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King Kanine Review

Here’s The Deal:
As CBD gains popularity, more and more people are searching for ways that CBD products can help their dogs. Most people consider their pets family, so wouldn’t you want the best for them too? Pets have an endocannabinoid system like all humans and all mamals too which means your dog can benefit from CBD. In this review, we’ll look at King Kanine’s products in depth. There is one thing that sticks out about King Kanine’s products that you will want to know about, I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s take a look at how King Kanine got started.

When Your Dog is Happy You Are Happy
I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that when your dog has an issue, it effects the entire house. King Kanine’s founder had a Great Dane named Mojo with a massive shedding problem. Their first product, the KING KOMB™ was made from safe, organic, naturally-derived materials to help address the founder’s dog shedding. The KING KOMB™ evolved into a self-cleaning multi-purpose tool. From there, the company has expanded their product offering to help Fido in different ways.

So, What Exactly Am I Giving My Dog?
King Kanine sources their hemp from American farms. They use supercritical CO2 extraction methods to obtain the CBD. Supercritical CO2 is known for being the industry standard. CO2 extraction uses a combination of temperature and pressure to extract the oil from the hemp plant. This is a delicate process; too much heat will destroy essential cannabinoids and terpenes and too little and you’ll lose the benefit of the CBD.

What Are The Ways My Dog Can Take CBD?
King Kanine makes a product called KING KALM™ SMOOTHE, for only $19.99 you can obtain a 4 oz spray that soothes pain, inflammation, and itching due to hot spots or acute moist dermatitis. Not only are hot spots difficult to deal with, but dogs tend to scratch and lick the areas making the problem worse. Not only does the KING KALM™ SMOOTHE contain ingredients that reduce inflammation, but it also reduces the urge to scratch or lick. It’s made of all-natural ingredients like chamomile, colloidal silver, aloe vera, and tee tree oil. Because it’s made with essential oils and natural ingredients, it’s safe if your dog ingests it.

That sounds great, but…

Are there lab results? King Kanine does lab test their products at an ISO 17025 ceritified laboratory. On their website, you can find Full Panel Testing results and certificates of analysis.

The CBD Oil Is Blended Beautifully With…

King Kanine makes a CBD oil that is pharmacist formulated and suspended in artic krill oil. This unique cbd blend is made with broad spectrum oil. One of King Kanine’s signature products, it comes in a child proof jar with a metered syringe, so you know exactly how much you’re giving your dog. Krill oil is a great antioxidant for general pet wellness and can sometimes reduce anxiety and stress in dogs and cats. The krill oil comes from the Antarctic and King Kanine suggests that you consult with your Vet prior to use.

Broad Spectrum, Why Should I Care?
This broad-spectrum product contains cannabinoids and terpenes which can create an entourage effect, the way it does in humans. Krill oil is rich in omega-3s and essential fatty acids which are great for reducing inflammation and work as a catalyst to deliver CBD to the body.

Protecting Our Furry Friends From The Elements

Isn’t taking your dog out in the snow and salt the worst? It involved cleaning up after them, wiping their paws, and making sure the salt isn’t irritating their pads. King Kanine makes a Balm-Dog Paw Balm that is made with natural beeswax, CBD oil, coconut oil, and manuka honey. This product is best used on your dog’s feet, especially when it’s snowy and icy out. Beeswax is key in keeping moisture away from the skin in wet conditions. Coconut oil moisturizes dry paws and manuka honey protects against damage caused by bacteria. This 1.75 oz balm jar is perfect size to directly wipe your dog’s paws on it. It can even be used on horses as well.

Isn’t My Fur Beautiful Darling?
King Kanine also makes pet grooming products like natural dog shampoo and paw cleaners. Are you looking for one stop shopping? You can even buy a deshedding tool and pet brush with King Kanine. The deshedding pet shampoo is Vermont Organic Farmers certified organic. It’s made with only six ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass, and organic aloe vera. This safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic formula is organic to USDA standards. For only $17.99 you can get a 16 oz bottle on King Kanine’s website.

Here’s How To Get Started Helping Your Dog

King Kanine ships orders within 1-2 business days and offers free shipping on all U.S. orders over $75. King Kanine does ship internationally but check with them first if your country is listed. King Kanine has a generous return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund on the purchase price within 30 days. They will either exchange the product or issue a refund (you just pay shipping).

Are you a brand loyal person? King Kanine offers Kanine Kombinations — bundles of products for less than you’d buy them individually. For example, you can purchase a KOMB™ and King Klean Shampoo. You can also get a CBD, Soothe, and Balm combo in different CBD potencies.

Should I Get The Crunch Product?

King Kanine also makes a “Crunch” product. These treats are phytocannabinoid rich cookies. Also made with organic ingredients and formulated by King Kanine’s Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist. King Kalm Crunch comes in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, and Honey Oats flavors. The Apple Cinnamon product is made with organic apple, gluten free stone ground oat flour, cinnamon, turmeric, and black peppercorn. Each cookie is slowly baked at a low temperature and then dehydrated to maintain nutritional value and dogs love them! So spoil your dog with crunch!

The Attention To Detail Here Surprised Us
So what’s the one thing that sticks out about King Kanine’s products? How well designed they are. The box that the CBD oil comes in details everything about the product including how to use it, what’s in it, and how the products are made. In addition, they put a sticker with the QR code with the certificate of analysis on the back. No more scrolling through footnotes of company websites to find and interpret these results. You can do it right from your smart phone.

Check out King Kanine’s products for your pup here –>

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Are King Kanine CBD products worth it? Find out in this updated 2021 review. See if their products will help your dog. Also get a 2021 coupon code.

King Kalm CBD Review

King Kalm CBD Review

The goal of our King Kalm CBD Review is to help our readers make more thought-out and informed purchasing decisions. To accomplish this, we provide detailed accounts of our experience with the product, as well as insights about the product and company based on our experience and knowledge.

As pet owners, we want nothing but the best for our furry companions – especially when it involves something that could improve their health and wellness – like CBD, for example.

With so many different CBD products out there, and the likelihood that most pet owners aren’t veterinarians who understand how CBD interacts with an animal’s body, which should we choose for our pets?

King Kanine—the leading pet care brand behind globally-recognized products like the King Komb De-Shedding Tool and King Clean Natural Shampoos—seeks to answer this question with their pharmacist-approved CBD line, King Kalm CBD.

As the proud father of two pugs and a dachshund, the company’s track record interested me…

With such an impressive reputation and years of experience in the pet care industry, how could King Kalm CBD be anything else but amazing?

Find out if King Kanine hit another home run with its CBD line in our in-depth King Kalm CBD Review!


In our reviewal package, King Kanine sent us two 30ml bottles of King Kalm CBD with 300mg of CBD in each.

After a brief glance at the box, one of the first things I noticed was: “Made with High Omega-3 Arctic Krill Oil.”

If you’ve never heard of Krill Oil or Omega-3’s before, you’re going to be stoked to learn about its health benefits for your pet.

Packed with antioxidants and medicinal properties, Omega-3s promote a wide range of health benefits for our pets including: nourishing the skin and coat, providing joint comfort, supporting a healthy immune response, and improving our pets response to natural stressors.

Combined with 300mg of organic CBD independently-tested by Envio Labs, King Kalm delivers a premium blend rich with nutrients and quality ingredients.

Now, this is the first time I’ve come across a CBD oil for pets that contains Omega-3’s, and this is probably because it’s not exactly a cheap ingredient…

To me, this shows a lot about King Kanine’s dedication to quality and creating a product that will improve our pet’s health.

Based on the quality of the ingredients alone, you can gauge the quality of the product, which is supported by the oil’s rich coloring, consistent texture, distinct fishy aroma.

Now, let’s see how the pups like it.

Usage Experience

At first, I thought maybe the dogs would be deterred by the fishy aroma, but after letting them take a good whiff, I realized I was wrong.

Now, just to clarify—my dogs definitely get excited over any kind of treat, but they are very particular about what they eat, and if they don’t like something, they’ll spit it out.

After administering a 1ml dosage into a spoon using the syringe that came in the box (which was super helpful by the way), I offered the oil to one of the dogs, but they all hounded onto the spoon. Before I knew it, it was gone.

Looks like they definitely enjoyed the flavor…

For dinner, I administered a 1ml dosage into each of their bowls as a mix-in to see how they liked it. Sometimes, they don’t eat all their food for whatever reason, but this time, they ate every pebble. So flavor looks like it was a winner with them.

As far as benefits and their usage experience, I can’t exactly speak for them, but I did definitely notice that all the dogs were very lively, happy and playful. Flynn, my dachshund, who is usually very nervous and jumpy, was noticeably calmer.

I can’t exactly see the long term benefits over the course of a few days, but I’m definitely planning on continuing their dosages based on what I’ve experienced and what I know about the benefits of CBD and Omega-3s.

Now let’s see how affordable the latest addition to my dogs health regiment will cost.

Price vs Value

King Kalm CBD is sold on their website in three options for the following prices:

  • 75mg – $39.99
  • 150mg – $59.99
  • 300mg – $89.99

At first glance, King Kalm CBD is certainly priced higher than other CBD oils for pets, which typically range from $30 to $75 for those same CBD concentrations.

Even though it’s a little steep, I think King Kalm definitely delivers more value than the other CBD oil for pets I’ve tried, and that its ingredients put it on an entirely different level than other pet oils.

The reason King Kalm is priced higher is due to its premium Omega-3 Krill Oil Blend, which only makes sense. Better quality and better ingredients cost more.

Company Background


After thoroughly assessing King Kalm CBD, I can definitely say I’m impressed with the product.

Because of King Kanine’s experience and background in the industry, I set the bar high for King Kalm CBD, and it didn’t disappoint me whatsoever.

While the price of King Kalm CBD is certainly higher than other options, its premium omega-3 enhanced blend delivers immense value and benefits that are unmatched by any other product. If you want the best for your pet, King Kalm CBD is, without a doubt, one of the best options out there.

If you’re interested in ordering King Kalm CBD, we highly recommend it. To save some money off the price, we scored an awesome 15% off discount for CBD Origin readers. Head over to and use code CBDORIGIN to save 15% off your order!

Thanks for reading our review! If you have any questions or comments, or ff you’ve had an experience with King Kalm or other King Kanine products, engage with us in the comments below!

From globally-recognized King Kanine – King Kalm blends CBD with rich Omega-3s. Learn about our experience in our King Kalm CBD Review!