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CBD Oil Alabama 2021: Is CBD Oil Legal In Alabama & Where To Buy?

If you or a member of your family has a severe health condition, you can easily acquire a doctor’s prescription, and buy CBD oil from any licensed source without encountering any problems with law enforcement. In this regard, CBD laws in Alabama State may seem pretty simple.

While CBD has found its way to the Heart of Dixie, the laws surrounding marijuana, CBD, or cannabidiol still cause confusion among many people. While the rules and regulations around CBD in this Yellowhammer State seem murky on the surface, it is one of the CBD-friendly states in the US. Read on to learn more about the legal state of CBD in Alabama.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama?

Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018 and legalized hemp cultivation, which created a pathway of removing cannabis from Schedule 1 drugs. The Bill defined hemp as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC and marijuana as cannabis containing more than the recommended amount.

Hence, hemp-derived CBD was removed from the Schedule 1 designation. However, CBD derived from marijuana is still considered illegal due to the federally illegal status of marijuana. Hemp, on the other hand, is regarded as an agricultural commodity, but it still has to be produced and sold under specific federal regulations.

However, before the Farm Bill, the State of Alabama already has a budding, through restrictive, medical marijuana program in place. Robert Bentley, a Republican Governor, signed SB 174 on April 1, 2014, also known as Carly’s Law. The law allowed a positive defense for individuals who were using CBD to treat debilitating epileptic conditions.

In this regard, patients were to have a prescription for use or possession of CBD through the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Seeing as the term ‘prescribe’ is a federal term, this made access to cannabinoids difficult. States with legalized medical marijuana allow doctors to ‘recommend’ CBD.

Bentley later signed HB 61 on May 4, 2016, known as Leni’s Law. This law was named after Leni Young, who successfully treated seizures with CBD in Alabama. This helped widened access to cannabinoids because the law expanded the definition of qualifying conditions, including specified debilitating conditions that prompted seizures.

Even so, access to cannabinoids was still restricted, and Epidioles was the only FDA-approved form. Following the 2014 Farm Bill, the Alabama Legislature passed an Industrial Hemp Research Program Act in 2016 that tasked the ADAI (Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries) to develop a licensing and inspection program for how the industrial hemp was produced.

Months before the 2018 Farm Bill was signed, ADAI drafted and finalized regulations. The Farm Bill legalized cannabinoids and CBD-products that contained less than 0.3% THC, which led Steve Marshall the Republican Attorney General to affirm the legality of cannabinoids sold by licensed vendors containing less than 0.3% THC.

However, the AG cautioned the residents to be careful when buying CBD products, as Alabama was yet to draft testing and labeling regulations of CBD products. Though CBD oil products with the recommended THC amount are now broadly available and legal for purchase and sale in the State of Alabama, ADAI still licenses and regulates industrial hemp processors and growers under the Farm Bill’s rules.

Until FDA finalizes industrial hemp regulations, reviews, and approves the rules, ADAI submitted they would continue to operate under the pilot program. Kay Ivey, a Republican Governor, signed SB 225, a law that rescheduled and redefined CBD to align with federal definitions. The law also allowed Alabama pharmacies to sell CBD products.

Hence CBD oil is legal in Alabama. However, it is illegal for processors and growers to work with industrial hemp without a permit in Alabama. The Research Program requires the applicants to submit application fees annually and all material, including criminal background checks. Processors and grower applicants are expected to pay a $200 application fee as well as a $1000 annual fee once approved.

If you are found possessing CBD oil that is above the legal limit of the recommended THC content, it will be considered a misdemeanor, and you can be punished with a maximum fine of $6000 and up to a year of jail.

Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Alabama Online?

Buying CBD online is not only comfortable and convenient, but it is also safe. The online market exposes you to different CBD oil brands that will match your financial capability and budget. You will also find products that come with a 100% money-back guarantee for brands that are confident in their products.

You will find brands that reveal their third-party lab results to show that their products have no detectable levels of THC or that contain less than 0.3% THC. You will also see if the products have any harmful chemicals or pesticides from the lab tests.

Make sure to ask for the tests to make sure that you are getting the best quality. These lab tests also show that the brand took the time to test all their products so you can have confidence in them.

Looking to purchase CBD oil Alabama but not sure what the legal status of CBD oil in Alabama is? Read on to know the legality status of CBD Alabama 2021

CBD Oil in Alabama: What You Need to Know

Disclaimer: All of the information in this guide is based on our own research into the topic. We have done our best to use accurate and up-to-date information from respected and credible resources. However, we cannot claim to be a legal authority, and none of the following information should be taken as legal advice.


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A Guide to CBD in Alabama

  • The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry oversees hemp cultivation.
  • CBD oil is legal as long as it is hemp-derived and contains 0.3% THC or less.
  • No one regulates the sale of CBD in Alabama.
  • Retailers do not need a license to sell CBD in Alabama.
  • Consumers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe and within legal THC limits.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama?

In 2018, the federal government passed the Farm Bill that—among other things—made it legal to plant, harvest and process industrial hemp. This took CBD off the Drug Enforcement Agency’s list of controlled substances, and transferred the responsibility of devising and enforcing any sort of regulation to the Food and Drug Administration.

Throngs of consumers, excited about a promising new option, started buying CBD products at a rate that outpaced supply, and new companies started popping up to meet demand. Overwhelmed and unprepared to make any determinations about the safety and use of CBD, the FDA has not adopted clear regulatory guidelines to protect consumers from disreputable companies.

Their focus has been to enforce protections with companies that make unfounded medical claims, target minors in their advertising or use unsafe manufacturing processes to make their products, but the efforts have been inconsistent at best. This has allowed disreputable companies to flood the market with few legal repercussions.

States have the right and the responsibility to develop regulation and enforcement that makes the most sense for their citizens. While this is one of the greatest features of our constitution, it further complicates matters.

Many states were just as unprepared as the FDA to take on the regulation of a brand-new industry; now they are left to figure out the best practices for the farming, manufacturing and sale of a product that was a Schedule I illegal substance until only a couple of years ago.

Are There CBD Laws in Alabama?

Alabama has been grappling with its stance on CBD use since 2014, when the state passed a law that allowed the University of Alabama at Birmingham to conduct studies on the efficacy of marijuana-derived CBD in treating conditions that caused uncontrolled seizures.

Leni’s Law followed in 2016, legalizing CBD use among patients with certain kinds of epilepsy and other debilitating diseases. These laws pertain to CBD derived from marijuana, and Alabama largely ignored the difference between that and CBD derived from hemp until the federal Farm Bill passed in 2018.

Alabama now mirrors federal guidelines for hemp-derived CBD for everyone not benefiting from Leni’s Law. CBD derived from industrial hemp is legal to sell and possess as long as it contains 0.3 percent THC or less. Regulators are committing to oversight of hemp’s farming, harvesting and processing, but not to its sale.

That is why it is essential that consumers ensure their products come from reputable companies that make health and safety a top priority. Companies like Penguin CBD follow meticulous self-imposed quality guidelines, and they invest in third-party independent lab testing to confirm the purity and potency of all their products.

CBD in Alabama: Understanding the Different Types of CBD


CBD oil is one of the purest ways to get your CBD because it is suspended in a carrier oil, with no additional ingredients other than flavoring. Squeezing a dropperful under your tongue will give you the most immediate effects, and

Penguin CBD’s oil comes in five delicious varieties, including natural, strawberry, citrus, mint and cookies & cream. Their natural CBD oil is great to add to your food and beverages for an extra boost with breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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CBD capsules are an excellent option for people who are just getting started with CBD, or those who live a busy lifestyle and just want to get their dose and go.

Each CBD capsule from Penguin CBD comes with a precise 10mg dose, so you don’t have to worry about measuring. You can just get up and get moving, with the perfect amount of CBD whatever the day throws your way.

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Convenient, discreet and travel-ready, our CBD capsules can be taken anywhere with ease. Each capsule contains 10mg of our broad-spectrum hemp extract suspended in MCT oil.

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CBD gummies are a convenient snack that will give you a discreet dose with every bite. They have the same effects as CBD capsules; and each CBD gummy from Penguin CBD is packed with 10mg of the good stuff.

They are soft and chewy, coated with sweet-and-sour sugar, and completely irresistible. Take CBD gummies for an afternoon or bedtime treat. They are a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while giving you a kick of CBD.

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CBD Cream

CBD products help you glow from the inside out, and Penguin CBD cream supports the outside too. With its mixture of cocoa and shea butter, Penguin’s cooling CBD cream locks in moisture, softening your skin. It’s infused with peppermint and lavender aromas for an extra-soothing experience that will keep you looking as good as you feel throughout the day.

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Our CBD cream is a luxurious cream that’s silky smooth and cooling upon contact. Its terpene rich formula is designed to be absorbed quickly.

Industrial Hemp in Alabama

Alabama oversees the cultivation of all hemp grown in their state in accordance with their 2014 pilot program, but the details of regulation change almost yearly. As of the time this guide was written, the guidelines detail everything about the process, from seed acquisition to the sale of hemp to licensed processors.

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) is responsible for ensuring farmers and processors follow all regulations, most of which are intended to protect the safety of consumers.

Farmers must apply for a license and get their plots approved before they can purchase seeds from licensed dealers. They can use only accepted pesticides, and the processor must test for residue in each shipment they receive. Agents are required to test samples of every crop prior to harvesting in order to ensure THC levels do not exceed 0.3 percent.

Unfortunately, not every CBD company uses hemp from farms that follow the guidelines set forth by the ADAI. Seed dealers, processors and farms can fall through the cracks, operating outside of regulation and enforcement.

Some companies may even source their hemp from other countries where there are fewer, if any, agricultural regulations.

Penguin CBD goes above and beyond Alabama’s standards, sourcing hemp for their CBD products from the finest farms, and taking meticulous care to create the highest-quality CBD on the market.

When you go with Penguin CBD, you can be confident that your products do not contain any harmful toxins, heavy metals or pesticides. They are also free of THC, and Penguin provides third-party lab results for everything they make.

Can I Purchase CBD in Alabama?

Purchasing CBD

In Alabama, it is legal to purchase CBD from any retailer. They do not need any licensing, and retailers are not subject to additional regulations outside of regular retail operation laws. The ADAI does not oversee the sale of CBD products, which are all legal to possess as long as they contain 0.3 percent THC or less.

While the lack of regulation makes the purchase of CBD less complicated for consumers, they must be cautious about what they purchase because there are no penalties for selling bogus products.

This is why purchasing CBD products online may be the safest and most convenient way to go in Alabama. You can do your research and get to know the brands you are considering, and the best companies put their lab results right on their website.

CBD Oil in Alabama

Research is essential when purchasing CBD products in Alabama, particularly because of the lack of regulation of products for sale. Many CBD companies label their packaging inaccurately, with deceptive claims about CBD and THC content. Hemp has a tendency to be volatile in its composition, and sometimes it can contain more THC than intended.

Even when they are not purposefully deceptive, CBD companies may be negligent in ensuring the quality of their products, cutting corners and opting for money-saving options that put customers at risk.

A higher-than-advertised THC concentration can get you into legal trouble or cause you to fail a drug test. Furthermore, cheap hemp sourced from countries with relaxed regulations can contain heavy metals and dangerous toxins not meant for human consumption.


The hemp we use is domestically and organically grown on our partner farms in Oregon, and we keep a close eye on the whole process, from seed to sale. We use an extraction process that gives us complete control over the results, avoiding the use of any solvents or additives.

The final product is simply the purest CBD you can buy today. Before anything gets packaged and sent to you, we send each batch off to be tested by a third-party lab to ensure that you get precisely what the label says you’re getting.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in Alabama

Alabama is making strides in their understanding and tolerance of the health benefits of cannabis products, but they still have a long way to go before they have a handle on providing the kind of regulation that truly protects consumers.

As of right now, the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry oversees the farming, harvesting and processing of hemp, but it does nothing to provide or enforce guidelines that protect consumers purchasing CBD in the state.

While it is completely legal to purchase and possess CBD in Alabama, consumers need to be careful about what they purchase because there are a lot of companies out there that have no concern for public health and safety.

They sometimes lie about the concentrations of active ingredients in their products, and they often do not invest in the kind of third-party testing that ensures you get what you are paying for.

When shopping for CBD in Alabama, do your research online, where you can check to make sure your brand has a good reputation and is looking out for your well-being.

You can’t go wrong when you purchase your CBD products through Penguin CBD, because you are our No. 1 priority. Visit our website to learn about the quality and care we put into all of our products to keep you smiling at the thought of your next shipment from us.

Want to buy CBD oil in Alabama? Here's what the current landscape looks like.