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fantastic products!

Love the Mend cream but the website…

Love the Mend cream but the website sucks!! Every time I use it I get message that my order expired and prompts me to start over again, luckily the email comes in that my order was complete (paid for) so I don’t purchase twice. Always seem to take away the special the second time as well. The website needs work!! Love the iso-sport mend it is great.

Still waiting.

I ordered capsules on the 5th of January and I am still waiting for my order to be processed 20 days later

I wanted to order the Jamaican coffee…

I wanted to order the Jamaican coffee but it didn’t let me.



Love these products


Hello, I have not received my order. It has been over a month I think. Please respond. My account has already been charged. Thank you

When I placed my order it said buy two…

When I placed my order it said buy two get one free. When my order arrived I only got two. I called Isodiol and they explained that when load to your shopping cart you have to load 3 to get credit for the free one. I only did two. but none the less they sent the third one right away. Thanks for fixing my mistake.

Great team and service

Great team and service . Love the CBD oils and product line up !

Great team and staff if you need clean…

Great team and staff if you need clean meds that are lab tested and always on point!

This company is a scam

This company is a scam, I’m sure so are the products. Ran off on Millions of dollars of shareholder money..

Invested in this company

Invested in this company. Run by greedy little man who stole shareholders money to line their own pockets. Looks like they wrote their own reviews. Product probably water.

Great product and fast delivery !!

Love the cream!

Love the cream!! Works great on inflamed and agitated muscles!

It was unfortunate you were out of Body…

It was unfortunate you were out of Body Balm and there for my order didnt reach $99. I had to pay shipping.

The best coffee

The best! This coffee is so delicious.

I use Isodiol CBD tincture for aches…

I use Isodiol CBD tincture for aches and pains; sometimes in my hip and sometimes in my hands. I have also discovered that I sleep better if I take a few drops and hour or so before bed. I trust the quality of the products from Isodiol and have suggested them to my friends.

Awesome products Black Friday deal?

Awesome products.. like to fill up looking forward for thanksgiving / black friday deals are they coming?

This it the site

The products are excellent quality. The coffee is so yum!

I love the coffee

I love the coffee! It tastes good while providing me with the CBD that helps me

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Isodiol Review

  • Isodiol Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Isodiol Brand with three stars because it qualifies for the Quality, Mission & Innovation Badges.

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Isodiol: 60-Second Summary

Meet the international CBD juggernaut with multiple brands, divisions, and offices all over the world. You may have seen their products under such popular names as CBD Xtreme and Pot-O-Coffee. Isodiol certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to scaling CBD production, but we’re justifiably uneasy about a few things. A void of any test results or any charitable endeavors for such a globalized and profitable business is highly concerning.

** Review Update 4/8/2019

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Isodiol Brand Review

Isodiol is a global CBD giant with multiple divisions and a large family of brands. They tout themselves as an international leader in CBD-based pharmaceuticals and consumer products, and their numbers don’t lie. The company has many divisions, including pharmaceutical laboratories and is actively expanding their operations and influence.

Investigating Isodiol is kind of like doing battle with a hydra — when you think you’ve found something solid, another head pops out. There’s confusion here that makes us uncomfortable. For example, they claim to source EU organic hemp to procure their proprietary ISO99™CBD isolate, a compound that also includes turmeric powder. But plenty of their CBD products do not clearly state whether they contain isolate or full spectrum oil. ISO99™ is the main ingredient in many offerings, but one of their tinctures is labelled as multi-spectrum CBD. Where was this CBD oil sourced?

Isodiol acquired 51% of an organic hemp cultivation company in Nevada in 2018, so perhaps this is where they get some of their full spectrum varieties. Still, the lack of disclosure is unsettling.

Furthermore, Isodiol currently has the ability to legally source, cultivate, and/or manufacture hemp in North America, Europe, and Asia. There’s been a lot of buzz lately about CBD companies sourcing cheap, dirty hemp from China full of contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. While this might not be the case with Isodiol, they provide zero test results to ease our minds. Considering their global reach, it’s hard to recommend them without these.

The Isodiol family of brands is massive and includes Rapid CBD, CBD Xtreme, Bradley’s, NanoBoost, CannaCeuticals, Aquivita, IsoDerm, Iso-Sport, and Pot-O-Coffee. Under these brands, the company offers the following:

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Capsules
  • Water-Soluble CBD
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Oral Sprays
  • CBD Beverages
  • CBD Edibles
  • And more…

It’s difficult to speak to the integrity of Isodiol products overall because there isn’t an overarching commitment to natural ingredients, organic sourcing, etc. The Bradley’s line of tasty CBD tinctures is totally clean, with no PG and all-natural flavors. But the CBD Xtreme brand of energy drinks, gummies, alkaline water, and e-liquids is teeming with PG and artificial flavors and colors.

We are not fans of the CannaCeutical topical line either, where we found phenoxyethanol, PEG, polysorbate, and steareth-20 in the products. Although we encounter these nasty ingredients a lot, there are plenty of CBD vendors out there sticking to the natural stuff. Isodiol is not one of them.

Bottom Line – This globalized conglomerate is definitely raking in the profits, but corners are being cut. Full spectrum and isolate products are often not clearly labelled and sourcing isn’t 100% clear. We urge Isodiol to not only conduct but publish independent lab results for their family of brands to ensure the public that they are indeed safe.

This Isodiol Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this first before you buy Isodiol CBD Products.