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Cannadips (CBD Pouches) – Review. 25 February 2020.

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Today I’m going to be reviewing something that I’ve had a lot of requests for: Cannadips CBD Pouches. I’m a snus user, and I don’t use CBD, but I’ve had people asking for me to review these for months, so this will be a fun experiment! My wife is actually a CBD user, so for this review I had to actually get her input. I think she also planned on taking the rest of these after I was done going through my review. Before we get into this review, I’m going to do some background and info on these products for those who may not know much about CBD.

This is how Cannadips describes this product: “We utilize a proprietary process that preserves the valuable terpene and flavonoid compounds found in our American grown hemp, which in turn increases CBD bio-availability and allows for quick mucosal absorption directly in the mouth. We then extract any residual THC so you can be sure you’re getting a quality THC-free, Broad Spectrum Hemp product in the end. Cannadips provides a truly elevated CBD experience.

Via the Cannadips website, CBD is “short for cannabidiol, and is one of the many plant-produced cannabinoid compounds and found within the hemp plant. You can source CBD from many different types of cannabis.” says CBD is “effective at relieving anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and improving sleep”. Inside each Cannadips pouch you’ll find a proprietary fiber blend (coconut fiber, roasted chicory root), vegetable glycerin, cane sugar, organic palm oil, hemp CBD flakes (acacia tree gum, hemp concentrate, potato maltodextrin), natural flavors, and xanthan gum.

The Reviews
In these reviews, I’ll discuss the aroma, how the portion feels in the mouth, the taste, and how long the flavor lasts. At the end, Mrs. Snubie will provide input on the effect of this product and how it feels compared to her usual type of CBD, the oil and the gummies. Now, on to the reviews!

Cannadips CBD Pouches: American Flavor

Flavor Description: “American features a blend of cinnamon/chocolate with a hint of craft coffee.
Can Contents: 8.25g, 15 pouches, 0.55g each
CBD Content: 10mg CBD per pouch

When you open the can, there is a present smell of cinnamon. It reminds me a lot of Big Red gum! There’s also a spicy hint of cayenne. The portions are soft to the touch, and feel great under the upper lip. The flavor is a present taste of cinnamon, along with a hint of cayenne, and a light touch of chocolate. I find the flavor, on average, lasts up to about an hour!

When you open the can, there is a present smell of lemon. It’s not too sour, and is a little bit tangy. It reminds me a lot of Lemonheads candies. The portions are soft to the touch, and feel comfortable under the upper lip. The flavor is mostly lemon – it comes through in a tart/tangy way! The flavor, on average, lasts up to about an hour! Of the three, this one was my favorite.

The aroma of this one is a smooth, gentle peppermint aroma. It’s not overly sweet, but has just the right amount of sweetness to it. The portions are soft to the touch, and feel comfortable under the upper lip! It has a light cooling presence and freshness to it. The flavor is a smooth, mildly sweet, gentle peppermint flavor. Its quite refreshing! The flavor, on average lasts about an hour.

Cannadips: The Effect / Delivery

While I don’t personally use CBD, my wife does. She uses the oil, and the gummies. When it came to the effect and delivery, I asked for her input, as an experienced CBD user. She said she enjoyed how discrete and easy to use these were when she wanted CBD. She also noticed the delivery to be a bit quicker than her usual products, and found they worked great when she had a headache, and some mild back pain. While she doesn’t use any oral tobacco products like I do, she said she would gladly finish all these cans and would buy more in the future.

Cannadips: Final Thoughts

These products aren’t for me personally, as I’m not a CBD user. But, I was surprised to find how many snusers and smokeless tobacco users enjoy CBD. I find for those looking for a discrete way to enjoy CBD, this product would be right up their alley. It’s easy to use, has quality flavors, and a fast release of CBD! Mrs. Snubie, however, is in love, and will be using more of these in the future! Search This Blog Cannadips (CBD Pouches) – Review. 25 February 2020. Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other Apps Today I’m going to

Cannadips: Product Review

We had so much fun with our review for Caliva’s GIO cartridges, we decided to keep going. Next up for review, Cannadips, out of Humboldt, California.

What are Cannadips?

Cannadips are pretty much exactly what they sound like: cannabis-infused dip pouches, meant to fit between your cheek and gums like tobacco dip; However, these pouches are tobacco-free and spitless (meaning, no sketchy dip bottles required).

How do Cannadips work?

Each dip pouch quickly delivers 10 mg of THC (or CBD) into your system via your mouth’s mucous membranes. And we do mean quickly – we felt effects as soon as 10 minutes after dipping a pouch. The instructions say to keep the pouch in your mouth up to 2 hours, and that really is a pouch’s limit – by then the flavor is generally gone.

The pouches’ proclivity to tear if you maneuver them too much is probably the only negative to this product. Even then, it’s one we can live with, as there is so much to love about these wonderful little edibles. They’re low sugar, with no synthetic flavorings. They’re discreet (the packaging tin is not actually made of tin, so it’ll pass through a metal detector), fast-acting and tasty. So tasty, in fact, that we tried all three flavors and four formulations.

Cannadips Flavors

Cannadips are available in Citrus, Mint and American flavors. Each tin comes with 15 pouches infused with 10 mg of THC, and Mint is also available in a CBD formulation.

Citrus Cannadips (THC)

We are in love with the Citrus formulation. The moment you place a pouch in your mouth you’ll taste a wave of sweet lemon citrus, enough to make your cheeks pucker with delight. There’s just absolutely amazing flavor to these; even more than an hour after dipping, that fruitiness still came through. Our advice? Skip the citrus-infused microbrews and dip Citrus Cannadips instead. Hell, skip everything else and dip Citrus Cannadips instead.

Grade: A+++

(And you got all the extra-credit questions, even the one that got cut off by the copy machine.)

A tin of Citrus Cannadips sitting on a ledge.

” data-medium-file=”×261.jpg” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”Citrus Cannadips are the best marijuana edible in California.” width=”643″ height=”559″ srcset=” 643w,×261.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 643px) 100vw, 643px” /> Citrus Cannadips out of Humboldt, CA. Discreet, fast-acting and tasty marijuana edibles.

Mint Cannadips (THC/CBD)

Want to get a little buzz while also making your breath minty fresh? Dip a Mint THC pouch. This formulation is intense – at times the mint was so minty it stung – and will give you the kick in the teeth you need to get up and moving in the morning. Mint also paired quite well with our coffee.

The CBD formulation comes in the same mint flavor, so you’ll still get that minty kick to the face, just none of the buzz. This one is great for weekday mornings – there’s just enough CBD to ease that commute anxiety and put you in a calm state of mind for work.

Grade: A

American Cannadips (THC)

If you like cinnamon and chicory, American flavor is for you. American was our least favorite of the three flavors (please stop booing), but they’re a nice, strong mix of spices – a little like Red Hots, a little like that rich, woody coffee substitute. We hear that chicory coffee is a great way to reduce your caffeine intake, but who wants to do that, really?

Grade: B

Overall Cannadips Grade: A

Cannadips are currently Cannabis and Caffeine’s favorite edible of 2018. Each pouch tucks neatly and discreetly in your mouth. There’s nothing to eat and nothing to spit. The pouches mimic the look of tobacco dip, pack a ton of flavor and are perfect for getting (or keeping) a buzz at any time of day.

Want to try Cannadips? Head over to Weedmaps and find a dispensary near you.

Cannadips are discreet, fast-acting and flavorful edibles. Discover why Cannadips are Cannabis and Caffeine's favorite edible of 2018.