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CBD Oil in Illinois

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CBD was first discovered in Illinois. The discovery was made in 1940 by Roger Adams. The state has sought to maintain its pioneering ways where CBD and marijuana are concerned.

Today, this is one of the states where recreational marijuana is legal. The law, as of January 2020, allows people to smoke recreational cannabis as long as they don’t do it in public spaces.

Medical marijuana, of which CBD is a central component, is usually freely traded anywhere recreational marijuana is legal. Keep reading to find out more about CBD in Illinois.

Is CBD Oil legal in Illinois?

According to Illinois CBD laws, the simple answer to this question is yes. CBD is legal in Illinois. The law in Illinois is one of the most considerate rules for the user in the United States.

While the state can be commended for its marijuana laws, the situation has not always been as it is. The first recorded law on marijuana use in the state was the 1931 prohibition of marijuana use in the state.

In 1978, the state senate passed a law known as the Cannabis Control Act, which legalized medical marijuana. This approach was quite progressive, and Illinois was among the first states to take this step.

Although medical marijuana was technically legal, recreational cannabis remained entirely illegal. This meant that the government needed to put in place rules that would govern the use of marijuana in the state. These rules were not formulated and, therefore, medical marijuana though technically legal, remained unused.

This state of affairs changed in 2013 when the state legislature passed the first operational legislation on medical marijuana. A user can access medical marijuana from any of the state-sanctioned marijuana clinics across the state.

While all these bills were being passed, there was no law legalizing the growth of industrial hemp. The Illinois Industrial Hemp Act of 2018 remedied that situation. The law allows a person who needs medical marijuana, including CBD but is far from a clinic to grow their industrial hemp and then get their CBD from there.

By law, all CBD used in Illinois must be grown in the state. The state government licenses hemp farms from which the CBD and other medical marijuana products on sale in the state are processed.

How to Get CBD Oil in Illinois

Until recently, how one got CBD depended on the type of CBD oil they wanted to buy. If the product you want was extracted from hemp that has 0.3% THC, you could get it over the counter without needing consent from anyone.

Initially, it was necessary to get a medical marijuana card endorsed by a doctor if you wanted to buy CBD oil with high THC content. This was necessary because the law at the federal level doesn’t allow the growth of industrial hemp with more than 0.3% THC.

This situation changed in Illinois soon after Governor Pritzker, who is a prominent pro-legalization advocate, was elected into office. In June 2019, supported by an agreeable state legislature, the government legalized marijuana with any level of THC for recreational use.

There are two restrictions to the use of recreational marijuana; you have to be at least 21 to buy it, and you can’t smoke or vape it in public. ‘Public’ doesn’t only mean the streets; it also means bars, clubs, and other entertainment joints.

You can, however, use other formulations of THC dominant marijuana such as edibles , capsules , and oils in public. These formulations are allowed because they don’t cause a third-hand intake of THC weed.

The law legalizing the use of recreational marijuana took effect on 1 st January 2020. These new regulations automatically made it unnecessary for anyone who is over 21 to carry medical marijuana cards if their health needs are for high THC products.

The illegality of smoking and vaping any product with more than 0.3% THC in public remains even in the case of medical marijuana. You can only use these two intake methods privately.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Illinois

You can also buy CBD oil online. This may be the most convenient way to get your CBD. The online purchase gives you access to a wide variety of products from which to choose. There are many manufacturers of excellent reputation whose products you can access online.

There are two critical challenges with online shopping; one of them is that there is such a wide variety of products that an inexperienced buyer may get confused as they choose. The other possible challenge is the difficulty in determining the quality of the products.

When buying online, you should only buy from reputable vendors. Such vendors usually get their products tested by reliable third-party labs that display the contents of their products for customers to see. This way, you get to see what you will be taking into your body.

Another important consideration when choosing an online vendor is the efficiency of their shipping system. If you find multiple customers complain about an inefficient shipping system, you are probably better off choosing another vendor to avoid disappointment.

Our recommendation for a CBD vendor that can satisfy all of mentioned requirements is Sabaidee CBD – a brand with public lab tests, and an excellent shipping and return service, not to mention their always-on-top products coming with various strengths and flavors.

This article will explain everything about CBD oil in Illinois: its legal status, where and how to buy CBD in Illinois, and 2020 updated news about it.

CBD Oil Illinois: Is It Legal And Where To Buy [2021 Update]

Until recently, getting CBD in Illinois highly depended on the type of CBD oil one wanted to buy. You could only get CBD over the counter if the product were extracted from hemp with less than 0.3% THC. Before, you needed a medical cannabis card from your doctor if you needed to buy CBD oil with any THC.

Things changed in the Land of Lincoln soon after a prominent pro-legalization advocate, Governor Pritzker, got elected into office supported by the state legislature in June 2019. They legalized marijuana for recreational use. Illinois officially became the 11 th state to allow the use of marijuana by adults in January 2020. Though you are required to be over 21 years to obtain recreational marijuana and avoid smoking or vaping in public, this made cannabis easily accessible to the residents of Illinois. It was also in this state that Roger Adams discovered CBD in 1940. However, this still said nothing about the legal status of CBD in this Prairie State.

Is CBD oil Legal in Illinois?

Yes. CBD oil is legal in the Land of Lincoln. Considering that medical cannabis has been legal in this state since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed and the General Assembly of the state passed the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Pilot Program Act back in 2013. They have since taken approaches to legalize hemp and hemp-derived products, including making CBD legal.

However, it wasn’t until recently when the restriction on the cultivation of industrial hemp for research purposes was lifted. The state passed the Industrial Hemp Act, SB 2298, in August 2018, which allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp for commercial purposes. This made the CBD market expand in the state.

This resulted in the implementation of the medical marijuana program under the Bill, which made Illinois the 20 th state to legalize CBD. Hence, CBD oil or CBD products with no more than 0.3% THC are allowed in this state.

However, there is a catch! While the state allows possession of marijuana in small unquantified amounts, CBD with THC that exceeds 0.3% is considered illegal. Like many states, Illinois considered revising their approach to hemp and hemp-derived products after the 2018 Farm Bill became law. THC is what is believed to cause a superficial high associated with cannabis products.

A set of rules were adopted in early 2019 by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to outline the legality of hemp-derived CBD oil, including CBD products derived from hemp. Under the adopted rules, the sale and transfer of hemp products should comply with the federal and state definition of what is legal within and outside of the state.

The state also issued a list of illnesses that would qualify patients to use CBD in Illinois, including:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Diabetic complications
  • Infection
  • Inflammatory bowel syndrome
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Psychosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Huntington’s disease

This was after the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence of WHO released a study in 2017 that found that CBD products could benefit patients diagnosed with these conditions with no effects indicating that they could potentially become addicted or dependent on it.

Illinois also allows state universities to cultivate and research industrial hemp. However, all CBD products used in Illinois should be grown in the state, by law. Hence, hemp farmers need to acquire a license from the government in order to cultivate hemp legally.

Hemp cultivation licenses are considered valid for up to three years after the date it was issued. You are ineligible for a cultivation license if you have a prior felony to a controlled substance ten years before your application.

Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Illinois Online?

Buying CBD oil online is the most convenient way to get CBD in Illinois. Purchasing CBD products online gives you access to a wide variety of brands and products. Without leaving the comfort of your own home, you can roam the CBD world online until you come across the product that will best suit your needs.

Shopping online makes it easy for you to check out the companies selling CBD oils in regards to their quality as well as their capability to comfortably deliver the product to your address and making sure you’re getting value for your money.

You can check product quality by checking third-party lab testing results. If the company is transparent on their products, they will have no problem availing their lab results for you to check the extraction methods as well as the sourcing practices. For CBD in Illinois to be legal, the oil must be derived from industrial hemp and has less than 0.3% THC.

You will also get an array of good CBD deals online, sourced from organic hemp and with the required THC level. On a good day, you can obtain good quality CBD oil at a low price thanks to a discount or offer made by the brand. You will also be exposed to online reviews that allow you to see how other people have reacted to the CBD oil or felt about the product you want to buy. Online reviews help you avoid unnecessary disappointments.

You may have no idea where CBD is legal in Illinois. We look at whether CBD Oil Illinois is legal in relation to the hemp act of the state 2021