how to dab cbd isolate

How to Dab CBD Concentrates

Thursday October 1, 2020

W hether your preference leans towards sativa, hybrid, or indica concentrates, there’s plenty of options to choose from when going for a nice, heady dab. When you’re looking for a potent deep high that comes on as fast and efficient as a Japanese bullet train, there is no better method of cannabis consumption out there.

But what if you’re not looking to get high? What if you’re looking to dab some CBD instead?

Dabbing CBD vs Eating CBD

Most cannabinoid consumers, and American consumers in general, are aware of CBD as a popular edible supplement. Walk the aisles of many health food stores, dispensaries – even some pharmacies – and you’ll find it for sale either in a pill or tincture form. These are derived from either CBD oil or isolate, and work great once they’re swallowed. Ingesting CBD is an effective way to experience its numerous health benefits, though it certainly isn’t the fastest.

Before the pain relief, stress relief, or anti-inflammatory effects can be felt, the cannabinoid has to take a long trip all the way to the small intestine, where it’s absorbed and delivered to the liver. From there, the liver has to break the cannabinoid down before releasing it into the bloodstream, where it can then attach to the body’s cannabinoid receptors. While the edible method can offer relief over longer periods of time, it offers little in the way of immediate relief.

As most consumers are aware, the lungs are the fastest avenue to the bloodstream when it comes to molecules like cannabinoids. This is why many consumers turn to CBD vapes for quicker onset, just as they do with THC. However, also like THC, anyone who has tried both a dab and a vape will tell you: vapes can come close (sometimes very close) to replicating the dab experience, but seem to never quite get there. Thus, for medical patients, or anyone seeking a quicker onset in higher doses, dabbing CBD is the best answer.

The good news is that dabbing CBD doesn’t require much (if any) new equipment for those already familiar with concentrates. A dab rig or wax pen will vaporize CBD concentrate the same way as with THC concentrate, and should require no need for additional equipment.

Different Types of CBD Concentrate

Below are some tips on what forms of CBD are best for dabbing, and how to dab each one.

CBD Oil and Tinctures

You can’t dab CBD oils or tinctures. It’s not effective at all and you’re just going to end up trying to scrape burnt coconut, olive, or some other oil off your dab nail. This can get confusing, as some CBD oil meant for edible consumption is labeled as “CBD extract,” which is also the term used for some CBD distillate and full-spectrum CBD extract preparations like sauce.

Be assured, what you’re dabbing should have nothing in it but cannabinoids and terpenes. If there’s anything else in there, that preparation should not be dabbed, and could lead to more serious health issues. Figured we should get that out of the way first.

CBD Extract/Distillate

This is similar to what you’ll find in a CBD vape pen, this term can cover a range of sauce-like CBD preparations. Much like viscous THC extracts, there are various methods of extraction, refinement and removal of impurities (such as plant matter and lipids, etc.). Winterizing and distillation are the most popular methods of creating these extracts, and some have terpenes re-introduced after refinement. Be careful to distinguish that what you have bought is explicitly made for dabbing. These extracts can be dabbed on a nail or in a pen similar to wax/shatter, which we cover more below.

CBD Wax/Shatter

Just like with THC concentrates, get your dab rig, your butane torch, your dab tool, your q-tips, and your CBD concentrate all set up and ready before you begin. As when dabbing THC, hit that nail with the torch for about twenty seconds until it’s glowing red. You’re aiming for a temperature of roughly 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, let it sit for around 60 seconds before touching your loaded dab tool to the nail. Of course, temperatures will vary based on the thickness of the dab nail and the materials it’s made from. Rotate the dab tool around the rim of the nail in order not to waste any remaining concentrate. Then, cover the carb with a carb cap and keep inhaling. This helps to regulate the air flow.

CBD begins to activate at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher than THC (

10 variation for Celsius). However, when dabbing CBD concentrate there is ideally little to no THC present, so this bit of scientific information might be moot aside from making sure that the temperature gets at least above 320 degrees Fahrenheit (140 Celsius), the point at which CBD starts to vaporize. However, most CBD waxes and shatters will be full-spectrum, thus adding a little more complexity to the dabbing equation.

If you’re dabbing some quality, full-spectrum CBD concentrate and want the full flavor profile, you’ll want to keep the dab at a lower temperature like 320-350 degrees Fahrenheit (160-177 degrees Celsius).

This gives you a smoother smoking experience, and vaporizes all those tasty and beneficial terpenes along with the CBD to create a full entourage effect. If you’re particular about flavors and effects, it might be wise to invest in an e-nail or a laser thermometer to ensure the temperature is exactly right.

If you’re looking for a big, billowing cloud that goes right to your dome and don’t care about the terpenes that come along for the ride, you can dab anywhere from 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit (177-205 degrees Celsius.) Dabbing above 400 degrees can result in fully combusting the dab, creating unwanted harsh compounds that may be detrimental. Just as with dabbing THC, be sure to clean out your nail after using it to prevent build up. Once the nail’s cooled down, rub the inside of it with a q-tip to clean off all the residue. You can even dip the q-tip in isopropyl alcohol to make it easier.

CBD Isolate Powder/Slab

While you’re much better off buying a CBD concentrate such as wax or shatter due to the full-spectrum benefits, you can certainly dab with either CBD isolate powder or CBD slab. Either will provide a mega-hit of CBD on their own, and also make a great addition to other concentrates if you’re looking to balance out some THC product.

Due to its consistency, isolate power can be a bit harder to manipulate with a traditional dab tool, so it is often suggested to use either a bucket insert on your dab rig or donut coil on your wax pen to contain it before dabbing. Regardless of how you administer the CBD to the heating element, be aware that powder is harder to manipulate. Aside from a narrower effect profile and consistency, the main difference you’ll notice with dabbing isolate and slab versus other CBD extracts is taste.

CBD slab is often the better option for dabbing of the two, since the slab is much easier to manipulate, and less messy than trying to sprinkle isolate into one place. Just pull off a piece of and put it onto the coil of your pen or hit it with the nail in your rig and inhale.

CBD isolate tends to have a flavor a bit like cherry cough syrup.

As mentioned above, since you don’t have to worry about losing terpenes to higher temperatures, you don’t need to be nearly as exact in your temperature range, and can go up to 400 degrees if that’s your preference. Any higher than that and you’re risking a harsher smoking experience.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, you’ll be able to expand your dab repertoire and enjoy a quick and potent hit of CBD to cure whatever ails you. Overall, dabbing CBD is not too different from dabbing THC concentrates, but has some minor quirks to be aware of.

Do you enjoy dabbing CBD? Drop your impressions in the comments below.

CBD is commonly found in an edible or tincture form, which can offer relief over longer periods of time, however, it offers little in the way of immediate relief. Thus, for medical patients, or anyone seeking a quicker onset in higher doses, dabbing CBD is the way to go.

What are the best ways to use CBD Isolate/Crystalline?

Aug 16, 2018 · 8 min read

What are the best ways to use CBD isolate/Crystalline ?

CBD Isolate or Crystalline is the purest form of CBD possible, it is a Fine Sugar like powder Containing 99% Pure CBD (cannabidiol). This CBD Isolate contains only the CBD compound which allows it to be used in its most concentrated form. This may lead you to think it is synthetic or created in a lab, NO!

If you have never considered using CBD isolate before, then you probably have a few questions. What is CBD, What is CBD isolate? Most importantly what are the benefits that can be associated.

Let’s see h ow CBD isolate is made and how you can use them in your daily life.

More information can be found at

CBD isolate is an all-natural Cannabinoid supplement made from the process of isolating the CBD out of full spectrum oil. This crystalline is then used in almost all the CBD products on the market today because full spectrum hemp oil usually contains trace elements of other plant materials, the process of isolating the CBD into crystal form. In turn removes the remaining oils, wax, chlorophyll and other plant materials, until you are left with CBD Crystalline refined to the highest level of purity.

As a natural herb,

Hemp (All Cannabis plants containing less the 0.3% THC) and Cannabis can produce more then 100 different compounds known as cannabinoids, CBD isolate is one of those compounds.

In most cases it is harvested from hemp plants that contain a naturally high level of CBD with a lower level of THC. The CBD rich Hemp extract is then heated, cooled and separated repeatedly, Usually through a process of C02 Extraction. After the final cycle of extraction it is placed in a cool dark area and with the help of a vacuum pump and/or oven removing any remaining contaminants. Using the process of evaporation, the crystals begins to appear and are only left with 99% pure CBD crystalline. The filtering process also removes any trace elements of THC, leaving a CBD supplement that is ideal for anyone trying to completely avoid the psychoactive compound.

Here Is A Great Video Explaining How CBD Crystalline is Made:

By the wonderful people at Endoca

What are the benefits and effects of CBD crystalline?

There are countless ways you can use CBD crystalline. It can be added to your favorite lotion, create tinctures with the carrier oil and concentration you desire or add it to a current favorite vape product infusing them with a powerful boost of CBD. Other ways to consume the CBD isolate, would be Eating, Dabbing and Smoking with other products to extend or mellow the effects.

Let’s talk about these options in further detail.

CBD Oil Tinctures.

The most commonly used method on the market to allow for the uptake of cannabinoids into the body is a tincture and ingest-able oils. This option allows you to get a dosage that you know is correct because you measured it out yourself. You would still want to know you are getting your CBD isolate/crystalline from a reputable source, Make sure they have recent lab tests of their products.

How to make the CBD Oil tincture?

You have to acquire the necessary things needed to make a CBD oil tinctures. First something to mix and store it in. Again a high fat carrier oil such as coconut oil, (MCT) olive oil and grape seed oil.

Apply low heat and mix products together until combined. pour into a bottle store in a cool, dry and dark place. This is a basic list of examples that may be used there are many more on the internet.

How would one get a standard dose you may ask? It is relativity easy to achieve, after choosing an oil you must then mix it in equal parts. Since we know that one gram of CBD isolate is equal to 1000mg of CBD, if you then use 30 ml of liquid with 1 gram of crystalline you will be able to achieve a dosage of 33mg per 1ml of liquid.

You can then start with a low dose such as a 1/8th of a dropper directly under the tough.

Record the effects and results and from there you can move up to a dose that works best for you. This is by far the most cost effective and has to best ease of use. Great for making large batches a time!

Tincture can be incorporated after cooking into many different drinks and meals.

  • Juices
  • Ice Creams And Non-Dairy Products
  • Soups
  • Gelatin
  • Soya Sauce
  • Salad Dressings
  • Mist onto Candies

CBD isolate: Dabbing/Vaping/E-liquids

CBD isolate is by far the most versatile CBD product on the market because it can be smoked, dabbed, ingested or applied topically. The oils you would find in tinctures cannot be smoked/dabbed due to the high fat content of the oils that most companies use as their base. If you’re looking for one of the most effective way to use CBD isolate, this is the solution.

You can Dab it with the use of a concentrate vaporizer, oil rig or by placing it on top of plant material inside a smoking device. it is also possible to create your own vape juices allowing you to continue to use the flavors you already love. this can be achieved by adding the isolate to your selected vape juice and warming it slightly while mixing multiple times throughout the process this will allow for the CBD isolate to become suspended in the liquid. (check out video below for more details).

What are the pros and cons of dabbing isolate?

Dabbing is by far the quickest way to get CBD into your body, while also limiting the amount of plant matter being introduced into the lungs. The first thing you may notice when you first inhale the CBD isolate vapor, is a over all sense of calm. Since when you dab Isolate it is directly introduced in to your bloodstream bypassing the liver, you can also experience coughing and feeling of light headedness.

The best things that can be said about this method is that you are able to find the right dosage, this is because you can immediately feel the effects and adjust accordingly.

Now this may sound great and it is.. but there can be draw backs to this method, First off the is the suspicious looking nature and hard to work material especially for people, new to dabbing. If you have dabbed in the past then this is by far the best way to get cannabinoids into your body, for first time users you can expect a learning curve and a additional costs for a Vape Pen or Dab Rig but with practice you can be a pro before you know it!


CBD crystalline: Skin Care

One of the least talked about ways to use cannabinoids to your own benefit is topicals as they are by far the best way to localize CBD to a specific point. That is without the use of suppositories but that is for a much different article. The best thing about CBD as a topical is you can give your existing lotions and creams a boost of CBD simply by mixing the Crystalline in to your favorite one. That way you have a cream you love with the power of CBD.

It is also possible to mix CBD Isolate with any high fat carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter. which can then be applied to anywhere on the skin. CBD has a powerful blend of antioxidants to improve skin conditions. Recent studies show that CBD can help with many common painful and irritating skin problems.

A thing that could be seen as a draw back of hand-made skincare products, is when applying to an open wound, there is a risk for infection. Always store in Dark, Dry and Cool environment!

CBD Isolate for Edibles.

You can dissolve CBD isolate into high fat ingredients like Coconut oil, vegetable oil and butter (Brownies anyone?). You want to set your stove to the lowest setting and start melting your oils or butter into the pan. Add the amount of crystalline you desire and stir slowly until it all dissolves. Simmer for around 4 minutes. The less heat, the better, just enough to melt into itself. Now that you have the base oils or butter you can now add this to a dish or any baked good. ​

The biggest thing to watch for when cooking with CBD is that the heat does not exceed more the 160–180 Celsius (about 320 Fahrenheit) or you risk boiling off the CBD, losing some effectiveness. When baking this is the internal temperature so most cookies, brownies or treats we make for the fur babies in our life, will still be effective.

Low and slow is always the key here! No Wok cooking or high heat such as stir fry. You can always drizzle it on after the cooking process has completed! Discretion is needed but really the possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind when ingesting CBD isolate in an edible form, every person’s digestive tract and body are different, so the effects can come at a much slower rate because metabolized into the blood stream via our liver. To start it can be a challenge to find the right dosage and approximate serving size for each individual person.

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Pro Tip:

When making your own Tinctures or anything with cannabinoids it is best to first heat the base liquid with only the CBD isolate. Let cool then add flavours, this will ensure all flavors and aromatics from making unwanted changes due to the heat needed to make sure compound mixes correctly. When storing your CBD creation when possible it should be in a amber/black bottle away from heat and direct sunlight. This preserves the cannabinoids from degrading due to ultraviolet light (the sun) or heat.

Is CBD Isolate right for you?

CBD Isolate are an ideal choose for people seeking CBD in its purest form. Most manufactures of products often start with CBD isolate to guarantee the correct CBD potency because of the ease of measurement. Remember that caution is your best friend, until you know how CBD or any other cannabinoids effects you on an individual level.

Be safe, Be Clean and Be healthy!

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CBD Isolate or Crystalline is the purest form of CBD possible, it is a Fine Sugar like powder Containing 99% Pure CBD (cannabidiol). This CBD Isolate contains only the CBD compound which allows it to…