cbd lifestyle

Cbd lifestyle

Our fascination in CBD and its properties has started several years ago. Along with rapid scientific development our knowledge about cannabinoids has been constantly broadened. We met a lot of interesting people who eagerly shared their stories. Cannabidiol helped them to struggle with stress and serious illnesses. It occured to be a great support for professional athletes as well.

To maximize CBD’s potential in many different areas of life, we explored knowledge about the extraction, its properties and forms of application. At that point our passion has turned into business. Today CBD Lifestyle provides a whole range of products enriched with highest quality CBD extract. Our supplements designed by experts and users, are dedicated to various purposes – daily supplementation, sports, skin care, animal supplementation and support for the treatment of various diseases. The EU’s strict dietary and sanitary law obliges us to stay under constant control of external laboratories. Therefore you can be sure that our products are healthy for you and the environment. Moreover, they always contain guaranteed amount of CBD.

CBD is a natural hemp ingredient valued for its medical benefits. In contrary to psychactive cannabinoids it does not get you high.

Each CBD Lifestyle product contains Cannabidiol obtained in supercritical CO2 extraction process. This method allows us provide highest quality CBD.

CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.

A non-intoxicating component of cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), may be useful as a drug to help people quit smoking cigarettes .

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis plants CBD has been demonstrated as an effective treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials (. ) There is also preliminary evidence that CBD may be a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions. To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

Properties of CBD


has strong bactericidal properties, annihilates bacteria and prevents their reproduction, slows their growth

CBD Lifestyle home page.

CBD Lifestyle

Personal Best

Nine days in to his bid at making history in America, Josh was forced to accept the inevitable and relinquish his dream of being home for Christmas. From pesky punctures, to time-consuming work arounds, from scary possibilities to relying on the goodwill of strangers. From monumental personal achievements to respecting the needs of his mind and body, Elixinol’s Champion of the Bike found himself reflecting.

Try a CBD cream tea in Cornwall

Known as CBD High Tea, the afternoon treat is now available in Falmouth, at the Merchants Manor Hotel.

Manchester opens its first CBD bar

Tempting cocktails include Smoky Joe and – cryptically – one called Scary Jane, which are flavoured with hemp-infused alcohol (known for its earthy flavour) and cost from £7.50 – £10.

CBD Pop-Up Shop Success!

January 30th saw the close of Elixinol’s very first CBD pop-up shop in Westfield White City, London. For three months shoppers had the opportunity to visit the CBD concession and get to know a thing or two about products containing the ingredient the world is raving about- Cannabidiol, or CBD for short.

Making History in America

Josh Quigley, Elixinol’s Champion of the Bike and Global CBD Advocate, arrived in Los Angeles on December 10th. It had been a gruelling month beforehand wrought with an array of setbacks so finally setting foot on American soil was a reward in itself.

Landing On Your Feet

While Josh was sure to take advantage of the comforts of home, he was also just as sure to push himself so that he might rejoin his cycle in Adelaide once more in top form. But success never comes without struggle and even in this momentous pause, Josh discovered there’s no rest for the weary.

Golden Globe goody bags contain CBD

It just goes to show how popular using CBD is now, that goody bags given out to celebrities at the Golden Globe awards included a CBD-infused muscle relief cream and pastilles.

Which city in the UK uses CBD the most?

These stats were found by analysing Google Trends to see where CBD was searched for the most, in research by Greyhound Chromatography.

Rise in CBD robot dispensers: now in 7-Eleven!

The idea behind the robotic dispensers is to add interest and save time for customers and staff. With the American CBD industry on the rise – it’s currently valued at a whopping $1 billion – it makes sense that retailers are exploring new ways to deliver products to shoppers.

The Duchess of Cornwall is a CBD enthusiast

Camilla recently paid a visit to Swiss Cottage farmers’ market in North London, where she spoke about CBD oil and even tried a sample of a hemp oil, which is of course CBD-free but comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant. Her verdict? ‘Delicious’.

Actress Molly Sims loves CBD skincare!

Recently photographed at an event for a CBD brand in Los Angeles, the blonde bombshell said: “When you combine CBD and skincare you get the ultimate glow sans all of the chemicals.”

Buying cheap CBD oil could lose you your driving licence

Research from Zero Deposit Car Leasing has shown that certain CBD oils could put ‘illegal levels of THC in a driver’s bloodstream.’ This means that being pulled over by the police could see you arrested or losing your driving licence.

Now Introducing CBD Infused Jelly Beans

With the ease of consuming your daily dose of CBD already available in gummy form, why not apply the same principle to jelly beans?

When the Subconscious Speaks

It wasn’t until he became involved with Elixinol that Josh more seriously revisited his calling. Originally pledging to cycle from Edinburgh to Istanbul, Josh has now gone above and beyond his initial commitment and has finally landed in the place his dream has called him to: Australia.

Things are changing in the UK’s CBD regulations…

While big brands such as Elixinol have always been careful to keep levels of psychoactive component THC within our CBD products extremely low (within the legal limits of less than 0.2%) many products on the market labelled ‘CBD’ have had high levels – or worse, contained no CBD at all!

Would you buy a CBD advent calendar?

Set to feature handmade British milk chocolate, packed with 10mg of CBD (at the UK legal level of 0.2% THC or less) hidden behind 24 doors.

Deliveroo is set to offer CBD soft drink deliveries

Deliveroo – which as most Brits already know is a food and drink delivery service, using cyclists couriers to bring you take aways in minutes – is set to deliver CBD infused soft drinks alongside more traditional orders.

Ever wonder who is using CBD in the UK? We investigate…

Are you one of the six million adults in the UK who’s tried CBD? Or perhaps one of the 11 per cent who’s consumed a CBD product in the past year?

Kim Kardashian Prefers CBD Gummies

Her love of CBD doesn’t stop there. While she combined the use of CBD with therapeutic practices such as meditation and massage to attain the laid-back vibe of her party

Liquid Leggings: CBD Infused Active Wear

In recent years the world has seen the rise of CBD and its availability spanning a multitude of industries. And it would appear as though it’s here to stay thanks to its growing popularity.

Eating fatty foods can help your body absorb CBD

Scientists from the University of Minnesota then took blood samples and measures their CBD plasma concentrations. They found that eating before taking the dose led to higher bioavailability.

Would you buy CBD from a robot?

It sounds like something from a sci-fi film, but robot CBD dispensing machines now exist in New York City.

The icing on the cake!

Football wasn’t on the agenda today. It wasn’t a ball but a bowl we would be using! Head Chef Jade Crawford was going to create something unique. Like our partnership, a collaboration of Vegan Green cooking and our organic CBD.

A unique music festival celebrating hemp and CBD

The expo itself contained exhibitors from areas including CBD products, wellness products, botanicals, seeds, tinctures, edibles, new technology, accessories and not for profit organisations.

The edible CBD market us set to explode to hit $4.1bn by 2022

A recent study by Green Entrepreneur shows that an ever-increasing interest in healthier living is leading consumers away from smokable forms of CBD such as vapes and towards products such as edibles.

America celebrates its second National CBD Day

Often created with brand awareness in mind, the benefits of having a new national day include “news stories, increase in product sales, market visibility, social media engagement and much more”.

Outgrowing the Impossible Dream

After completing just one introductory blog under the brand of The Impossible Dream, things are already evolving!

Why is CBD often expensive?

CBD has never been more popular, and yet it can be an expensive habit. If you’ve ever wondered why such a small bottle can have such a big price tag, we’ve investigated.

Ozzy Osbourne is now using CBD oil

Ozzy Osbourne has come a long way from biting bats on stage, and has been all about wellness recently – including the use of CBD oil for pain relief.

The Impossible Dream: The World-Wide Journey of an Aspiring Cyclist Sponsored by Elixinol

Along with a complete nutritional overhaul and the start of supplements including CBD Oil, Josh found a kind of natural medicine in Cycling.

Virgin Radio’s Chris Evans says CBD “may well be the future”

Revealing that he first decided to use the oil to help him sleep, Chris said that he woke up to find that the pain he had been experiencing in his shoulder for years had diminished.

Two Green Giants

Just how does a company founded in Colorado end up sponsoring a football club in a little town in England some 4668 miles? One a Hemp company celebrating its 5th anniversary and another ‘the club on the hill’ founded in 1889.

A CBD infused gin has launched

We’ve already had beer, rum and cocktail bitters, so it was perhaps inevitable that the drink du jour – gin – would also get a CBD upgrade.

Our guide to the best cafes, bars and restaurants serving up CBD treats in London

Nowhere is the new health trend more apparent than in London, where café culture is at its best and the selection of coffees, cakes and cocktails featuring CBD is beyond compare.

The UK CBD market is now worth more than Vitamin C and D put together!

While you might think this is surprising given the confusion around legislation, in many ways this has allowed businesses and start-ups to be more creative in the way that CBD is marketed.

Could there be a CBD Coca-Cola?

With everything from rum to gummy bears to body lotions infused with CBD, it was only a matter of time before the household brands we know and love got in on the act.

There’s a new store selling CBD products (and serving coffee!) in Birmingham

Yes, if you live in the Midlands, you can now go wild in the aisles as you browse the shelves packed full of products infused with Californian CBD at Green Machine.

CBD is a great addition to your skincare routine

A recent poll showed that Generation Z – those born between the mid-1990s and late-2000s – are twice as likely to use CBD than the national average. Which could explain why it’s popping up in health drinks, spa treatments, make-up and skincare.

How British! The UK’s first CBD tea has arrived

There’s nothing us Brits enjoy more than an afternoon cup of tea…except, perhaps an afternoon tea with a CBD twist. Botanic Lab have now made this dream a possibility with the launch of Dutch Courage – the UK’s first CBD tea drink.

One for beer fans – a CBD IPA has launched up north!

Manchester and Leeds pub-goers are now able to enjoy a beer and CBD mash-up in the form of Northern Monk’s new Green Heathen, a hoppy and earthy IPA containing the hemp-derived ingredient.

Why Meg Matthews says CBD has changed her life

The 53-year-old activist and entrepreneur – who was formerly married to Noel Gallagher – credits cannabis oil for giving her her ‘mojo’ back, so much so that she’s started producing her own.

You can now take a CBD exercise class in London

Billed as a physical therapy class, you’ll perform stretches you’d see in a yin yoga class, as well as mobility and meditation-style breathing exercises, all reportedly made that little bit easier as the CBD patch should help to relax your muscles, so the stretches are less painful.

Buying CBD – What to look out for

Its only natural that you want to purchase quality CBD products and experience the remarkable benefits it has to offer. However, there a few points you should consider before you decide which CBD oil best suits your needs

CBD ice cream has launched in Scotland

Kyle Gentleman has already gained notoriety in the dairy world for creating alcoholic ice cream for adults, including WKD Blue and Strongbow Dark Fruits flavours. He’s also tried some even more unusual concoctions in his time, such as the surprisingly popular mayonnaise flavour. He’s now turned his attention to ingredient-of-the-moment CBD, making the Cannabidiol Cornet.

A CBD infused rum has now launched in England

A brand new rum infused with CBD oil is already causing quite the stir on the London drinks scene. Apparently there was a bottleneck at the Dead Man’s Fingers stall at a recent London cocktail trade show where visitors could sample the new flavour.

Canadian rugby team makes CBD gels and creams

The initial range of products, which include CBD gels and creams will be sold under the brand name Rugby Strength and marketed by the team’s commercial arm — HowlBrands, in collaboration with International Cannabis Corporation (ICC).

Can you take CBD oil in your hand luggage in the UK?

Over the past few years, the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) oil has gone through the roof and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. This is probably thanks to the numerous health benefits that many people claim are associated with it.

You can now buy CBD croissants in London

Fans of flaky pastry – rejoice! You can now combine the yumminess of a fresh croissant with the oh-so-modern addition of CBD, right here in London.

8 Celebrities who love CBD

It can be stressful being a world-famous film star, apparently, so Jennifer turns to CBD to help with pain, stress and anxiety. ‘It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high,’ she told US Weekly.

A Brief History of Cannabis Use

archaeological evidence suggest that Cannabis sativa, the plant from which hemp or CBD oil is derived, was in fact being cultivated not a couple of hundred years ago or a couple of thousand, but around 10,000 or more years ago.

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CBD is a lifestyle choice and not just for those looking to remediate symtoms of serious conditions. CBD can help you achieve more life satisfaction!