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  • What is Kosher CBD Oil?

What is Kosher CBD Oil?

Date 20th Mar 2020

  • #CBD
  • #Private Label

In 2015, the first big CBD product to go mainstream was CBD oil. CBD oil’s popularity lead to developments in CBD products: CBD skin care, CBD gummies, and even, CBD cookies. And now, the next phase of CBD is before us, certified CBD.

CBD’s rise to popularity has unfortunately been adversely affected by fake, uncertified CBD products (and Amazon hasn’t helped). This new era of CBD seeks to guarantee purity and quality through various important certifications: USDA, GMP, and Kosher, to name a few.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Kosher CBD oil certification; a rare, but important CBD certification that works to ensure inclusivity in the CBD market. In this helpful article we’ll discuss what kosher CBD is, how kosher CBD is made and certified, and how to private label your very own kosher CBD oil.

What is Kosher?

The term Kosher refers to the consumable foods & beverages deemed acceptable under orthodox Jewish law. Within the Jewish Orthodox Union, only foods that are deemed kosher can be, ‘permitted to be eaten and can be used as ingredients‘.

Why does CBD oil need to be Kosher certified?

If you’re wondering ‘is CBD oil kosher’, in most cases, it already is. However, without a proper inspection performed by a Kosher authority, there is no way of knowing if the CBD is 100% kosher. For example, it’s possible that equipment used in creating the CBD oil may have come into contact with animal byproducts that don’t meet kosher standards, ultimately compromising the CBD’s kosher status.

Kosher foods fall into 3 large categories:

  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Pareve

CBD falls into pareve, a category that refers to any edible products that are neither meat nor dairy. Pareve food items have their own set of requirements in order to be considered Kosher:

  1. Pareve foods cannot be processed with equipment used for meat or dairy processing.
  2. Fruits, vegetables, and grains products (hemp/cannabis) must not contain insects or insect larvae contaminants.

How does CBD oil get certified Kosher?

In order to get kosher CBD oil, the CBD manufacturer creating the CBD oil needs to go through the Kosher certification process.

For example, Neurogan CBD is Kosher certified by OK Kosher, a leading Kosher foods authority dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of kosher law for food manufacturers.

In order to receive this certification, our raw ingredients, as well as our manufacturing facility and tools, had to be personally inspected by OK Kosher.

Why would you make Kosher CBD oil?

At Neurogan, we believe in celebrating diversity and practicing inclusion.

Whereas most CBD companies don’t provide Kosher CBD options, we feel that a kosher certification is integral to making sure that a wide audience can have access to CBD while still staying true to their religious faith.

Introducing Neurogan Kosher CBD

Neurogan is proud to create the best Kosher CBD products on the market. We offer a full line of over 20 Kosher CBD oils in the full spectrum and broad spectrum varieties, in various strengths, size, and flavors.

However, we have a whole lot more to offer than just Kosher CBD oil. Our full collection of Neurogan products have the Kosher certified stamp of approval. Browse our Kosher certified CBD products below and check-out our Kosher certified CBD certificate for 2020, here.

Neurogan Kosher Certified CBD Products

  • Kosher CBD Balm
  • Kosher CBD Capsules
  • Kosher CBD Cooling Rub
  • Kosher CBD Dog Chews
  • Kosher CBD Face Cream
  • Kosher CBD Gummy Bears (All Flavors)
  • Kosher CBD Gummy Squares (All Flavors)
  • Kosher CBD Horse Chews
  • Kosher CBD Horse Granules
  • Kosher CBD Massage Oil
  • Kosher CBD Mints
  • Kosher CBD Night Serum
  • Kosher CBD Oil (All Flavors, Sizes, & Strengths)
  • Kosher CBD Pet Oil
  • Kosher CBD Tea
  • Kosher CBD Vegan Soft Gels
  • Kosher CBD Calming Dog Chews
  • Kosher Digestive Health Dog Chews
  • Kosher Hemp Pre-Rolls
  • Kosher Super Health Dog Chews
  • Kosher THC Free CBD Oil Minis (All Flavors)

View the full list in our Kosher certified CBD certificate, here.

Interested in private labeling Kosher CBD oil?

For more information on the Kosher CBD oil certification process, OK Kosher’s FAQ explains the certification process in greater detail.

As a Neurogan private label partner, you can use the OK Kosher certification symbol on all approved Neurogan products by completing an application and paying a $300 annual fee.

If you have any additional questions about our certification process, reach out to us at anytime here.

Please reach out to us with all of your questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Glory Rae Finnegan is a freelance content writer with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology. Glory is passionate about human psychology, destigmatizing mental health, animal advocacy, and plant-based living.

In this article, we'll take a look at the Kosher CBD oil certification; a rare, but important CBD certification that works to ensure inclusivity in the CBD market. In this helpful article we'll discuss what kosher CBD is, how kosher CBD is made and certified, and how to private label your very own kosher CBD oil.

Kosher Certification of CBD

CBD is gaining increasing recognition and acceptance for its broad health, healing and pain relieving properties. Concurrent with this is the rapidly increasing demand for Kosher certified CBD.

The information below is intended to assist the diverse array of CBD companies in understanding what is involved in becoming Kosher certified and going through the Kosher certification process.

We can divide the relevant areas of CBD production as pertains to Kosher certification as follows:

  • Farming
  • Extraction
  • Product Manufacture
  • Bottling or Packing

I will discuss the relevant Kosher certification concerns and applications for each category and then discuss the general process of Kosher certification and issues related to cost.

Kosher certification does not concern itself with how or where the Hemp is farmed.

Thus for example the Kosher certification process does not concern itself with whether the Hemp is Organic or not, whether it’s grown on land or indoors or whether it’s grown in California vs. Oregon.

Hemp itself is generally recognized as Kosher and does not require Kosher certification so long as the drying process and more specifically any heat based equipment that is used to dry the Hemp plant is dedicated exclusively to Earth based products.

The Kosher certification process does concern itself with all manner and forms of Extraction. This, whether done locally at the Farm where the Hemp is grown or at another Extraction facility elsewhere.

Regardless of how the Extraction process is performed this process will need to obtain Kosher certification. This is generally very doable so long as the Extraction equipment is dedicated to Hemp or other Botanicals or Herbs as the methods of Extraction do not fundamentally involve any processing agents or solvents that pose a Kosher issue or that cannot be obtained with the as necessary Kosher certificate.

For example, Co2 as used in Supercritical Co2 Extraction is inherently Kosher and its pressurization does not alter that fact. Ethanol, commonly derived from Corn, Wheat or Sugar while requiring Kosher documentation this is quite ubiquitous and easily procurable. Likewise, Butane or Methane are inherently Kosher along with Water.

Kosher certification, it should be noted, is not analogous to Lab Testing so it does not fundamentally concern itself with Cannaboidal profile or Terpene content of the CBD or for that matter with Heavy Metal, Mold or Mildew contamination.

If after the essential Extraction the Hemp Extract is mixed with say MCT Oil, than the MCT oil would require Kosher certification from the Supplier in the form of a Kosher certificate. These are easily obtainable from a Kosher certified source whether Organic or Conventional.

Once your company has either manufactured or procured Hemp Extract that has gone through the Kosher certification process and is Kosher certified if at that point your company chooses to add other ingredients to the Hemp Extract whether as a Carrier Oil or for Taste or Nutritional enhancement each of these supplemental ingredients will need to be Kosher certified.

This requires obtaining a Kosher certificate from the Supplier for the specific ingredients being added.

If for example, you are adding Black Cumin Seed Oil, or a Flavor for example Mint Chocolate or Orange, an Essential Oil for example Lavender or for that matter another Extract of a different Plant these would all require Kosher certificates from the Supplier to back up the Kosher certification of the specific ingredients employed.

The Kosher certification process does not require the knowledge of proprietary blend percentages of ingredients employed it does need to know each and every ingredient employed and be able to verify its Kosher status.

In general, based on my exposure to the developing CBD industry the types of ingredients employed in product formulation whether for a consumable product, cosmetic or a self- care product do not pose difficulties in obtaining these ingredients in a Kosher certified form.

In general, Bottling & Packaging takes place either at the point of Extraction or at the point of Product manufacture.

Since these already will each require Kosher certification for your company’s products to be approved as Kosher the bottling process or packaging process will be covered as part of the normative Kosher certification process.

In general, so long as your products are bottled and packaged in a dedicated facility to your products or what you or your third part manufacturer are making is related to Hemp this should be a non-issue both technically and fiscally.

To consult with a Rabbi Please Call: 888-312-3559

The Process of Kosher Certification

The Kosher certification process does not relate to CBD products with any stigma nor politics.

We simply treat Hemp like any other non-psychoactive plant that has many health, healing and pain relieving properties and applications. From a Kosher certification perspective, Hemp is no different than Maca or Ginseng and the process of its Kosher certification is no different.

Essentially, to make a Kosher certified CBD product we need to verify that the equipment has not been used for Non-Kosher production and that all ingredients used conform to Kosher standards. We provide you with a free initial Quote and Analysis, conduct an Initial Inspection to verify that the information provided us to form our Quote is accurate.

We are happy to sign an NDA at any point in the process so you feel comfortable that your company’s information is kept secure.

Once these initial steps are completed we provide a Contract and Invoice and then we issue your company a Kosher certificate and provide you with use of our Federally Trademarked Kosher symbol.

We also provide ongoing and readily available Customer Support to both you, your business clients and the Kosher consumer.

Cost of Kosher Certification

The cost of Kosher certification for your company’s CBD products will depend on a variety of factors most notably: the specific location of your extraction and production facilities and the varieties of products you manufacture and their specific ingredient profiles.

A company for example whose Extraction facility is in rural South Carolina or Nebraska will be more costly to provide kosher certification than relatively proximate to Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, California or Denver, Colorado. Or for Example a company that in its products employs: Flavors, Exotic Oils, Vegetable Glycerin or makes Gummies for example will be more costly to have Kosher certified than a company that is doing pure and simple Hemp Extract.

This because, the inclusion of the former more sensitive ingredients (from a Kosher perspective) requires more inspections to be conducted to insure that the kosher approved suppliers verified at the initiation of the Kosher certification program are still reliably being sourced from.

We do provide a Free Quote and Analysis as to the cost of your company’s Kosher certification and given the unique variables of each CBD company’s situation its best to give us a call so we can assess your specific company’s details and realities.

EarthKosher is enthusiastic and proud to work with the CBD industry and our clients include: Colorado Cultivars, Restorative Botanicals, Follium Biosciences, Elixinol and Hummingbird Botanicals.

We work all over the United States, Canada and for that matter the world. EarthKosher believes in the efficacy and safety of CBD and we want to support the Kosher consumer to have these health giving and pain relieving products available to them in contrast to the side-effect ridden conventional Western choices.

EarthKosher is committed to making the Kosher certification process: affordable, understandable and doable and we are happy to answer any further questions you have about the Kosher certification process or industry.

We believe in helping the efficacy and safety of CBD, which is why we offer CBD kosher certification. Here is what you need to know.