cbd vape for beginners

5 beginner-friendly disposable CBD vape pens

CBD is all the rage nowadays. What’s not to love about a naturally occurring compound that boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and analgesic properties?

Given its superior reputation, it’s no wonder why so many new kinds of CBD products are cropping up every day. And while each form of CBD offers its own unique benefits, one of the best ways to enjoy CBD is to vaporize. Notably, vaporizing doesn’t rely on combustion, making it a healthier alternative to smoking.

In search of CBD?

Look for it on menus nearby

Telenovela pen by Quill

(Courtesy of Quill)

Check these Oregon menus:

  • Cannabend in Bend
  • Deep Roots Cannabis in Eugene
  • Urban Farmacy in Portland

The key to a good CBD vape? Get as close to the flower as humanly possible. Available in Oregon and Washington, Quill’s line of vape pens are sleek, discreet, and specifically designed for microdosing.

Each Telenova Pen contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC from terpene-rich CO2 extracted cannabis, with absolutely no adulterants or added artificial flavors. Everything is done in small batches and made from single source extracts, with each puff delivering 2mg of cannabis. The elegant design allows for optimal discretion, allowing you to quietly partake in a peaceful toke or two whenever life gets a little too spicy.

Pineapple Express CBD pen by Try The CBD

(Courtesy of Try The CBD)

Available: Online at

Each one of Try The CBD’s pens is pre-filled with 200mg of CBD derived from industrial Colorado-grown hemp. It’s also infused with Pineapple Express terpene flavoring—a blend primarily composed of beta pinene, beta caryophyllene, and limonene terpenes. It’s all infused in MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil, a healthy fat found in coconut oil, and pens are blissfully free of emulsifying agents like propylene glycol (which you should absolutely avoid).

CBD+ pens by Wildflower

(Courtesy of Wildflower)

Available: Online at

The Wildflower CBD+ vaporizer pens are as visually delightful. These pens are a little shorter than most, making them easier to stash away in a pocket, and are adorned with a simple cannabis flower logo. Two varieties are available, each containing 500mg of hemp-based CBD. One is an anti-inflammatory Aches blend designed for pain relief containing essential oils such as lavender and peppermint. The other is an Immunity blend geared towards providing relief from things like inflamed sinuses or the flu that contains eucalyptus, thyme and myrrh.

The bottom lights up when you inhale while the cloud of vapor released furls out in thick, perfumed waves. Each puff is 2mg, tastes great, and will brighten up your day.

Calm 10:1 CBD pen by Dosist

(Courtesy of Dosist)

Check these California menus:

  • Caliva in San Jose
  • Perennial Holistic Wellness Center in Los Angeles
  • People’s OC in Santa Ana

California based Dosist takes all the hassle out of the equation by creating small, conveniently sized disposable vape pens in a variety of blends. You can check their website to get a better feel for the blends they offer, but our favorite is the Calm 10:1 CBD blend. It combines CBD with terpenes like myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene to soothe tired nerves in a pinch. Each dose is 2.25mg, with 200 pre-filled doses in each pen.

W!NK GO pen by W!NK

(Courtesy of Wink)

Available: Online at

While CBD alone is a mighty force to be reckoned with, let’s not forget that when it comes to cannabis, the more the merrier. In this case, the merrier additions to CBD are delicious, life-affirming terpenes. Each of W!NK’s GO Pens are 0.5-gram and contain 150mg of cannabinoid rich hemp-derived CBD oil along with food grade terpenes for your vaping pleasure.

The elongated eight-second draw gives the pen an ultra-luxurious feel, and the delicious bubble flavors (BubbleWish, Grapephoria, Cupcake) will keep you coming back for more. There are no buttons to be found here, so just inhale and let the zen wash all over you.

If you're new to cannabis & CBD, finding the right vape pen can be very confusing. Here are some of the best places to start.

A Beginners Guide to CBD

What is CBD?

Put simply, CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in both marijuana and hemp. It is one of over 100 such substances known as cannabinoids that can be found in these plants and is thought to provide users with an astonishing range of health and well-being benefits. Unlike the other most commonly known cannabinoid, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is non-psychoactive and therefore will not get you “high”.

Where does CBD come from?

As mentioned previously, CBD, along with THC and other cannabinoids can be found in marijuana and hemp plants, which are the two primary species of the Cannabis Sativa species. The difference between the two is that marijuana contains high levels of THC, whereas hemp does not (usually less than 0.3%), however it does have a much higher percentage of CBD.

Because of this, CBD is usually extracted from hemp. By doing this also means that manufacturers can easily ensure that their products contain less than 0.2% maximum THC levels allowed in the UK.

What are the benefits of taking CBD?

As it stands, there is not enough clinical research data for us or anyone to be able to say with scientific certainty what the benefits of CBD for specific conditions are. However, there is some evidence that it can help to reduce the effects of schizophrenia, anxiety and childhood epilepsy.

Aside from this, there are also a huge amount of user success stories where CBD consumers have noticed significant effects for a wide range of conditions including; psoriasis, arthritis and muscular pain.

Is CBD safe?

As it stands, more research is needed to truly discover what the long term effects of regularly taking CBD are. However, to date, many studies have suggested that CBD’s lack of intoxicating effects and evidence of successfully treating chronic pain show that it could be an effective alternative to a number of other pain medications.

With that said, as there is still a lack of supporting evidence, you should always discuss CBD with your doctor before using it to treat any condition.

How does CBD affect existing medicines?

Again, there is not a huge amount of data regarding CBD when taken alongside other medication, though there is some existing information related to other widely used compounds that may explain some of the effects based on how CBD works in your body.

Grapefruit juice, like CBD interacts with the cytochrome P450 pathway, which is primarily found in the liver. Because of this interaction, it is possible that cannabidiol can inhibit or amplify any other drug that also uses this pathway. Find out more by reading this extensive article from The GrowthOp

Are there side effects from using CBD?

Generally, most users do not suffer any side effects from taking CBD and their bodies tend to react quite well, but there are a number of possible side effects.

A review by Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research found the most common CBD Oil side effects to be:

  • Weight gain/loss
  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Changes in appetite

Also, as mentioned above, there is the possibility that CBD could affect other medications you’re taking.

How is CBD oil turned into an e-liquid?

The first and perhaps most surprising thing to note about this is that CBD vape juice is not an oil at all! In fact, they contain four primary ingredients:

  • CBD
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Distilled water

To get CBD from its original form into a high-quality e-liquid, it must be dissolved in alcohol in order to get it from a solid into a liquid. From here it is combined with water to dilute the strength of the CBD to the level required. This is how we ensure accurate CBD levels in every bottle of CBD vape juice we sell! CBD liquids using Glycol and Glycerol go through this same process. In fact, these two ingredients aren’t really necessary to make CBD e-liquid, but they are the components responsible for the big puff of vapour many vape-enthusiasts love and the delicious flavours.

So, could you even make your own CBD e-liquid? Well, the answer here is yes – with the right ingredients and tools you could create your own CBD vape juice that meets your requirements perfectly! However, we always advise our customers to opt for pre-made. The reasons for this really revolve around quality. After all, you want a liquid that not only tastes great but has the desired effects you’re looking for.

It’s for this reason that we supply such a variety of high-quality liquids and other CBD products for you to choose from.

How often should I use CBD?

There isn’t really a right or wrong dosage amount for using CBD as each user has different needs, body type and level of pain or discomfort.

The best way to discover how often to take CBD is to start out with small doses and gradually increase them until you start to feel the greatest benefit. Only then will you truly know what schedule to stick to.

Is CBD legal?

In short, yes it is!

Currently, Cannabis is a Class B controlled substance in the UK, meaning it can lead to criminal charges for anyone in possession of the drug. So, how does this affect CBD Oil and other Cannabidiol infused products?

Back in 2016, The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) declared that CBD products advertised for medicinal purposes would require a license. However, since then, no licenses for medicinal CBD products have been issued but these products can still be sold on the UK market as long as no direct claims to their medicinal benefits are made.

How do I take CBD?

With the industry growing so rapidly, many companies across the world are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to deliver CBD to consumers. This has led to a huge range of products to choose from. Here we’ll break down the main players:

CBD Oil Tincture

Obtained by extracting CBD from the hemp plant, CBD Oil is then diluted by using a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil, as well as other flavourings. CBD Oil is consumed by dropping it under your tongue. Often seen as one of the best ways to take CBD due to the ease of increasing/decreasing your doses and the fact it may offer a faster delivery than some other methods.

CBD Eliquids

If you’re already a vaper, then this could be a great starting point for you to begin your CBD journey. Much like your normal VG/PG based eliquids, except, instead of nicotine these juices are infused with CBD Oil. Vaping will allow CBD to go direct to your bloodstream, meaning you will feel the effects much quicker than all other delivery options.

CBD Skin Care and Cosmetics

Topical application (when products are applied to your body and not taken orally) could be a good option for taking CBD when you are aiming to target a specific area of pain or injury.

You can check out our wide range of CBD Skin Care and Cosmetics products, tailor made to deliver exceptional results, no matter what your aches and pains.

CBD Edibles

Have a sweet tooth? Why not try CBD Edibles? A small, discreet and tasty way to consume Cannabidiol. There is however a downside to consuming CBD. Some research has shown that when CBD passes through the digestive system, it can be partially broken down by the Liver and Digestive tract, meaning it can take a lot longer for the effects to be felt and your may body may only absorb around 20-30% of it.

CBD Extracts

Extracts are generally a pure form of CBD and can be used in a variety of ways. However, a common approach with an extract might be to create your own edible CBD product.

What CBD strength should I use?

You’ve made the decision to start using CBD, but now is the time to choose what strength e liquid to buy. With a wide range of concentrations to choose from, this can sometimes get quite difficult. To help you make the right choice, and not get put off by a bad decision, let us give you some more information and a bit of advice.

By law all products containing CBD must state the amount of the ingredient that they contain, be it as a percentage of the overall contents (5%, 10% or 20% cannabidiol), or as a mg amount (250mg, 500mg or 1000mg).

While you may be inclined to dive straight in and go with higher doses of CBD, this is not something we would usually advise.

As a general rule, we would recommend you start with products that have lower dosage amounts, then start to gradually increase the concentration. By carefully monitoring the effects of the CBD over a period of time, it will allow you to assess the effects and increase your dosage if necessary. Once you achieve the desired effects you will be able to determine the right concentration for you.

Are you interested in CBD and want to know more about the variety of CBD products on the market. This is the page for you!