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Thin Mint Cookies

50% Indica – 50% Sativa

Blue Dream

60% Sativa – 40% Indica

Purple Space Cookies

35% Indica – 65% Sativa

Bubble Gum

50% Sativa – 50% Indica

UK Sour Diesel

90% Sativa – 10% Indica


THC Infused Gummies
THC Infused Cheese Cake
THC Infused Hard Candy

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Sticky Zoo Shatter

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Sticky Zoo Resin
High Voltage Extracts 1ml

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CBD/THC Oil 1oz-30ml
CBD Oil 1oz-30ml

1000mg CBD in bottle

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Delivering quickly and with care Your package is in spectacular hands! Menu / Price List Flowers Thin Mint Cookies 50% Indica – 50% Sativa Blue Dream 60% Sativa – 40% Indica

Meet the Owners at East Coast CBDs!

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A Company Committed to Helping its Patients

East Coast CBDs is Maine born, family owned and operated by Dawson and Kellie Julia. Kellie has been working with medical marijuana patients for over five years. Kellie has a unique ability of making first time cannabis users feel comfortable using the plant and is also skilled in helping customers find the strain for their given condition or ailment. Kellie is prone to making personal connections with her patients and enjoys helping in any way she can!

Wheelchair Accessibility

We care deeply for our customers. Several years ago a wheelchair-confined patient came to us to purchase products. We made due with what we could to show this customer our full inventory and deliver products to their vehicle. It was at this moment when we knew this customer wasn’t getting the full experience. Within a few months a ramp was installed and our storefront is now wheelchair accessible! We want everyone to have an equal opportunity when visiting our location.

Privacy Parking and Entry

We have had many professional individuals come to us with concern of their employer finding out of their use of medicinal cannabis and even CBD. While it is a beneficial medicine there is still and unfortunate stigma that’s associated with it. At East Coast CBDs we take our customers privacy seriously. We have a privacy fence for discreet parking along with a private entrance to ensure your visit stays between us. If you prefer even more privacy, we can open early or close late by appointment only. We even offer delivery up to 50 miles and we operate in an unmarked vehicle.

A Strain For Everyone

At East Coast CBDs we specialize in non-psychoactive strains. We offer more CBDs strains than any medical cannabis storefront. We’ve even curated our very own CBD strain just for you. Its called Dr. CBD with laboratory tests reaching from 11% – .5% CBD with a THC ratio 22:1.

Striving to Make a Difference

About MOFGA and MCC

Dawson Julia is the founder of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) Certified Clean Cannabis Program and the MCC (Maine Cannabis Coalition). The MOFGA Certified Clean Cannabis Program (MC3) is a marketing label put in place to ensure your consumers know they’re getting safe and organic products. The Maine Cannabis Coalition is a grassroots task force of dedicated cannabis activists. Our goal is to help support a positive change in the support, awareness and perception of the Maine cannabis industry. With legislation, advocacy and professionalism we strive to make this happen.

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Shop With Us!

Shopping for CBD can be overwhelming with so many options on the market. East Coast CBDs is here to make that process so much easier! We offer you safe, quality products at fair prices and can ship them directly to your doorstep! For CBD product inquiries or more information, visit our CBD shop!

In the News!

As an advocate for medical cannabis in the state, Dawson can often be found educating the community of the current program and its value to its consumers. Stay informed with important updates and what’s happening with cannabis in the state.

CBD Wholesale!

With East Coast CBDs you can confidently trust where your CBD product is coming from. Our high quality products are available whenever you need them. We can ship to you or deliver! Consider becoming a wholesale partner today and keeping your shelves fully stocked!

Fight for a Cause

Activists for Maine caregiver storefronts

Dawson Julia is heavily involved in the science and political side of cannabis. As a proud activist, Dawson supports fighting the corporate cannabis business models. He believes in a legal system that supports the use of cannabis as medicine and the opportunity it brings to Maine’s unique business environment. Ensuring your cannabis is clean is an essential part of the medical and recreation cannabis community and is important to both Dawson and Kellie. Dawson has been a medical marijuana caregiver since 2009.

Here at East Coast CBDs we take great pride in leading industry standards in customer service and quality control. We focus on keeping our prices affordable. Regardless of your budget we’ll work with you to find the best treatment plan to work for you. We want all of our consumers to have a fair shot at feeling their best. We have over 9 years of experience as medical marijuana caregivers and strive to maintain our positive reputation statewide and nationwide.

Using Cannabis as Medicine

At East Coast CBDs we have a passion for medicinal cannabis. When cannabis is used correctly, it can replace addictive prescription drugs. We have had huge success in assisting customers detox off deadly drugs and reduce serious withdrawal symptoms as well as post acute withdrawal symptoms. We are so confident in cannabis as medicine that we have been fighting with the state for several years to add “addiction” to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Maine. In 2017 our original petition lost so we wrote bill (LD411) and fought to have it passed. In 2018 we finally succeeded by eliminating the qualifying condition list, allowing medical cannabis to be recommended by your doctor regardless of the condition.

East Coast CBDs is Maine born, family owned and operated by Dawson and Kellie Julia. Kellie has been working with medical marijuana patients for over five