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Highland Pharms Review

Highland Pharms is a well-established and respected CBD company known for its extensive selection of quality products. The majority of these products contain a full-spectrum hemp extract, with various potencies, price points, and application methods.

Highland Pharms

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Highland Pharms Overview

The Company

Since 2015, Highland Pharms has worked hard to make its mark on the CBD world. This company is determined to make safe, plant-based remedies to offer alternative natural solutions.

One of Highland Pharms’ biggest accomplishments came in 2020 with outstanding recognition from CBD Validator. This company created a proprietary and unbiased tool to independently rank CBD oils around the world. Based on their ranking criteria, Highland Pharms Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops (15,000mg) was ranked 8th out of 1,776 CBD oil products. Pretty remarkable!

Product Sourcing

The company sources high-quality, non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado. These farms utilize sustainable and organic agricultural practices to produce happy, healthy plants.

Additionally, the company applies a supercritical CO2 method to extract CBD oil from its hemp plants. This technique is one of the best possible options because it doesn’t degrade the hemp’s cannabinoids or terpenes.

Finally, the company posts the cannabinoid profile of every product on its website. But, it doesn’t pay to test pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents. Also, we noted a few instances of expired lab reports. Hopefully, this is an area the company improves upon in the future.

Brand Product Line

Most of Highland Pharms products are full-spectrum to include all the benefits that the ‘whole plant’ may offer. With that said, it does have a few broad-spectrum and CBD isolates to cater to consumers looking for THC-free options.

The company’s extensive product line includes CBD oil drops, gummies, capsules, CBD for pets, topicals, and vape oils. It also sells more novelty items like bath bombs, waxes, concentrates, terpene drops, and superfoods.

What Are Customers Saying?

When reading customer reviews for products like the FX CBD Vape Oil (i.e. Chill & Think) and the FX Terpene drops, many people say it’s the best vape oil or terpene blend they’ve ever tried.

Also, several repeat customers who’ve purchased different Highland Pharms products say they’re consistently getting the same great quality they’ve come to expect and rely on.

It appears that the numbers don’t lie. Or in this case, it’s the sheer volume of 5-star reviews that paint a nice picture!

Table of Contents
  • Highland Pharms Pros & Cons
  • Highland Pharms: All About the Company
  • Highland Pharms Product Summary
  • Highland Pharms CBD Products
  • Highland Pharms: A popular CBD brand with an innovative & substantial product selection

Highland Pharms Pros & Cons

Highland Pharms: All About the Company

Highland Pharms launched its CBD business during 2015 from the Highland Lakes region of Texas. This is where part one of its name originated from. Co-founders, Eliot Harris, and Luke Johnston decided the second part of the name should be “Pharms.” It’s a mash-up of the words pharmacy and farms – because they believe in the power of plants as natural remedies.

One year after its inception, Luke Johnston lost his life battling cancer. Luke “believed in the power of CBD and worked hard to let everyone he came in contact with know about its amazing properties.” The company honors Luke and his belief in the abilities of CBD by focusing on high-quality products at various strengths to appeal to a wide range of customers and their diverse needs.

Furthermore, Highland Pharms believes in conserving and sustaining the planet’s resources, so it uses earth-friendly biodegradable shipping materials. And the company is continually looking for ways to innovate its CBD products while also providing a selection of other botanical, superfood options.

Highland Pharms review! The brand is recognized by industry watchdog, CBD Validator. Learn more about their amazing lineup of CBD products.

Highland Pharms Review

You’ve probably heard of CBD oil, and if you haven’t tried it, you’ve also probably heard of a number of companies selling it.

It’s what’s hot right now in the natural health industry because it claims to be able to alleviate issues around depression, anxiety, and even physical pain.

The legalization of cannabis in a number of states lately has led to a surge in demand for a product like this, which is why lots of businesses are popping up, hoping to snag their share of the market.

However, you can’t trust them all. Let’s give one company a review.

Highland Pharms Review

  • Extensive product range
  • No lab tests
  • There’s better products on the market
  • Lack of product information

Highland Pharms: The Details

Highland Pharms is like many other CBD oil companies out there. If we were to get specific, we would say it’s like Real Scientific Hemp Oil or RSHO.

This is because Highland Pharms claim to sell some of the purest CBD oil – quite a statement to make. If you’re going to make comments like this, then you need to make sure you can back yourself up.

Unfortunately, this is where Highland Pharms seem to fall short. While their products look great on paper and are the envy of many other CBD oil businesses, they haven’t bothered to put any money or time into verifying that they’re this good.

We couldn’t find any of the necessary safety information or any discussion about the materials used in the manufacturing process. These things are basic features that all CBD oil companies should have.

The reason why we feel so strongly about this is that of the claims that Highland Pharms make regarding their products. They say that their CBD oil is sourced from ‘high-grade hemp plants’ which certainly makes our ears prick up.

We also really appreciate the fact that Highland Pharms has gone to great lengths to explain dosing methods and measurements to the consumer.

However, they don’t set themselves apart when it comes to their safety procedures. We couldn’t find any proof of a Certificate of Analysis on their website, or even a hint of there ever being a lab testing on their products.

You can purchase Highland Pharms products for as low as $35 and as high as $350, so it appears that they’ve got quite an extensive range on offer. As conscious consumers, however, we struggle to get past the complete lack of information on their website.

Highland Pharms Alternatives

Final Thoughts

We can’t even seem to find anything about the people behind this CBD oil company on the ‘about us’ page. It appears that they’ve left a lot to the imagination, and it’s hard to come up with why.

While they do offer an appealing, wide range of products from gummies and tinctures to capsules and concentrates, none of these products are worth their price tag without factual verification of their quality and value.

It’s for these reasons that we have to say you may be better off looking elsewhere for your CBD oil.

If Highland Pharms want to maintain their reputation and bring repeat customers on board, they need to do some more work in the detail department.

It appears that they've left a lot to the imagination, and it's hard to come up with why.