role of the endocannabinoid system in nicotine addiction.

The randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial involved a total of 24 smokers. Half of the cohort received a CBD inhaler for one week, and the other half received a placebo. The researchers instructed both groups to use the inhaler when they felt the need to smoke. Impressively, the group that received CBD reported a 40% reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked during the treatment.

Of course, the satisfaction of inhaling something may have contributed to the success here. However, it raises the possibility that taking CBD in any form might help to curb the urge.

Smokers and nicotine users often ask if it's safe for them to consume CBD. Find out the answer to that question here.