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Vape CBD Additive

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CBGX Cannabigerol Vape Additive CBG & CBD *NEW EFFECTS*

  • 12% CBD
  • 1200mg CBG
  • 10ml

Unit price: £19.99

Love Hemp CBD Rich Vape Additive Nicotine Free

  • 5% CBD
  • 750mg CBD
  • 15ml

Unit price: £80.98

SALE PRICE: £59.99


  • 0.8% CBD
  • 500mg CBD
  • 10ml

Unit price: £24.99

SALE PRICE: £11.99


  • 1% CBD
  • 200mg CBD
  • 30ml

Unit price: £39.99

SALE PRICE: £12.99

Somnio Breathe CBD Vape Additive 500mg

  • 5% CBD
  • 500mg CBD
  • 10ml

Unit price: £54.00

SALE PRICE: £40.00

IVG Litt CBD Hemp Additive

  • 5% CBD
  • 500mg CBD
  • 10ml

Unit price: £11.24

CBD Leaf Vape Additives

  • 25% CBD
  • 2500mg CBD
  • 10ml

Unit price: £20.23

SALE PRICE: £14.99


  • 3.3% CBD
  • 1000mg CBD
  • 30ml

Unit price: £19.99

CANAVAPE 100mg CBD + CBG Eliquid

  • 1% CBD
  • 100mg CBD
  • 10ml

Unit price: £18.99

SALE PRICE: £13.99

Orange County CBD Booster Shot 1000mg 10ml E-liquid

  • 10% CBD
  • 1000mg CBD
  • 10ml

Unit price: £34.99

SALE PRICE: £24.99

Cannwell Triple C C8 MCT Oil CBD 30ml

  • 17% CBD
  • 5000mg CBD
  • 30ml

Unit price: £55.99

SALE PRICE: £49.99

Cannwell Hybrid EAT BREATHE Original CBD 30ml

  • 3% CBD
  • 600mg CBD
  • 30ml

Unit price: £45.00

SALE PRICE: £39.99

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At ICE Headshop we have a range of CBD additives available with unbeatable, high-quality standards! CBD additives can be used to add CBD to vaping e-liquids, and all extracts come from the highest standard of hemp.

Take your pick from a range of pure bases, up to 1000mg per bottle:

  • 1ml pipette
  • 10ml bottles
  • Made from pure CBD crystals

Each bottle is easy to use with a 1ml pipette to ensure you can add the right amount of CBD to your e-liquid, putting you in control. These additives can also be used in cosmetic and balms, just shake well before use.

Choose from tops brands like Harmony, Canavape and CBD Shotz and discover your new favourites. Order today at fantastic prices and earn ICE points for money off your next order, and we’ll deliver to you securely and discreetly. Got a question or can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Discover an unbeatable selection of high quality CBD additives at incredible prices! Shop now for different CBD concentrations, easily added to your vaping -qliquids.

CBD Vape Additive

CBD Vape Additives are raw, pure and solvent-free. These premium CBD vape additives are made with CBD oil from organic industrial hemp plants and mix well with other vape liquids.

Diamond CBD Vape Additive [16ml]
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Liquid Gold Vape Additive [12ml]
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Diamond CBD Vape Additive [5ml]
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Diamond CBD Vape Additive [12ml]
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Relax Vape Additive 12ml
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Diamond CBD Vape Additive [1ml]
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Common Questions

In which states am I not able to purchase Delta-8 products currently?

Currently, Delta-8 products are not legal for sale or purchase in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah. However, contact your state legislators and tell them about the wonder of Delta-8 and ask them to change the law today!

Is Delta-8 legal for sale in MIssissippi?

Yes! Due to a change in the law, Delta-8 products can now be sold and purchased in the state of Mississippi.

Is there a product warranty for my 5To rechargeable vape pen/batteries and what does it entail?

The product warranty is limited to those of the manufacturer. Please refer to the manufacturer website for details. Warranty does not cover collateral damage. Misuse, abuse, incorrect charging and other inappropriate use (failure to strictly follow the safety warnings and instructions set forth in this FAQ, within the packaging and its instructions, and contained on the manufacturer’s website) of this product are not covered under any warranty. Lightfire Group LLC, and Kanger Wholesale USA and their affiliates make and extend no warranties or representations.

What should I know about my 5To battery’s lifecycle?

Batteries that lose 20 percent of their capacity must be removed from service and disposed of properly. We recommend that you inspect and replace your batteries often. Batteries which have been stored and not placed in service for two(2) months should be discarded and not be charged or used.

What is the 5To battery’s operating charging temperature?

Your batteries should always be used at the following temperatures:

  • 32 to 113-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Discharge: 32 to 140-degree Fahrenheit

Let the batteries cool down to an ambient temperature before charging. During discharge and handling of batteries, do not exceed 160-degree Fahrenheit.

How do I care for my 5To batteries in a safe manner?

  • Charge the batteries with a good quality Lithium Polymer charger. A poor-quality charger can be dangerous and must not be used.
  • Set voltage and current correctly (failure to do so can cause fire).
  • Please check cell voltage after the first charge. For Example:
    • 1-Cell: 4.2V (4.15 to 4.22)
    • 2-Cell: 8.4V (8.32 to 8.44)
    • 3-Cell: 12.6V (12.48 to 12.66)
    • 4-Cell: 16.8V (16.64 to 16.88)
    • 5-Cell: 18.5V (18.30 to 18.60)
  • Do not discharge the batteries to a level below 3V per cell under load. Deep discharge below 3V per cell can deteriorate battery performance.
  • Use caution to avoid puncture of the cell. Puncture of cells may cause a fire.
  • Charging the battery every 2 months to keep it fresh if you don’t use it.

What are the best practices for storing and transporting my 5To batteries?

When storing and transporting your batteries, you must adhere to the following safety precautions at all times:

  • Store your batteries at room temperature between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.
  • Do not expose the battery pack to direct sunlight (heat) for extended periods.
  • When transporting or temporarily storing your batteries in a vehicle, the temperature range should be greater than 20 degrees Fahrenheit but no more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Storing your batteries at temperatures greater than 170 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time (more than 2 hours) may cause damage to battery and possible fire.
  • Do not stack batteries.
  • Do not carry loose batteries in your pocket.
  • Keep batteries away from metal objects (keys, coins, jewelry, cell phones etc.).
  • Keep batteries away from flammable material.
  • Keep batteries in their case or other insulated material.
  • Periodically check batteries for signs of wear and tear. If observed, dispose of the batteries.
  • Do expose batteries to moisture, direct sunlight or unsafe temperature.

Are there any additional best practices for charging my 5To batteries that I should know about?

In addition to the basic list of best practices, please take note of the following:

  • Do not charge your battery packs in series. Charge each battery pack individually. Failure to do so may result in incorrect battery recognition and charging functions. Overcharging may occur, and fire may result.
  • When selecting the cell count or voltage for charging purposes, select the cell count and voltage as it appears on the battery label. As a safety precaution, please confirm the information printed on the battery is correct.
    • Example: The label on a 2-Cell battery pack in series will read charge as 2-Cell (7.4V) or may cause fire. You must select 2-Cell for charging.
    • Example: The label on a 3-Cell battery pack in series will read charge as 3-Cell (11.1V) or may cause fire. You must select 3-Cell for charging.
  • Selecting a cell count other than the one printed on the battery (always confirm label is correct), can cause fire.
  • You must select the charge rate current that does not exceed the battery’s allowed charging current. (Please double check the battery’s specification)

What are the best practices to ensure I charge my 5To batteries safely?

To charge your batteries properly and ensure that nothing goes wrong during the process, adhere to the following best practices at all times:

  • Never charge your batteries unattended.
  • Put your batteries in a fireproof container and charge them in an isolated area, away from other flammable materials. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby for emergency use.
  • Do not overcharge your batteries
  • Keep batteries and chargers away from children and pets
  • Do not charge batteries overnight
  • Do not charge your batteries or device with a phone, tablet, or standard USB port.
  • Do not modify, remove or disable security features of your charger or device
  • Charge on a flat surface and ventilated area.
  • Let the battery cool down to ambient temperature before charging.

What are some best practices to ensure the safety of my 5To batteries?

To ensure the safety of your new rechargeable batteries, adhere to the following best practices at all times:

  • Do not cut any terminal wires or solder any connections.
  • Never store or charge your battery pack inside your car in extreme temperatures, since extreme temperature could ignite fire.
  • Never drop the batteries.
  • Never modify the batteries.
  • Do not use a damaged charger or one which has been dropped
  • Keep the batteries clean
  • Do not re-wrap batteries
  • We suggest you put the battery in an enclosure to protect it from damages by liquid, accident, or dropping from a height accidentally.

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CBD Vape Additives are raw, pure and solvent-free. These premium CBD vape additives are made with CBD oil from organic industrial hemp plants and mix well with other vape liquids.