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The CBD movement and what it means for investors

The cannabis industry is an emerging “sunshine” industry whose growth, unfortunately, is being stalled by legislative restrictions. Majority of countries in the world have legal restrictions whether it be on the cultivation, transport, sale, and use of cannabis. While some enforce stricter rules, others adopt laws that are not being implemented well. In the United States, regulations on marijuana vary across its 50 states.

It is worthy to note, however, that luxury products such as spices and silk were once banned in the market, as well. Early investors and believers of these products eventually became the wealthiest bunch in Europe when the use of spices and silk was fully liberalized. The same goes with Bitcoin whose early bird miners are today’s millionaires — but that cryptocurrency prices are subject to erratic movements is a different story altogether.

The bottom line is: it’s best to invest in developing industries perceived to have a potential for long-term growth even if it is saddled with regulatory hurdles. This strategy may apply to cannabis stocks investing. Because many countries still consider marijuana trade as illicit, several consumers in these areas are shifting to legally-regulated cannabis products such as cannabidiol (CBD).

Investing in cannabidiol

More brokers are looking toward the direction of CBD when it comes to stock market investing. The world now sees many health benefits derived from CBD and researchers are hard-pressed on shedding more light on the cannabis compound. As compared to how CBD was perceived a decade ago, the world is now taking a more welcoming tone.

The reason why it’s worth investing in CBD stocks is simple; as compared to other stocks, it still hasn’t matured and it hasn’t reached its maximum potential for growth. Its young stage is exciting more investors as states have begun to dabble with legalizing its recreational use.

The rising number of states that are moving to legalize its use means that more people are willing to get on board and they want to get involved before the stocks hit the ceiling. As more states begin to accept CBD, demand for cannabis will grow. Even pending developments at the legislature, the demand for CBD is poised to rise as businesses that sell the product have also grown in number in recent years.

In the midst of a fast-emerging cannabis market, PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS: POTN) has managed to maintain its place as one of the leaders in the CBD revolution. PotNetwork Holding is a publicly traded company that conducts research and development focused on marijuana and hemp-related products.

Through its subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc., the company has helped boost awareness of the health benefits of CBD products as it aims to profile and identify the distinct properties of high-quality hemp extracts of cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in hemp.

The firm sells products from over 10,000 stores in the US. Its CBD products — ranging from edibles, drinks, oils, dabs, creams, and vapes, among others — are legal across all 50 US states.

It’s hard to predict exactly what the future lies for CBD but its progress in recent years is assuring that CBD is not only here to stay; it’s also here to revolutionize the world of medicine.

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The cannabis industry is an emerging “sunshine” industry whose growth, unfortunately, is being stalled by legislative restrictions. Majority of countries in the world have legal restrictions whether…

The Cannabis Industry Pays Tribute To Charlotte Figi, A Hero Of The CBD Movement

Charlotte Figi suffered her first seizure when she was three months old and on Wednesday, her mother Paige Figi’s Facebook page updated a previous post to announce Charlotte “is seizure free forever.” The 13-year-old was hospitalized earlier this month with pneumonia, which caused her seizures to return and resulted in respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. She died peacefully in her mother’s arms on April 8, 2020.

Diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that begins in infancy, her parents turned to medical marijuana as a last resort to help their daughter and started researching cannabidiol, or CBD.In 2012, they met a group of brothers in Colorado who were breeding a special strain of medical cannabis that later became classified as hemp because of its high CBD, low THC content. Using the oil extract from fully grown plants, Charlotte, then five, went from having a seizure every 30 minutes to not having one for seven days after starting the treatment.

In loving memory of Charlotte Figi (October 18, 2006 – April, 8, 2020).

Courtesy Charlotte’s Web

In 2014, the Stanley brothers founded a namesake company, Charlotte’s Web CBD, in her honor. But CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, from whom most of the country first heard the term CBD, who introduced us to Charlotte. Gupta’s 2013 interview with the family in the multi-part documentary special “Weed” (a follow-up is included in “Weed 5”) made Charlotte an overnight face and hero for the medical marijuana and CBD movement. After penning a 2009 op-ed titled “Why I Would Vote No On Pot” for Time in 2009, Gupta credits Charlotte for changing his mind on marijuana.

“She made me realize that it would not just be a medical failing but a moral failing if this medicine was somehow withheld from people,” Gupta shares in a heart-wrenching tribute that aired on April 9.

The Stanley brothers (Joel, Jared, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Josh and Austin) remember Charlotte via an official statement, a portion of which reads:

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“Charlotte was ten feet tall and carried the world on her shoulders. Inspiring is a lacking word, as are courageous and vivacious and strong and beautiful. She was divine. She grew, cultivated by a community, protected by love, demanding that the world witness her suffering so that they might find a solution. She rose every day, awakening others with her courage, and with that smile that infected your spirit at the cellular level. Her story built communities, her need built hope, and her legacy will continue to build harmony. She was a light that lit the world.”

Charlotte’s death marks one of the darkest days for the cannabis community. Unable to find many more words of my own, I turned to 13 of the industry’s pioneers and leaders to share their tributes.

We love you, Charlotte.

The Stanley’s say of Paige Figi in their statement, “There was no one more committed than the . [+] selfless Paige, both a mother and a warrior, both a human and an angel. Charlotte’s cause was her family’s cause and created a foundation of plant-based health that breathed life into their daughter, and the countless sons and daughters like her.”

Courtesy Charlotte’s Web

Ricardo Baca, CEO & Founder, Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency

“In a modern era defined by our need to breathlessly grasp onto pre-existing beliefs, Charlotte Figi changed minds globally just by living her life—a life that was radically transformed by medical cannabis. Can you imagine your child having more than 300 grand mal seizures per week, each one potentially deadly, and then realizing that a plant you’d been taught to fear and loathe is the only medicine that offers any meaningful relief? Charlotte never asked to be a part of this conversation, but her life’s unexpected collision with the cannabis legalization movement inspired an immeasurable shift in public sentiment. Charlotte’s astonishing life story brought so much hope and change to patients across the globe—and it also legitimized medical marijuana and forced the world to pay attention. She will forever be remembered as a pioneer whose brave life rewrote the definition of medicine.”

Martin A. Lee, Director, Project CBD & Author, Smoke Signals

Charlotte Figi was a little girl who had a huge impact. If not for Charlotte, hemp might still be illegal to grow in the United States, and millions of people around the world who suffer from epilepsy might not have access to CBD—rich medicine to control their seizures. Her life story has had a catalytic impact by advancing our knowledge and use of a vital healing option.”

Morris Beegle, President & Co-Founder, WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives)

“Although I never met Charlotte personally, she is without a doubt an undeniable spirit and catalyst for the entire CBD movement. She shined a light on the benefits cannabis can provide children with certain conditions, and ways in which modern medicine often doesn’t provide positive results. I am saddened to hear of her passing.”

Charlotte Figi on the cover of the 2019 “The Female 50” issue of High Times magazine.

Adam Levin, Executive Chairman, High Times

“Charlotte Figi was an activist who forever changed the stigma associated with cannabis use. Putting a 13-year-old on the cover of High Times had never been done, but she was just as, if not more deserving than anyone who had previously graced our cover over the past 45 years of its cannabis legalization history.”

Rick Batenburg III, CIO, Clear Cannabis Inc. & Cannabis Venture Capitalist

“To effect real change, a story must be personal. Before Charlotte was involved, before everyone understood her story, the cannabis plant was largely dismissed and misunderstood. When someone so young, innocent and vulnerable is able to live a real seizure-reduced life because of this plant, it could not be ignored by scientists and humanitarians alike. She lived a better life with cannabis, period. The grief over her passing has swept over the cannabis community like wildfire because she became more than a little girl, she became a beacon of hope to so many suffering that there was a chance they could stop suffering as well. Someone must rise to take responsibility to allow a message to be understood and absorbed. Charlotte is a symbol to so many about the legitimization of Cannabis as a medicine and she and her family will always be remembered for their courage.”

Sally Nichols, President of CBD, Bloom Farms

“We have a cultural divide to overcome, and Charlotte’s story did more than any amount of scientific study can to bridge the gap. She led the way on a new path for so many patients, helping to cut away resistance that others had tried for years to conquer. CBD as medicine is real. And for many, it’s the only option. Thank you Charlotte. Eternal gratitude to you and your family for their efforts to change thinking and provide new options. And please, please forgive the rest of America for moving so slow, too slow, for what you needed it, when you needed it. We love you.”

Andrew DeAngelo, Co-Founder, Harborside & Cannabis Industry Strategic Advisor

“The legacy of Charlotte will carry on, as she’s an icon of the cannabis community, and that status will only grow over time as we honor our pioneers and heroes. She touched and inspired so many of us to hold life precious and go the extra mile whenever we can to heal our kids. People like the Figi family, the Stanley brothers, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, were able to bring this kind of breakthrough to a much larger audience, building even more momentum for afflicted kids to get this medicine legally. It’s the epitome of a David versus Goliath tale, and, because of people like Charlotte and the Figi family, David won. We all won. Charlotte will forever be a symbol of heroism in the cannabis community and I’m proud to have her as one of the shining stars of our movement. I have a feeling her legacy is just getting started.”

In this Feb. 7, 2014 photo, seven year old girl Charlotte Figi, whose parents describe her as “once . [+] being severely and untreatably ill,” walks around a greenhouse for a special strain of medical marijuana known as Charlotte’s Web.

Grace Saari, Co-Founder, Svn Space

“Charlotte’s story inspires us all to continually seek better and more natural alternatives even when your path comes to a complete halt. From her parents’ unwavering dedication, love and persistence to seven brothers that listened, creating Charlotte’s Web CBD, ignited a movement to reverse decades of misinformation and redefine ‘plant medicine.’ May we all continually seek the truth, stop at nothing for our loved ones, see opportunity and rise to the occasion. Charlotte leaves a legacy that we will forever hold close to our hearts and we will continue our mission to stay connected and educate the masses on a plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you and heal you.”

Cortney Smith, CEO & Founder, DaVinci

“It’s very rare that there is a singular person that can change the world’s outlook on something controversial. However, that’s just what this brave soul, Charlotte did. By showing the world her pain, she and her family normalized medical cannabis for adults and children. This acceptance changed legal statutes and allows companies, like ours, to legally be doing business without the constant fear of persecution. We can dream bigger because of her and will continue to honor her legacy.”

Chelsea Leyland, Cannabis Activist & Documentarian

“This little girl’s story changed the course of my life! She not only legitimized cannabis as a medicine, but touched the lives of so many who battle daily with this challenging condition known as epilepsy. Charlotte Figi began a movement, whilst teaching me that we as the individual hold an immense power and responsibility to show up and make a difference in this world.”

Pelin Thorogood, President & Co-Founder, Wholistic Research & Education Foundation

“Movements start out with just a small group of people who believe passionately enough in a cause that they end up changing the culture. Charlotte Figi and her courageous family did just that for medical cannabis. Her authentic story inspired many, opening both the public’s and the medical community’s eyes into the possibility that this ancient plant could indeed deliver powerful therapeutic benefits. Our foundation’s efforts to explore how cannabis delivers its broad health benefits is a tribute to trailblazers like Charlotte who’ve changed perceptions globally and empowered so many patients with access to life changing medicine in the process.”

Dennis Hunter, Co-Founder, Cannacraft

“Charlotte Figi lived a life of bravery and strength. Though her time on earth was far too short, her legacy will live on through the countless lives she impacted. Charlotte shared the healing properties of CBD with millions of people all over the world, which led to amazing advancements in epilepsy treatment. Our community is forever grateful to Charlotte Figi and her family and we will continue to share her story as far and wide as possible.”

Los Arias, COO & Co-Founder, Green Horizon & Principal, RiverRock Colorado

“Charlotte Figi is the first pioneer. Her journey exemplifies the best of what is possible with plant medicine. She now passes the torch for us to carry forth. With continued regulatory stewardship, plant medicine will ultimately heal the world. All of my portfolio companies respect the plant to the deepest, and advocate for regulated access for all humankind. Thank you, Charlotte.”

Charlotte Figi, the 13-year-old namesake of Charlotte’s Web, the company known for an effective strain of medical marijuana to treat seizures, died on April 8.