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Body Balance – CBD Hemp Lotion for Pain Relief

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Free State Collective is a CBD retail store located in Lawrence, Kansas, that offers a wide range of products made from the highest quality CBD available. We encourage our customers to ask questions by providing a comfortable, relaxed store environment, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our hope, is that every customer who leaves our store feels confident in the quality of the CBD products that they purchased, and most importantly, positive about their overall experience.

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2 Stores / 1 Website

Located in Lawrence, Kansas, we opened our first store, Free State Collective, in August of 2018. Our second store, KC Collective, was opened in November of 2019, just across the state line in Kansas City, MO. This website combines the products from both stores. Orders that contain products that are only sold at the Kansas City location will be processed, filled, and shipped from that location.

Let customers speak for us

Secret Nature Hemp Flower Pre-Roll 2 Pack

Has helped my stress, anxiety, and I’m getting more sleep.

This product is amazing! I tried it and waited for the effects. Immediate relaxing properties for sure!
This Lumi product delivers the right amount to get you feeling good!; 2 sprays is all it takes. This Microdose spray will relax you and takes the stress of the day away! Just a little goes a long way.

My first use was at the 1000 MG level and that provided immediate relief. I eventually stepped up to 2000 MG to manage some problems spots and it’s been a life-saver. We also sent this to my father-in-law and his experience has also been excellent. I totally recommend this product.

I have major anxiety going to the dentist. so I had the watermelon lolllie and it helped SSSOOO much to calm down .. Highly recommended. Taste great too.

This tea is so very good! It has helped me to reduce my caffeine and the taste and’s just great! Treea tea has become one of my favorite products, with Marshmallow and Butter Pecan as my top flavors. Free State Collective has a great selection of cbd products that has helped me on my journey to wellness.

I’ve been using CBD oil from Freestate Collective for over a year. I know it works because of how bad I feel when I run out for a week or so. I have a herniated disc in my neck and this oil helps with pain management but has also allowed me to reduce my anti-depressants medication from 450 mg to 150 mg. It helps my mood, my sleep and my hormones. I cannot say enough good things about this product. Additionally, I love going to the shop. It is so welcoming and I always learn something knew. Shaun and Annie are so friendly and personable. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful with products and information.

So glad I made this purchase!

Was delivered in great time and came with an extra sample with my order!

This is my 2nd purchase of the cbd body balance lotion. I have mid disc back pain as well as si joint pain that flares up time to time, and this lotion has been a great help in managing my pain. I did go up in strength this time to 2000 and it is worth every penny. The lemongrass scent it the best, in my opinion. With so many cbd choices out there it can be confusing and isn’t cheap. I’ve talked with the owner about his products and find he has extensive knowledge, experience and doesn’t cut corners. You will be getting a quality product at a good price.

Ordered my regular body balance and the lollipops!
The pops are amazing!! Very flavorful and calming!
A must buy!

A lot of people don’t smoke and I’m not suggesting that you should but. after deeply inhaling the Balance Blend #2 Botanical Joint cigarette, you can immediately feel the bronchial passages opening up! I smoke 1 or 2 a day and can take very deep breaths after the first puff! My sinuses are much clearer and stay that way longer. I’m tired of OTC allergy meds. Have taken them most of my life! Can’t take any kind of “normal” medication like Allegra or Zyrtec. They muddle my brain! Hemp products work! No brain muddling included! This is my go to “Breath Much Easier” product now. I have friends with asthma who now swear by how well it works for them too! Need I say more?

At Free State Collective CBD, our goal is to provide customers with a wide range of products made from the highest quality hemp-derived CBD available. Our boutique-style menu features products including edibles, oil cartridges, pain relief lotion, & other health/beauty products.

CBD of Lawrence

Local. Pharmacist-Owned. Not a Franchise.

CBD of Lawrence

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Origin has restored ability to get a restful nights sleep and with lower my evening anxiety symptoms. I highly recommend this product for anyone suffers with chronic pain and low to mid-level anxiety. -teresa f

A Better Way to CBD

Locally-owned and operated by University of Kansas graduate and pharmacist of 12+ years, Dustin Hothan, CBD of Lawrence is your shop to find quality CBD products.

When it comes to CBD, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and helpful information so that you can make an educated decision for your body and your health. As the only non-franchise CBD store in town, our loyalty belongs to the people of our community both locally and across the country.

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Prime CBD Immune Support Full Spec Softgels 25mg

Prime CBD Intensive Relief Pain Rub 1000mg

Origin Zero CBD+CBG Tincture

Let customers speak for us

I have seen a great improvement in my anxiety and depression

If you pay more than this, you’re getting ripped off. It does the exact that the others do. I’ve tried many.

We’re living in trying times full of angst and uncertainty. Anxiety is not uncommon even in good times but now it’s much more prevalent.

I found myself feeling more anxious and had trouble sleeping. Things snowballed and my girlfriend finally talked me in to trying CBD. I picked out KALKI THC free water soluble.

I was surprised that within a short time I felt much less anxious, in fact I felt normal again. I wasn’t catastrophizing or overthinking anymore.

Even if everything returns to normal again, I will always keep some KALKI THC on hand.

These gummies have been lifesavers. They do wonders for making me feel relaxed and helping me wind down before I go to sleep. Will definitely be getting more!

As described and seems to help my insomnia.

Never an issue you guys are great. Problem is the usps, my product has still not arrived.

Good CBD Lemon Drops 10mg

I was visiting Lawrence Kansas last new years eve week. The holidays are wonderful but also filled with some anxiety. So my daughter and I found this great shop on Mass st, CBD of Lawrence. The associate working at the shop was very knowledgeable & suggested the black Diamond gummy rings. I was going to to get a small bag but my daughter said give us the big container. I’m so glad she did! These are the absolute best gummy rings I’ve ever had! They pack a powerful punch of goodness into your body. I take one and it relaxes me throughly, 2 helps my insomnia, & they taste great too!
I’m now a firm believer in cbd products and use them regularly.
I’ve bought many products here and I’ve never been disappointed!
Thanks CBD of Lawrence for your truly great & quality products.

Black Diamond Tincture

Smokiez Vegan Gummies

Origin has restored ability to get a restful nights sleep and with lower my evening anxiety symptoms. I highly recommend this product for anyone suffers with chronic pain and low to mid-level anxiety.

I have found relief for my hands (psoriatic arthritis) in both the joints and my eczema. I do still use RX meds, but my skin never did really clearup that well until I added the black Diamond. I order it in the mint flavor and it really seems to help.

My son told me all about CBD of Lawrence and how he and his wife use their products. I didn’t realize I could purchase a 3000mg oil. Such is not available in my area. I ordered a bottle of Origin 3000mg and have been very happy with the results. I feel much happier and relaxed during the day and I have no side effects of heartburn like I did from another oil brand. I am sold and just ordered another bottle! So very happy with the CBD oil and with their quick shipping!

The premier CBD source for the citizens of Lawrence, KS and the surrounding area. CBD Oil tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD vape, CBD lotions, CBD topicals, CBD drinks, CBD pet treats, CBD bath products and more! Locally owned and operated by a pharmacist with over 12 years experience.