blueberry cbd

Blueberry cbd

For those who didn’t follow my grow this one seed had some strange results. First was noticing early budding with quite a few leaves that had only 3 – 4 fingers, deformed and overall looked small compared to the others. I originally thought that I had a defective auto blueberry but that was not the case. And to make sure it wasn’t environmental I checked the other plants to see if there were any similar or odd symptoms. I found nothing, acknowledging this was a unique case. Clones were unstable, auto flowered after 3 weeks. Another odd thing to mention is the fact that this is supposed to be an indica dominant strain, this was a sativa dominant (Thai genetics) really thin leaves and airy buds. Though this was a unexpected event she made it to 17 weeks and a lot of plant training. If anything I learned from this experience, hopefully this doesn’t happen again soon!

I loved the scent but the effect was lacking, quite a bit. Mind you this is what I experienced with the quick cure product. Harsh, and a weird aftertaste (only present in CBD) that is hard to explain. I will grow more cbd in the future to see if the results are consistent (unstable clones, leaf mutations, etc). I’m hoping for the best, I’m sure this was just one of those seeds that don’t make the cut genetically.

Still a bit underwhelming, I have to use about 3x my normal dose (.22g – .26g) to about .70g – 1.2g. I notice that my body will experience fatigue, heaviness, musculoskeletal release, and anti anxiety effects. This can’t be used as a daytime medication due to the lethargy like side effects. Works better as a blender, used a bit with Mazar for a pleasant relaxing experience. As this batch cured I noted that the harshness and and weird aftertaste was faintly noticeable, and the smell just gets better!

:white_medium_square: Pleasant scent :white_medium_square: Good yield :white_medium_square: 1:1 ratio (7% thc/cbd) :white_medium_square: Resistant to high nutrient levels

:white_medium_square: Early flowering (without environmental stress) :white_medium_square: Not suited for topping, fiming, manifolding techniques :white_medium_square: Unstable clones, will flower in 3-4 weeks consistently :white_medium_square: Deformed structure and leaves (11% of leaves had 3-4 fingers :white_medium_square: Sativa dominant when advertised as an Indica :white_medium_square: Small and weak compared to the other strains from GCS :white_medium_square: Hermied (though not much just a few seeds)

Well, this was a hard strain to manage but in the long run I think it turned out okay. 56g is not a bad harvest, and the product is pleasant when paired with other strains. I will grow this strain again so I can review a better specimen, I don’t want to leave this strain at a low rating for long when the potential is there!

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Blueberry Dream CBD Oil

Our full-spectrum CBD oil is the most effective and fast acting delivery of CBD. With a slight sweet blueberry taste and aroma, it is 100% vegan, gluten free, soy free, and sugar free. Every bottle contains rich cannabinoid oil, locally extracted from organic hemp plants and blended with organic coconut oil as a carrier.

  • Type: Tincture
  • Bottle Size: 30ml
  • Flavor: Blueberry
  • Details
  • Instructions
  • Raw Hemp Oil Extract Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Medium-Chained-Triglyce (MCT)
  • Natural Flavorings
  • Contains Coconut

Adults: Take 1-2 droppers under the tongue up to two times daily.

Shake well before using. Store in a cool, dry placed away from light.

Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.


Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women. If taking medication, consult physician before use.

Our full-spectrum CBD oil is the most effective and fast acting delivery of CBD. With a slight sweet blueberry taste and aroma, it is 100% vegan, gluten free…