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Common uses for topical CBD Hemp Salve include:

Burn treatment:

There are many reports of people using CBD topically to treat burns, such as the case in which a burn from a car exhaust was treated with cannabis sativa oil on one half and antibiotic cream on the other. After only a few days, the side of the burn that was treated with CBD was healing significantly faster than the other half.

Pain management:

The same chemicals in CBD that reduce pain when ingested have been shown to reduce pain when administered topically. The medication offers fast-acting, location-specific pain relief without causing the wonky feelings of being stoned.


Swollen joints are painful, and can greatly reduce one’s over-all quality of life. By applying CBD hemp topicals directly to the inflamed areas, users have reportedly experienced less pain throughout the day and an easier time sleeping at night. This is especially important for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Treatment for skin infections:

There are many types of skin infections –both bacterial and fungal — that seem to improve with CBD. This will work for oral infections (such as an abscess tooth or canker sore) in addition to other infections like herpes or infected hair follicles, even shingles.

Improve skin elasticity:

Unlike smoking cannabis (which produces carcinogens and damages skin) applying CBD topically can actually improve the health of your skin, resulting in improved elasticity, reduced acne and more youthful-looking skin.

Shrink skin abnormalities:

Skin abnormalities such as warts and moles come from within the body. Applying a CBD tincture to the surface, however, then covering it with a waterproof bandage and leaving it to rest for a few days can rid the area of the imperfection or reduce the size of the abnormality by targeting the cells that produce it.

Cancer treatment:

As devastating of a disease as cancer is, its growth process is pretty basic; abnormal cells begin growing out of control, essentially ignoring their instructions from the protein p53 to self-destruct. CBD seems to work with the body to slow the growth of these cells and, in some cases, cause their destruction.

Evidence suggests that topical CBD could treat a multitude of additional ailments including migraine pain, psoriasis, menstrual cramps, excessive itching and bug bites. Just remember to avoid contact with eyes and opened wounds when experimenting with topical CBD, and seed medical attention for anything that might be serious.

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CBD Healing Company: Young Living’s As Seen on TV CBD Products

There are many different ways to take care of one’s health and wellness. These days, those who are looking for natural methods that may focus on reducing stress, agitation, anxiety, and the like, may want to consider adding a CBD product to their lifestyle. With the right CBD formula, men and women can get the full support that they are striving for. The good news is that this review may have a positive suggestion concerning a brand. With that, this review would like to introduce CBD Healing Co, a company who claims they are backed by Young Living Essential Oils and Shark Tank’s As Seen on TV Pro Kevin Harrington, as well as a young individual by the name of Ezra.

About CBD Healing Company

CBD Healing Co. is a brand that focuses on organic, proprietary cannabis blends. The formulas are rich in CBD + essential oils, that are formulated using beneficial, broad-spectrum CBD that has a wide product profile. The formulas are loaded with cannabinoids, they contain industrial hemp, terpenes, and other substances that work to enhance the formula and its quality. Further, as the brand explains on its website, the formulas are some of the purest products on the market. With the wide-range of products available, users can experience the full benefits of the product.

The Brand’s Process

Every brand has its own process when it comes to creating products. In this case, CBD Healing Co. explains on its website that it has an agreement with a Utah farm that distills the essential oils from organic plants and trees, resulting in a therapeutic-grade process. CBD Healing Co. provides the manufacturer with an abundance of essential oils that are rich in terpenes that work to provide synergy that may work to provide users with a range of benefits.

Further, the products are free of THC. The formulas also contain cannabinoids, and the end product is profile testing to reflect the CBD profile of the formula. The products are free from pesticides, toxins, GMO, and other substances that can detract from the overall quality of the formula. This also does not appear to be the only CBD oil company who Kevin Harrington has backed, who seems to have a big presence in the space. However, as we have reported before, be mindful and careful not to buy CBD oils claiming to be featured on Shark Tank as many of them can be outlandish and falsified.

A Family Owned Business

There are numerous considerations to take into account when choosing a brand and its products. One consideration is the type of business that one buys their products from. In this case, the brand is family owned, which means that the product may be given more attention and care than they would receive with larger brands. Further, the brand can be reached through its contact line available on the brand’s website.

There official phone number is 1 (833) 223-2873 (Corporate) and place of business is at:

5938 S.W. 17th Street Unit # 300
Topeka, Kansas 66604

Archer’s Arrows Distributor

CBD Healing Co. has a distributor. As the brand’s website explains, it has recently entered into a partnership to help improve its online shopping experience. The brand has partnered with Archer’s Arrows, which it explains “has the expertise when it comes to on-line distribution.” The brand is CBD Healing Co.’s distributor of its industrial hemp products that are rich in CBD and free of THC. The products also feature a range of essential oils. The website also explains that “The benefits are endless when it comes to our product.”


Overall, those who are looking for quality CBD products that may be able to provide users with the qualities that they are looking for may want to visit the CBD Healing Co. website today. To learn more and to get started, just visit the website at

We will have more news updates about CBD Healing Co. as they become available, but please leave us comments and feedback below.

There are many different ways to take care of one’s health and wellness. These days, those who are looking for natural methods that may focus on reducing stress, agitation, anxiety, and the like, may want to consider adding a CBD product to their lifestyle. With the right CBD formula, men and women can get the […]