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Our CBD Vape Pens are made with potent, organically grown, broad-spectrum CBD. Available in Socialize, Relax and Balance.

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After a long day, we all some time to de-stress. Try our CBD bath soaks and take your body on a journey in relaxation.


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Joint and Muscle Gel 4oz

“Quickly relieves my muscle pain”

I’ve been using Joint and Muscle Gel for years, love it for apres ski, or after a workout. Recently I introduced it to my dad, who has arthritis in his hands, and he uses it every day. By far the most potent product like this I have tried – quickly relieves any pain or discomfort I have. I also love the roll-on and spray, but I like the gel best, just a personal preference.

-Mark S., Boulder, CO

Try it for yourself!

CBD Tincture – Flow Extra Strength

“Relieved bloating, tastes great, never leaves my purse!”

A girlfriend recommended this to me because she liked this all-natural approach to treating her PMS symptoms. I looked up the ingredients and saw “evening primrose oil” which other brands did not list, I think that makes a big difference with the bloating. The light flavor reminds me of vanilla ice cream with a fresh burst of citrus. I take it during that time of the month, but also take it for a little pick-me-up when I am having a bad day.

-Sasha R., Bloomington, ID

Try it for yourself!

CBD Vape Pen – Socialize

Best broad-spectrum pen out there for my anxiety

I have anxiety and I never leave home without this pen – It has made a huge difference in my daily life. I trust this brand because their hemp is organically grown and non-gmo – something that you can’t say about every brand. Do yourself a favor and try it, I don’t have to think about reordering because I subscribed.

-Rob L., New York, NY

It’s all about the terpenes.

CBD Tincture – Nighttime Medium Strength

I fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night!

Would give this 1000 stars if I could. It actually works (and it tastes really good)! I was skeptical, nothing helps me, I have tried everything. I can’t turn off my mind at night. I take this about 30 minutes before bed and works quickly. I even recommended this to my grandma! She hates taking any kind of pills and she actually takes this every night no problem.

-Steve W., Easton, PA

Start sleeping better.

CBD Bath Soak – Eucalyptus 12oz

My nightly ritual

I am not a fan of fake colorful dyes and harsh scents, I have sensitive skin so I gave this a try. The coconut oil + epsum salt + CBD combo is a DREAM. My skin is so soft, and I sleep extremely well. Bought this in the Nighttime and Mango scents also, love them all.

-Alissa S., Portland, OR

CBD Gummies – Sweet 6 pack

So potent, tastes great!

I trust Hempzilla, been a loyal customer for years because of their quality products and excellent customer service. These gummies work and taste great – what more could I ask for?

-Terrance B., Chicago, IL

CBD + CBG Tincture – Wellness Maximum Strength

My daily remedy

I bought this because I had a cold and was just not feeling 100%, took it daily for a few days and felt better. I love that I can pronounce all the ingredients – everything in it is natural and pure. Love the flavor!

-Sasha T., Trenton, NJ


Hempzilla is continually evolving to bring you the highest quality products and services, and the same goes for our brand. To celebrate our 5th Anniversary, we are shaking things up a bit – a brand new look, exciting new products, and exclusive deals.

At Hempzilla, we are committed to providing you with the highest potency broad-spectrum CBD products on the market – and we have the lab results to prove it. Every step of our extraction and refining processes are designed to maintain the integrity and potency of the hemp flower. From the Rocky Mountain springs that sustain our organically grown hemp, to our proprietary CO2 extraction process that remove heavy metals and impurities, we’re not in the business of cutting corners to cut costs.

Our team of CBD experts is committed to bringing you only the best ingredients. We support the farms committed to organic and sustainable farming practices and enforce strict quality standards because we truly believe CBD changes lives. Experience the Hempzilla difference today.

The proof is in the purity.

  • No Preservatives
  • No Vitamin E Acetate
  • No Isolates
  • No Pesticides
  • No Heavy Metals
  • No Stems
  • No Stalks
  • No Harmful Synthetics
  • No Overseas Manufacturing
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Psychoactive Effects

5+ years of quality and transparency has made us experts in CBD – and one of the most trusted CBD brands in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it, read our clinical lab reports.

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Hempzilla CBD Pods Reviews

Hempzilla CBD pods are commonly called Zillapods. They are Juul Compatible CBD Pods. Hempzilla lets you enjoy your regular dose of CBD on the go. At the same time enjoying some amazing flavors. Zillapods are available in Hemp Natural, Strawberry Gelato and Wild Berry Gelato flavors. These are compatible with your Juul Device.

With Zillapods, you can vape your CBD on the go. Hempzilla CBD pods do NOT contain nicotine. They may be used as smoking cessation devices. Hempzilla CBD Pods are the best products available on the market. That, you are guaranteed. To find out why our customers keep coming back for more of these awesome Juul CBD Pods, check out the reviews and find out about the opinion of other people about Hempzilla CBD pods.

When talking about CBD vape juices, Hempzilla provides the leading brand in the industry with the 6-month no separation guarantee. If you are wondering why Hempzilla CBD vape juices are placed no clear bottles while our competition put their vape juices in a colored bottle, the answer is simple – QUALITY. Our competitors put their vape juices in colored bottles because they want to hide the fact that the CBD separates and floats to the top of their vape juice within two to four weeks.

CBD and Juul

Cannabidiol, or CBD, and Juul, is the best combination ever. In today’s time, vaping CBD pods rules, as it has gained popularity in the CBD market. Juul’s delicious pod flavors indeed have contributed to Juul’s success. However, many people do not know that there are Juul-compatible pods courtesy of third party companies. In other words, you are not just restricted to Juul’s proprietary pods. There are other alternate nicotine salt pods, blanks pods, and now even CBD pods in the CBD market today. And they come in a wide variety for you to choose from.

Mango Tango Hempzilla Pods

Another CBD-based brand with a great online reputation is Hempzilla. The Mango Tango is a favorite of all their flavors. However, experiences may differ among its different users. Furthermore, Hempzilla offers a variety of different flavors to meet the sensitive taste of every individual customer. Hempzilla’s strongest pod contains an impressive 300 mg of CBD. That will give you fast and visible effects in no time. You get a pack of two 300 mg Juul-compatible CBD pods for only $23. This is quite a bargain, considering the quality of the product. It may not be the cheapest on the list, but with the balance between price and quality that it offers, the price is not really that bad. Therefore, if you are a mango fan and want a CBD mango-flavored CBD product, then why not give this particular Hempzilla product a shot.

Strawberry Gelato Hempzilla Pods

This is another pod from Hempzilla that the majority of you are bound to enjoy. Strawberry is one of the top-selling fruity e-liquid flavors, so we’d be amiss not to include this one. The Mango Tango Hempzilla Pod is still my favorite, but the Strawberry Gelato pod is a close second. The naturally buttery flavor of CBD oil blends very nicely with this fruity, gelato flavor. I highly recommend this flavor and this brand in general. Again, $23 for two 300mg CBD pods is a steal, especially considering the extremely high quality that these pods offer. Hempzilla has no shortage of glowing online reviews, so your purchase comes with ease of mind.

Watermelon Ice Hempzilla Pod

Experience the privilege of full-spectrum JUUL compatible CBD pods from Hempzilla in Loop Milk flavor. Hempzilla is known as a leader in the CBD industry. This is because of their ability to keep the formulation of their CBD vape juice the same every time. Likewise, check out their other available flavors, hence, including Hemp, Loop Milk, Mango, Strawberry, and Berry Wild.

Hempzilla’s Natural CBD Pods

Hempzilla’s CBD pods are formulated to be compatible with Juul devices. Hempzilla proprietary blend provides the leading brand in the industry when it comes to CBD vape juices. With their 6-month no separation guarantee. It is packaged with 2Pods Per Pack of 300mg Full Spectrum CBD. Its ingredients are: Proprietary Blend CBD, Natural Flavorings, VG, PG. Non-Psychoactive and has No Nicotine

About Hempzilla CBD Pods

When it comes to CBD vape juices Hempzilla proprietary blend provides the leading brand in the industry with a 6-month no separation guarantee. It’s ingredients: Proprietary Blend CBD, Natural Flavorings, VG, PG.

Hempzilla products are not for use by or sale to any persons under the age of 18. These products should only strictly be used as directed on the label. The must should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. It is recommended that you consult with a physician or a doctor before use if you have a serious medical condition or if you are using prescription medications. And it is also best to seek your doctor’s advice before using these and all supplemental dietary products. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Zilla Pods

Hempzilla’s proprietary blend proves best in flavor and strength when it comes to CBD Juul pods. Zilla Pods come with a 6-month no-separation guarantee. And they are available in six flavors, each Zilla Pod contains 300mg of proprietary hemp-based CBD.


  • 2 Pods per pack
  • 300mg CBD
  • Juul compatible

Product Description:

  • Grown and processed in the USA under the Colorado Department of Agriculture program
  • Non-Psychoactive / No Nicotine
  • Juul Compatible
  • 2Pods Per Pack of 300mg Full Spectrum CBD

Other Hempzilla CBD Juul Products

  • Fruit Loops.
  • Mango Tango.
  • Natural Hemp.
  • Strawberry Gelato.
  • Watermelon Ice.
  • Wild Berry.

To Wind Up

Hempzilla has been finding ways to formulate and develop new recipes for the CBD market. Hence making them one of the top CBD products manufacturers today. Not only does Hempzilla produce CBD products, but they also make sure that the products they deliver are of the best premium quality. Therefore assuring their customers that they get the maximum benefits of Hempzilla’s CBD products.

Hempzilla CBD Pods for Sale Best CBD Pods Review for 2021. Hempzilla CBD Pods, also known as Zillapods, allows you to vape your CBD on the go.