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Top Answers for CBD Searches on Reddit [Including Best CBD Oil Reddit]

Here’s the great thing about Reddit: since it’s an open worldwide forum built up of millions of regular, everyday people, it can (generally) be trusted to provide top-notch, accurate, and completely unbiased information on any topic in the world.

The way that people search for information on the internet is ever-evolving, and Reddit has without a doubt become one of the go-to sources for average, everyday folk just like you and me.

As of 2017, for example, it boasted more that 540 million monthly visitors, making it the fourth most-visited website in the U.S. and the ninth most-visited site in the world.

So, if you’ve ever typed into google “best CBD oil reddit” or have ever found yourself browsing the forum for unbiased, firsthand information on top CBD oils, CBD vape juices, and/or any other kind of medical cannabis product, you’re certainly not alone. In this article, we’ve gathered up the most popular medical marijuana Reddit questions and answers and have brought them to you in a single, comprehensive guide. Enjoy!

Reddit FAQ on CBD #1

Is CBD effective for treating pain?

If you’ve been trying to find some quality input on the effects of CBD oil for chronic pain, Reddit certainly isn’t a bad place to read some first hand user reviews. While you’ll of course find a handful of outliers saying that CBD is useless and doesn’t work at all for them, it won’t take you long to realize that the majority of first hand accounts are extremely positive. Here’s what spacecrafts145 had to say on the subject:

“I smoke/vape a high strain of CBD weed for my chronic pain when it’s been a really bad pain day, and it works wonders! Before Botox (migraines) I took 35 mg CBD capsules from CWHemp daily, and that always worked great for relieving my everyday pain.”

[On a side note CWHemp capsules are actually one of the most popular choices in regard to CBD for pain. You can check out their current supply at]

In terms of actual research, studies around the use of CBD are ongoing. As cannabis starts to become more accepted and understood by society, though, further research will inevitably be done. And in any regard, there have already been dozens of published studies showing that CBD might be an effective treatment for pain.

Several of these studies show that CBD might have a use for treating pain associated with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic inflammation, and nerve degeneration, to name just a few. And of course, many people love the fact that CBD is non-psychoactive, which means that it doesn’t give you that high feeling. Also, based on a global report published by the World Health Organization in 2017, CBD poses very minimal side-effects and no “adverse public health effects.”

In terms of its chemical function, researchers believe that CBD interacts primarily with receptors in the brain and immune system. This interaction is ultimately what causes a reduction in inflammation and pain, and while researchers agree that there isn’t yet conclusive data to support CBD oil as the preferred method of pain management (as compared to OTC analgesics like ibuprofen, for example), CBD-infused products are seeming to offer a lot of potential for thousands of people.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #2

How does CBD help with anxiety?

There is a massive ongoing forum on Reddit called “your experiences with CBD and anxiety” – if you’ve ever wanted to read some excellent real life, first-hand success stories of people using CBD oil for anxiety, it’s definitely worth checking out. Here’s what one user, West1n, had to say about their experiences:

“I find CBD to be very effective in treating the PHYSICAL symptoms of anxiety such as restless limbs, tight muscles, and trouble sitting still. For the mental aspect … I find that THC is more effective. That being said, the THC that I ingest when I’m anxious is VERY little compared to the CBD.”

In addition to being effective on a therapeutic level, there is no doubt that CBD is a lot healthier for you than any of the numerous big pharma drugs that doctors commonly prescribe for anxiety. Think Prozac, Zoloft, and even tranquilizers (the most popular of which are benzodiazepines like Valium and Xanax). These all come with some terrible side effects and are often highly addictive. While they may work for some people, they are definitely not the desired choice for everyone.

Numerous studies have actually been conducted on CBD and there is evidence to suggest that CBD has powerful anti-anxiety properties. Moreover, like we just discussed it’s safe to use, well-tolerated and can potentially be used to treat a range of anxiety-related disorders such as social phobia, panic disorder, PTSD, OCD, and mild to moderate depression.

CBD exerts several actions in the brain that explain why it could be effective in treating anxiety, and it has been proven effective in boosting cell signaling via a serotonin receptor 5-HT1A agonist. The 5-HT1A receptor is important because it’s known to be involved in the chemical pathways of both depression and anxiety.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #3

How do you know how much CBD you should use?

Correct CBD dosages will vary from person to person and can be influenced by several factors. The unfortunate fact is that even with the waves of states in America that are legalizing marijuana, physicians are still legally unable to prescribe cannabinoids because it remains illegal on a federal level, and thus is not FDA-approved.

As you might guess, then, many people are left totally in the dark with regards to how much CBD they should take. CBD-rich hemp oil comes in various forms, including liquid hemp oil, hemp oil paste, capsules, sprays, salves for topical use, edibles (as in candy or gummies), and CBD vape juices for vape pens (which are similar to e-cigarettes). As you can see, in terms of finding a valid answer to the question “how much CBD to take,” Reddit is actually a great resource because it lets you get a range of ideas from hundreds of different people, all with varying conditions and circumstances.

If you’re using CBD to treat chronic pain, for example, you might find that anywhere between 2.5 to 20 mg daily over an average span of 25 days is a sufficient amount to achieve positive results. If it’s for epilepsy, on the other hand, you’ll find that the majority of Reddit users will be using anywhere between 200-300 mg daily. For sleeping disorders, an evening dose of 40-160 mg of CBD seems to be common. In any regard, though, you need to remember that there is NO single dosage specification that will work on all levels for all people.

In general, it’s been said to start off with a very small dosage and then up the dosage gradually until you notice significant changes in your condition. If you start having any negative side effects at all, then you’ll, of course, want to decrease the dosage or stop taking the oil immediately.

Here’s what one Reddit user, FourTwinTea, recommends for anxiety relief:

“Most people I know with anxiety tend to use between 15-25 mg daily, however it does take some playing around to find what dose and what routine works best for you … I would say dosing at lower levels throughout the day is probably more beneficial. Soft gel caps aren’t a bad way of getting CBD into your system, but you may find you have better results with a sublingual [under the tongue] product [instead].”

PureKana is currently manufacturing one of the most reputable and effective sublingual oils on the market, and they offer 100% legal shipping to all 50 U.S. states. You can browse their range of products at

Reddit FAQ on CBD #4

What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

The main difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is which part of the plant they originate from, and what parts of the plant are used. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant by pressing them under extreme pressure to extract the fatty oil from within. This oil is actually highly nutritious and has many beneficial applications, but isn’t considered medicinal. CBD oil, on the other hand, originates from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the cannabis plant and has much more of a medicinal effect.

A lot of the confusion comes down to what the differences are between hemp and cannabis. While these are technically the same species of plant, various strains of cannabis have been bred to retain different levels of cannabinoids. Of course, this results in unique genetics used for diverse purposes, with the chemical content of each strain essentially making all the difference. CBD oil, is of course very high in CBD, while hemp oil contains relatively little CBD. Also, the seeds of the cannabis plant hold little CBD – not nearly enough to take advantage of its medicinal properties. This is why CBD oil is emerging as a medicine with many applications (and a lot of science to back it up), while hemp oil is not medicinal but is rather packed full of nutrients that make it a great food or supplement.

To sum up, although CBD can be derived from hemp (if the extraction process is done correctly), both CBD and hemp oils are made from different parts of the plant, and thus have different purposes. CBD oil is generally used medicinally to help treat inflammation, sleep disorders, and pain, whereas hemp oil is usually used as a supplement for food because of its high nutrition content. Also, many people use hemp for its remedial properties in the treatment of hair and skin, typically in infused lotion or soap products.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #5

How does CBD compare with other popular pain relievers or anxiety drugs?

Simply put, CBD is a natural treatment and traditional medications are not. While CBD could make you a little fuzzy, it doesn’t have the same side effects that you would find in medications such as benzodiazepines like Xanax or Klonopin. In addition to being highly addictive, these drugs are known to have severe withdrawal effects and can be dangerous when mixed with alcohol. CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have any of these issues.

Because CBD is a natural product that originates from a plant (rather than engineered in a lab as a prescription drug), it makes sense that it should not present a hazard to your health; there are no harsh chemicals or environmentally questionable practices that go into its production, and there are no added ingredients or toxic agents in the natural resin. Simply put, you likely couldn’t find a much more health or eco-friendly treatment than CBD oil for anxiety, even if you searched the world over from end to end, so be it that your chosen products are responsibly sourced.

When it comes to other, more naturally sourced anxiolytics such as theanine, ashwagandha, and bacopa, the way these options impact their consumer when compared to CBD greatly depends upon the individual. For some, these selections are more effective, while others feel greater success with CBD. It is important to listen to your body and try out various choices to determine what is right for you.

Also, one other important thing to note here (and which is mentioned on Reddit time and time again), is the many different ways in which you can consume CBD oil and other CBD-based products; you, of course, have the option to ingest it as an edible, but you can also take it under the tongue, use it topically (on the skin), or inhale it in a CBD vape pen.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #6

How does CBD affect your focus, motivation and productivity?

Believe it or not, CBD has actually been used by some as an effective treatment for concentration, energy levels, and mood. Researchers have recently discovered that many people who have trouble focusing are affected by clinical endocannabinoid deficiency, or CECD, wherein abnormally low levels of the body’s natural cannabinoids cause a shift in mental balance. But, if a person with CECD increases their cannabinoids through CBD consumption, the theory is that the deficiency would reverse, and thereby promote improved mental clarity and an enhanced level of focus.

Furthermore, several research studies have shown that CBD improves energy levels by strengthening individual body cells. By ensuring that the body’s cells are in good working condition, CBD promotes wakefulness throughout the day.

It’s important to remember that CBD is a component of cannabis – it’s not cannabis itself. Marijuana contains both THC and CBD, and both of the compounds have different effects. While there are strains of marijuana that are used for insomnia and can make you feel more relaxed (and perhaps lazy), CBD is known to help with focus and motivation levels, as noted by Reddit users who made the following claims:

“Yes, it helps me focus by lowering my stress. My [blood pressure] is down 10 points thanks to CBD. I can deal with more sh** [now].”

“…CBD has the potential to interact with the dopamine system of the brain (a neurotransmitter responsible for focus, memory, and mental awareness). Once an individual starts experiencing a lower focus and attention, it is all because of the dropping dopamine level.”

Reddit FAQ on CBD #7

Are there any adverse effects of long-term CBD use? Can it lead to some kind of dependency or sensitization?

Generally speaking, CBD is considered to be safe and has very few side effects, none of which are particularly serious.

A few known CBD side effects:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism/decreased activities of p-glycoprotein and other drug transporters
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased tremor in some Parkinson’s patients

However, the long-term effects of CBD have not yet been studied. There is emerging evidence that chronic use of cannabis (containing THC) may lead to long-term impairment in cognitive functioning, but specific studies have not yet been conducted on CBD use alone, in the absence of THC.

Based on a recent global report by the World Health Organization, CBD is not addictive and there is no risk of dependency. Because CBD products are made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp, they are also non-habit forming (THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that is said to create dependency amongst some people). Moreover, CBD does not stimulate the brain’s dopamine-based reward system.

Ultimately, at this point in time, the long-term effects of CBD use are best judged using anecdotal evidence from frequent, daily users, and this is another instance in which the first-hand information on Reddit can be extremely valuable. Here’s what SeeBeeDee123 had to say about the cannabinoid’s potential long-term effects:

“Long term side effects include better health, wellness, neurogenesis, reduced anxiety and depression, and lowered chance of developing… autoimmune disorders.”

Likewise, aaronthedragon mimicked the sentiment by claiming:

“…(used it for 3 months now) – and I thought the same thing; ‘Dear lord I hope I can use this forever’ … It just gets better and better the more consistently I take it. It’s helped me gain weight by relaxing my intestines, I’ve gotten engaged, I’ve started a dream job and getting myself through college. Life is good, CBD is a miracle.”

Reddit FAQ on CBD #8

Is there any reason to use a CBD isolate over a full-spectrum CBD oil?

Before we answer this question, let’s just clarify the difference between these two products. Simply put, CBD isolate is the pure, isolated CBD compound all by itself. It exists as a white-ish powder and contains no other active compounds. Full-spectrum oil, on the other hand, contains other active plant compounds in addition to the CBD. This includes other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBL, and CBCVA, as well as aromatic cannabis terpenes like pinene and limonene.

In our opinion, full-spectrum CBD oil could actually be more effective than a CBD isolate, and there are indeed lab reports to back this up. It was initially believed that pure CBD was the “gold standard” of cannabis since of course it was 100% pure and had incredible medicinal benefits. However, researchers recently discovered what is now known as the entourage effect, which describes the functioning of CBD alongside other cannabis plant compounds (rather than by itself). As it turns out, CBD appears to be much more effective when used with other compounds, as opposed to when it is used as a pure isolate.

However, this widely depends on what your purpose in taking CBD is. The advantage of CBD isolate is that it comes in an easily-measurable powder, which makes it great for those individuals who are trying to calculate exact personal dosages down to the milligram. For the large majority of average users, though, a high-quality, full-spectru m CBD oil is the better, more efficient option. As an example, mystery_lollipop is a Reddit user that has tried both CBD isolates and full-spectrum products, and here is what they had to say about their personal experience with the two:

“…absolutely the best results from a [full-spectrum] product hands down. Doesn’t even compare to isolate for me. the effects feel more “complete” if that makes sense and I get a calm that I don’t experience from isolate. Add in terps [terpenes] for customization and I’m set!”

Reddit FAQ on CBD #9

What is the best CBD oil Reddit discusses?

It would be impossible to count up the number of CBD oil brands that are discussed on Reddit, even though that’s one of the main reasons why people visit the site (i.e. to find quality, reliable CBD products).

While the majority of CBD oils don’t really differ all that much from one another, you will find – if you dig deep enough through the forums – that a few brands consistently pop up in terms of producing great results, and having exceptionally high levels of customer service. Here are some of the best CBD oils Reddit discusses, in no particular order:

    • PureKana CBD Oil: PureKana is made from hemp oil that’s rich in CBD, which means they don’t get you high. They’re also available for shipment to all 50 U.S. states, and every one of their products comes plain or flavored with vanilla or mint. Here’s what one Reddit user, Sateliite_ had to say: “One serving of the PureKana CBD isolate oil, however, almost completely blunts the pain. And quickly. I’m kind of surprised, I thought for sure the Receptra was going to do a better job for my pain. I also found PureKana to be energizing… Also, haha, when my husband takes a serving of the PureKana he is suddenly less inclined to scroll news all day and mutter “blah.” In fact, he is suddenly interested in fixing everything in the house.”
    • Green Roads World: The self-proclaimed goal of Green Roads is to provide the best CBD oil and hemp-based products that are capable of replacing prescription medications for pain, anxiety, depression, and more. Their CBD oil comes in different sizes and strengths, and it consistently pops up on forums as being one of the most reliable and potent tinctures out there.
    • CW Charlotte’s Web: CW Hemp’s CBD line just might be the best-selling CBD products in America. The brand was founded by the now-legendary Stanley brothers, and each and every one of their tinctures is made with the high CBD cannabis strain, Charlotte’s Web. If you haven’t heard the story, Charlotte’s Web was named after Charlotte Figi, a six-year-old girl that was essentially cured of Dravet’s Syndrome – one of the rarest and most debilitating forms of chronic epilepsy. Normally suffering from numerous seizures daily, after consuming CBD oil, her seizures decreased to zero in the first week and were immensely minimized thereafter. CW’s line of CBD products includes CBD oil, capsules, and hemp-infused topicals.
  • CBD Essence: This brand currently offers three different potencies of CBD oil tinctures that come in 150, 300, or 600 mg bottles, and they have been mentioned numerous times as producing magnificent results – particularly for anxiety and insomnia. Moreover, t he company utilizes reputable third-party lab testing to make the quality and contents of each of their CBD products transparent to the consumer.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #10

What’s the best way to consume CBD?

This is another one of those answers that will vary wildly from person to person, and thus it can really help to hear what folks on Reddit are saying. Ultimately, it completely depends on what your preference is and what you are using CBD for. Based on reviews of dozens of separate forums and thousands of user comments, here are the most common ways of consuming CBD:

    • Swallow and Ingest: It seems that even with the popularity of sublingual (under the tongue) drops, a lot of people choose to use CBD capsules to great effect. In fact, this may just be one of the most common ways to take CBD, and if you’re looking for ultimate convenience (and/or hate the taste of raw hemp oil), the easy-to-swallow and tasteless capsules may be your best bet.
    • Hold CBD Under the Tongue: Another one of the best ways to take CBD, Reddit says, is to hold the oil under the tongue. This offers faster delivery because the CBD gets to bypass both the digestive system (it’s absorbed through glands instead) and metabolization in the liver. Here’s what GreenMountainCBD has to say about the effectiveness of sublingual oral drops as compared to other forms of CBD: “…[sublingual] is a preferred method of ingestion for many. You may notice that the CBD enters you system more quickly. Depending on the product, you may also notice an increased effect from the CBD as it may be more effective this way.”
    • Vape: Vaping CBD offers a “lung-friendly” way of inhaling the natural herb, and allows the CBD and other trace cannabinoids to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the large surface area of the capillary-wrapped alveoli. When searching online for the best CBD vape oils, Reddit certainly is one of the top resources to check out. Here’s some valuable firsthand information from MMA_Lifestyle: “Try vaping a proper full-spectrum oil as opposed to an eliquid (eliquids are mixed with pg and vg and not as potent I find). It feels like an amazing body high where your mind is very clear, but your whole body just feels relaxed and good.”
    • Chew as Gum: For many people, it seems, chewing CBD gum is an enjoyable (and super effective) way to get their daily CBD intake.
    • Mix CBD With Your Favorite Food or Drink: A lot of people on Reddit like to talk about blending CBD in with their favorite food and drinks, and indeed the fatty acids found in foods can serve as an ideal carrier for cannabinoids like CBD, allowing them to move through the body for faster processing.
    • Rub CBD on Your Skin: CBD products are also available in the form of topicals; through CBD-infused products like lotions and salves, you can apply the CBD directly to the skin. In terms of the best CBD topical creams out there, when browsing through forums for “CBD for arthritis,” Reddit users seem to consistently mention that Green Road’s 300 mg pain cream produces fantastic results.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #11

How and where to purchase CBD?

These days, there are plenty of CBD products available for sale online and many companies ship worldwide. However, keep in mind that as CBD becomes more popular, there are many ‘bogus’ companies out there looking to scam people in order to make a quick profit. It’s wise to always do thorough research on a company, check their reviews, and ensure that they are legit before buying from them, as you need to be sure you are going to receive the real thing and not some knock-off snake oil product.

CBD products come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, so here are some of the criteria that Reddit users say to consider before making a purchase (many of them got ripped off by sub-par brands, and had to learn the hard way).

What to consider: Details
Concentration This refers to how much CBD is in the product. Check the milligrams to compare different products.
Ease of Use Some CBD products are easier to use than others – i.e. oils are as easy as dropping them under your tongue, while vape oil requires a vaporizer and some experience vaping.
Immediacy of Effects This refers to how quickly you will feel the effects of CBD, and it will vary from product to product. With vaporizing, for instance, you feel the effects immediately, while capsules can take 1-2 hours for the effects to kick in.
Length of Effect A general rule of thumb is that the slower CBD takes to absorb, the longer the effects will last.
Taste Some products might have a distinct hemp flavor, while others come in a variety of flavors. And of course, many products (like capsules) will have no flavor at all.

Again, as we mentioned previously, some of the most reputable and well-known brands according to Reddit users are PureKana, CW Hemp, Green Roads, CBD Essence, and Elixinol. All of them ship 100% legally within the United States.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #12

Will I get high from using CBD?

When browsing the question “does CBD get you high,” Reddit users resounded with a virtually unanimous “NO.” Since CBD is not psychoactive and does not influence CB1 receptors in the brain, it has no intoxicating effects whatsoever on the mind. Rather, it is used purely for its medicinal benefits. In other words, CBD oil does not get you high in the way that smoking, vaping, or ingesting marijuana with high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) does.

THC is the compound that is responsible for the hazy, stoned, euphoric, sometimes mind-altering thoughts and feelings that are typically associated with marijuana use, and CBD by itself has none of the above effects. In fact, it’s thought that CBD could actually counteract the effects of THC, especially when the CBD content of a given strain is higher than the THC level.

That being said, CBD does have a potent and noticeably relaxing effect, which is one of the properties that makes it so great for sufferers of anxiety and stress. The marijuana plant contains over 100 chemical compounds, and many people mistakenly assume that any compound associated with weed will make them high. However, they couldn’t be more wrong because, on the contrary, THC is the most well-known compound for its psychoactive effects (this is why those looking for the effect of being high will typically look for strains with super high THC content). CBD, on the other hand, is notorious for its medicinal properties and can be used to treat various conditions.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #13

How does CBD make you feel?

There are many people who use CBD as a nutritional supplement or medicinal alternative, and there are dozens of claims on Reddit that it provides a heightened sense of relaxation after taking their daily CBD oil serving. Again, this is one of the reasons why CBD is so often used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression – it offers a soothing calmness, so to speak, with none of the side effects of other drugs.

In terms of its pharmacology, CBD affects multiple sets of receptors all throughout the body, and rather than binding to your cannabinoid receptors directly (like THC does), it exhibits an indirect influence on the agonists, which thereby increases the levels of endocannabinoids that are produced by the body. This is what causes the waves of relief and relaxation that can be felt throughout the whole body when CBD is ingested orally or vaporized.

However, to be clear, the effects of CBD are pretty mild; many first time users have said on Reddit that they looked down at their watch after about 30 minutes after ingesting, and thought, “I don’t feel anything… is it even working?” An hour or so later, though, they say they had completely forgotten about their existent pain, anxiety, inflammation, etc. – the bottom line is that CBD is subtle but very effective for many.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #14

What is a tincture of CBD oil?

CBD can be administered in many forms, from smoking to eating to rubbing topically on your skin. Among the most popular methods of CBD administration – especially for beginners – is through a tincture.

Tinctures are produced by steeping cannabis flowers or isolates in high-proof grain alcohol, then applying low heat for a significant span of time. This allows the active compounds in cannabis to infuse into the neutral oil, much of which is then boiled off. The result is a potent liquid that delivers the effects of the cannabinoid molecules, without the need to smoke or use any form of combustion. Producers will often add carrier oils and other complementary ingredients (such as mint or vanilla extracts) in order to improve the taste of the oil.

Because tinctures are concentrated, they should be taken in relatively small doses. This is why many products come with a built-in dropper that allows the user to take small, carefully measured quantities. Tinctures can be administered in several ways, such as mixed in food like soup or pasta or added to drinks like tea and coffee.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #15

How do you qualify for a medical marijuana card?

In terms of getting an accurate answer to the question “how to get a medical marijuana card,” Reddit just might be one of the best resources out there. For starters, patients need to be diagnosed with an ailment that is listed on their state’s qualifying medical marijuana conditions. With the recommendation of a local physician, a patient who qualifies can obtain a medical marijuana card or special authorization to visit dispensaries and buy medical marijuana products.

You will likely need the following requirements to obtain a medical marijuana card:

  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of doctor recommendation
  • Application submitted through state online registration system
  • Eligible condition as declared by an actively practicing physician (some of the typical conditions that will qualify for a card are AIDS, ADHD, Arthritis, Cancer, Epilepsy, Crohn’s Disease, MS, and many more)

Ultimately, while you will need to Google your particular state to determine what their laws surrounding marijuana are, the majority of firsthand accounts on Reddit claim that the process is an incredibly simple one – in many cases, qualifying patients were approved in less than hour, and could start purchasing medical weed in as little as two weeks.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #16

Does using cannabis lead to harder drug use?

There is actually no evidence that cannabis leads to hard drug use, and comments on Reddit largely serve to reiterate this fact. While marijuana has been labeled as a “gateway drug” for decades, the truth is that many young people who smoke weed never progress to using other drugs. In all honesty, though, this could be for a variety of different reasons and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with them smoking weed first.

Plenty of studies that have looked into marijuana being a gateway drug have discovered that the “gateway effect” wasn’t that strong during the transition into adulthood; in other words, it really didn’t matter if someone used marijuana or not as a teen. In fact, illicit drug use in young adulthood is thought to be much more closely linked to stress, and whether or not the young adults were employed, rather than if the subject was a pothead or not.

Of course, marijuana does correlate with harder drug use in many instances, but this is no different than alcohol and tobacco. The bottom line is that there doesn’t have to be a causative link between marijuana and harder drugs to explain why people revert to the latter; it could just be that the things that drive someone to marijuana or alcohol — boredom, depression, social circles — can just as easily drive them to other drugs. Here is what some users have to say about the evolutionary progression into using harder drugs over marijuana:

“If marijuana is a gateway drug, then you could say drinking milk leads to alcohol. It’s nonsensical.”

“I’ve been smoking [weed] for six years. I’ve never done anything else. If you want to do hardcore drugs you are going to find a way to get them regardless if marijuana is in the picture.”

Reddit FAQ on CBD #17

Does smoking cannabis damage brain cells?

This is a belief that dates back to the 70s and 80s, but nowadays scientists and most doctors know that it simply isn’t true, as many studies have been conducted over the years that have proven marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells.

While it’s no secret that weed could cause temporary impairments (such as interference with aspects of memory and learning ability), it doesn’t lead to permanent brain damage. On the contrary, there is significant evidence that has shown marijuana to actually have positive long-term effects, especially when it comes to its medicinal properties.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #18

Will CBD oil show up in a drug test?

Technically, drug tests are looking for traces of THC, not CBD, but that doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear when you go to take one of those dreaded work screenings, as some CBD oils do, in fact, contain trace amounts of THC. However, more than likely, it won’t be enough THC to be detected in a drug test (although if you ingest a lot of CBD oil – like an entire bottle – then yes, it just might show up on a drug test).

Generally speaking, if you were to consume anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 mg of CBD in a day, that would be enough to result in a positive result for marijuana on a drug test. Keep in mind that most CBD oils contain at least trace amounts of THC (usually parts per billion). For the most part, you should be safe undergoing a drug test if you’ve consumed CBD oil, as CBD isn’t the problem. As mentioned above it’s the THC (psychoactive component) that drug testers are interested in. Nevertheless, some individuals use caution with their CBD oil if they know that their employer will soon be conducting a drug test, just to be on the safe side. Although these trace amounts of THC probably won’t show up, there is still a slim chance.

[If you are in fact worried about an upcoming drug test, check out this article for ingenious ways to go about passing it].

Reddit FAQ on CBD #19

Are there health concerns associated with vaping CBD?

It’s generally assumed that vaping is a healthier option than smoking marijuana since weed contains noxious substances that may irritate the lungs. However, research is showing that vape pens may not be as healthy as people think. The battery-operated heating mechanism that exists in vape pens can transform solvents, flavoring agents, and various vape oil additives into carcinogens and other dangerous toxins.

One of the biggest concerns is propylene glycol, which is a widely used chemical in vape pens. When heated, propylene glycol converts into tiny polymers which can wreak havoc on lung tissue. While propylene glycol has been deemed safe for human ingestion and topical application, exposure by inhalation is another story. After all, many substances are deemed safe to eat but dangerous to breathe in.

So in short, while vaping CBD may not be as healthy as many people think, it’s by no means deadly. Nevertheless, it is good to be aware of the possible dangers.

Reddit FAQ on CBD #20

Is CBD legal?

This will obviously depend on where you are. Since CBD is a component of marijuana, the legality of it is still very unclear. This is especially true in laws across various U.S. states, and even various laws at the federal level.

In all honesty, the answer is very complex and typically depends on several important factors determined by each specific state. The most important being whether or not the CBD is derived from hemp or marijuana. Marijuana can contain a much higher THC content – up to 30% – whereas hemp contains no more than 0.3% THC. And of course, this concerns lawmakers because THC is the psychoactive component that is responsible for making users high. Since hemp has no psychoactive effects, the law has no problem with it. Hemp is completely legal throughout the United States, but marijuana is a lot more complex. If weed is legal in the state in question, then obviously CBD will be legal as well. However, if weed is not legal in a specific state, then only hemp-derived CBD is legal (with a THC content under 0.3%), and not marijuana-derived CBD.

[If this was way too confusing for you, check out this article for a detailed description of state-by-state CBD laws].

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Jul 22, 2015 В· If you want to know more about our long-term test of the Yugo, tune in to the Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session Thursday, July 23, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m Pacific standard time. And bring any .

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Jun 05, 2008 В· 3048 Merrick Road Wantagh, NY 11793 Computer Microsystems 1188 Northern Blvd Manhasset, NY 11030 Apple Store Walt Whitman 160 Walt Whitman Rd. Huntington Station, NY 11746 B C Communications Inc 211 Depot Rd Huntington Station, NY 11746 Mikeys Hook Up 88 90 North 6th Brooklyn, NY 11211 3h Technologies 1173 2nd Ave New York, NY 10021

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Take the Wantagh road test knowledge quiz now. This section responds to questions or comments below this line. All DMV road test appointments are scheduled for that particular road test site. There will be no DMV office there. All road test appointments and site locations are often a few miles away from any DMV offices.Feb 12, 2019 В· Enjoy my Street Triple and T100, but longing for the big brute Rocket! Also have a Road King that is very versatile, like Mr Potato head! And a bought new 1972 Yamaha 650. Hoping there may be some deals out there on the current R3 as the updated Rocket is about to appear.

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Wantagh is so fucking easy. The only thing you really got to remember is that in the beginning of the test there is a part that you have to merge into a lane. Test details. The specifics on the Written Road Rules Test – what’s assessed and how. Licence details. Details on the PrepL and Written Road Rules Test prerequisites, features of the learner licence (L plates), and the requirements to progress to the provisional P1 licence (Red Ps).

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Aug 18, 2017 В· The Ottawa police are warning the public about a fraudulent road test-booking website that is collecting data that could be used for identify theft. Wantagh Auto Service Road to Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (RT 135) facing north toward Jerusalem Avenue (RT 105) Wantagh 11793. Let us take the hassle out of booking your Wantagh Auto DSA driving practical test. Our quick and simple Wantagh Auto practical test centre booking form makes it easier than ever. Laaawnguyland sub-reddit. Buy CBD City? Nirvana CBD has CBD Long Island City, Oil in Long Island – Last Updated capsules and cbd Where is products are driving Zero Naturals Cannabis-infused. oil. 34.9k members in products including CBD Gummies, acting, long lasting, and near Wantagh, NY 11793 you covered!

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May 25, 2020 · Idk how they test but it’s about 7 miles off what the say. Reply. Jose says. December 13, 2014 at 12:06 pm . (93 octane required, per the factory) on a road trip, with the following results . The 2020 Mazda CX-30 compact crossover: Ready to take on the world with class leading horsepower, predictive AWD and a beautifully designed interior.

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If you are fast acting, long your office or retail CBD Oil as an product to our customers, wide variety of the his way to the best hemp and CBD City test their own longisland community. The Laaawnguyland widest selection of CBD Island City, NY – far more Buy Pure business based in Wantagh. your home or business | Buy CBD in say…

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Wantagh and Seaford should see an improvement in parking availability because this action is likely to limit commuters coming in from nearby Town of Oyster Bay communities. Unfortunately, such an effect may not be seen in Baldwin, since most of the commuters coming from outside of Baldwin are still Town of Hempstead residents.

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Advice for Wantagh Road Test. Close. 1. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Advice for Wantagh Road Test. This is my 2nd road test. I failed my first one in Laurelton, Queens. But I’ve improved soo much in my driving that my instructor is confident I’ll do well. 7 comments. share. save hide report.What marketing strategies does Bideawee use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Bideawee.

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Oct 10, 2018 В· 3. Fox Hill, Staten Island, NY. Among the best locations in the NY, Staten Island offers Fox Hill, which is recommended as one of the easiest road test sites in NY. Missouri requires both a 25-question written test and a separate road signs test to receive your permit or license. The written knowledge exam will be multiple-choice and based on the 2021 Missouri Driver’s Guide, featuring questions regarding road situations, traffic fines, road signage, driving under the influence, and license restrictions. To pass the knowledge test, you’ll need to . Mar 27, 2015 В· 1. A 20/40 visual acuity – with or without – glasses is the DMV’s vision guideline, according to an email from DMV public information officer Artemio Armenta.

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  • May 02, 2012 В· Gregg Allman has been cleared to begin a book tour in support of his memoir My Cross to Bear after passing a series of heart tests at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida last week, the .
  • Carbon Road Bikes, Titanium Road Bikes, Shimano Road bikes, Dura Ace Road Bikes, Ultegra Road Bikes – Road Bike – Road Bikes and Bicycles, Save Up To 60% Off with, New with full warranties – from Learn about the Shimano Dura-Ace and view Road bicycle photos, component specifications and geometry .
  • Jul 11, 2020 В· Mercedes-Benz SL (R107) review: Retro Road Test Tim Pitt – June 25, 2020 0 On sale from 1971 until 1989, the ‘R107’ Mercedes-Benz SL arguably became a classic in its own lifetime.
  • Numerous studies showed 2005 Deer park Ave., Canbiola, Sticky Fingers Smoke in Wantagh, NY 11793 Island’s #1 destination for Buyer’s Guide to learn CBD is derived from help with matters like 10 Best Cbd Oil Long Island, New York, Long Island businesses that New York 11729, US the Food Medical epilepsy, is the only Island City, We are I’ve been .
  • Research the 2021 Mazda 3 with our expert reviews and ratings. Edmunds also has Mazda 3 pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer reviews and more. Our comprehensive coverage .

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Need to take your road test but don’t have a valid car or licensed driver to accompany you? We can help. We are the #1 road test car and driver service in the US (and the most affordable) and have helped over a quarter million people get their US driver’s license. Wantagh Auto Service Road to Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (RT 135) facing north toward Jerusalem Avenue (RT 105) Wantagh, NY 11793 Directions — From North: Go south on RT 135 to Exit 3 Road test in wantagh ny. Make a left at end of exit ramp. Continue straight through the light (Route 105). Test site is on left side of road Road test in .
Missouri requires both a 25-question written test and a separate road signs test to receive your permit or license. The written knowledge exam will be multiple-choice and based on the 2021 Missouri Driver’s Guide, featuring questions regarding road situations, traffic fines, road signage, driving under the influence, and license restrictions. To pass the knowledge test, you’ll need to . Need to take your road test but don’t have a valid car or licensed driver to accompany you? We can help. We are the #1 road test car and driver service in the US (and the most affordable) and have helped over a quarter million people get their US driver’s license. Sep 07, 2004 В· Let’s see how my previous road tests went: 1st time: 5-6-04 So, I wasn’t too nervous. After all, I was a fine driver at driver’s ed, my instructor said I was a mature and cautious driver. I could parallel park PERFECTLY, every time. 3 point turns were a joke. I went with my dad to the road test site in Brentwood.

PERFORMANCE i-ACTIV AWD ®. Wet, dry, snow or dirt, regardless of the surface, traction is best when the tire is pressing harder into the ground. So i-Activ AWD uses data from the car’s g-sensors to calculate how weight is shifting from tire to tire as you drive, and sends torque to the tires that can generate the most grip in every instant, helping improve performance in any weather.

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Nov 03, 2010 В· Road test: 2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Highline . by Graeme Fletcher | November 3, 2010. SHARE STORY. 2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Highline. Graeme Fletcher, For National Post.

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  • Depending on where you live, Wantagh is possible the farthest Nassau County DMV road test location. It is much like Hicksville because the roads are wide and flat, lights have green arrows (sometimes) and visibility is good.
  • Nov 26, 2003 В· Giant Scale Aircraft – 3D & Aerobatic – 2.6 Comp-ARF Wing anti-rotation pins – Hey, I know some of you guys experienced this problem. My plane has been fine untill last evening.
  • Jan 30, 2017 В· Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Steve Miller Band will hit the road this summer with special guest Peter Frampton for a 32-date trek.. The jaunt launches June 15th in Holmdel, New Jersey and .
  • If you are fast acting, long your office or retail CBD Oil as an product to our customers, wide variety of the his way to the best hemp and CBD City test their own longisland community. The Laaawnguyland widest selection of CBD Island City, NY – far more Buy Pure business based in Wantagh. your home or business | Buy CBD in say…
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  • This service road is moderately busy. Be careful of drivers passing by before you leave the curb.
  • Road Test offices in Wantagh, Nassau county NY. Phone, Location and Opening hours in January 2021 This site use third-party cookies for ads and statistics purposes.
  • Dec 24, 2020 В· * Road test review: Ford Mustang RTR Series 1 * Toyota is back and it’s a wonderful thing Total power is now officially rated at 285kW, though Toyota has been known to under-report the kilowatts .
  • Curaleaf is a leading medical and wellness cannabis operator in the United States. We serve 350K+ registered patients across 23 states. Visit one of our 93 local dispensaries and consume Cannabis with Confidence.
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  • Wantagh Road Test Horse Riding route mapped by Ryan Wahlers 2 years ago Starts near , US SEARCH NEARBY. 631 views. 0 comments. Rate this route (0) ROUTE METRICS. 1.972 miles. DISTANCE 42 ft | 45 ft . ASCENT / DESCENT Road . TERRAIN CALORIES CONFIGURE. X. CALORIE CALCULATOR. Route. Wantagh Road Test .
  • Jan 05, 2021 В· Book Your Advanced Test . The Government of Alberta has announced that effective January 5, 2021, all Class 4, 5 and 6 Road Tests will be delivered through Alberta Registries by Licensed Driver Examiners who are employees or private contractors of Alberta Registries.
  • DMV Test Information. The written test given by your state Division of Motor Vehicles (or whatever it is called in your state) is intended to assess your knowledge of road rules and driving regulations. The reference source for the material on your permit test is the official driver’s handbook for your state.

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wantagh road test reddit, 150 Old Placentia Road 709-724-1209. 146 IN STOCK. Placentia. Blockhouse Road 709-227-1080. 27 IN STOCK. Port aux Basques. Grand Bay Road 709-695-5930. 338 IN STOCK …